Anupama 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya Plans To Take Revenge From Pakhi

Anupama 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini denies to give Samar’s gifted to thieves. Samar requests not to stretch the issue. Thief gets adamant. Samar says its not a gold ring and tells Nandini that he will get her new ring. She says its a symbol of their love, so she will not give it.

Kavya tries to climb ladder to reach Vanraj’s room nervously to steal Vanraj and Anu’s divorce date letter thinking if Anupama can do this, why can’t she. She fails. Pakhi comes to balcony chatting with Kinjal to help her go out of house for her friend’s party. Kinjal denies to help her. Kavya fumes she should go to hell, but go from balcony. Pakhi calls her friend Shivani and says she cannot attend party. Kavya takes back ladder thinking she will come later. Friend suggests her to give excuse of group studies and come. Pakhi hesitantly agrees and apologizes her parent’s photo. Kavya returns to pick her fallen keys and hearing Pakhi thinks of taking revenge from her. Pakhi thinks nobody will find out her lie.

Goons continue misbehaving with Nandini and uses degratory remarks for Samar. Samar angrily trashes goons. Goons overpower him. Nandini trashes goons next for beating Samar. One of them pulls knife and stabs at her. Samar holds his hand and trashes him again. Goons return their stuff and run away. Nandini scolds Samar for risking his life. He says he cannot see anyone harming her. She says she was fighting for his ring. He expresses his love for her and says he would have died if something had happened to her. She says she got a second love with great difficulty and doesn’t want to lose him, so he should promise her that he will not leave her forever. He promises and hugs her saying LOL. They get back into taxi, and Samar asks driver to take them to temple.

Back at home, Mamaji’s jokergiri starts and he asks Bapuji to take him back home. Bapuji says they are at home. Mamaji asks where is didi/Baa then. Bapuji explains that Meenu is ill and Dolly is not at home, so Baa went to Dolly’s house to take care of Meenu. Mamaji says I know mainu remember che. Pakhi says she will not have dinner today as she has group studies via video conference and she cannot come out of her room. Bapuji agrees. Pakhi happily walks to her room. Kavya waits for Pakhi to make a mistake. Pakhi rushes to her room and switching on laptop for fake clothes selects dresses for party. Bapuji calls her and she nervously opens door. Bapuji offers her coffee and asks to study well. She nods yes. He asks why did she lock door from inside. He says she was preparing for online class and doesn’t want to be disturbed by Mamaji. Bapuji agrees and leaves. She locks door from inside and gets ready excitedly. She then looks at family pics and reminisces Anu taking promise not to go anywhere without informing them. She calls Anu, but her phone is not reachable; thinks she shouldn’t go hiding. Karan messages he is waiting for her and Shivani messages that she is waiting outside for her.

Pakhi silently gets out of room and seeing Mamaji and Bapuji in hall walks away hiding. Kavya records her going out and thinks she will create a big drama with Pakhi’s one mistake. Pakhi reaches Karan’s house and seeing him dancing only a few friends asks where is the party. He says elders party this way and says she looks gorgeous. She shyingly thanks him and dances with him. He thinks he will kiss her and complete his challenge made to friends.

Samar takes Nandini to temple. Nandini asks why did he bring her here. He says he came to senior of love Kavyaji to give her assurance of love. She asks how will he. He takes her in. She asks what will he do.

Precap: Vanraj while returning home asks Anu when shall they inform family about their divorce proceedings. Kavya thinks of informing family about it and spoil their happiness. When Anu and Vanraj return, Kavya taunts that they are world’s coolest couple who went on picnic just before 3 days of their divorce.

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  1. Okay… why did Pakhi leave the house… I swear on god. I understand she is a teen, and wants to live her life, that she just wants to go out and party but does she not understand the situation that she is in right now, or what situation her family is in and what they went through in the past. Anupama warned Pakhi that she should not go to places without anyone knowing because then she might land in danger and then no one will know that she needs help. Pakhi is a teen she may be 16 but she is not a little girl that does not know right from wrong. Isn’t Pakhi supposed to be going to school, or something. Maybe if they did something with Pakhi going to school or something that would be very understandable. It would have made bit more interesting. I understand that a lot of the cast are getting covid but maybe they can have Pakhi be in a school settings, having issues of school and having her really miss her parents. Or having the guy she likes use her for work and having him talk behind her back, where people are laughing at her on how gullible she it. That makes it more intersting and something that believable. I understand that this can happen to woman around the world, where men turn girls like Pakhi’s into a bet but the producers do not know how to handle trauma. What I mean is Pakhi got kidnapped cried for a day, then she went on a school trip like nothing ever happened. Pakhi gets harassed by a guy get scared, has a hard time, lives in fear, once that issue gets resolved she forgets about it like nothing ever happened. Not only that but when Anupama found out that Vanraj was cheating on her so then she went in to a horrible mental place, she had a panic attack, but after that they never should her getting affected by it. Only in the beginning when it first happened, but with as the story progressed they do not talk about the trauma that Anupama had felt, and that is something I wish they do better. Trauma does not go away in two days it stays with you. When Pakhi leaves the house show her being conflicted, show us what she is thinking, like her thinking about what happened last time, show her get scared, show Pakhi having second thoughts. It makes the story more believable.
    Okay I an going to say this again STOP MAKING KAVYA THIS CRAZY AND OBSESSIVE GIRLFRIEND! Kavya is attached to Vanraj but she is not dumb. Kavya was always logical and now it is thrown all out of the window. Her constantly thinking that Anupama is taking Vanraj away from her or ba and Pakhi are. But I feel like Kavya is losing her logic that she used to have. When Anupama was talking about how people take advantages of her trust, and how Anupama trusts Kavya, and how she then knew that she should have ended that relationship. Or when Ba and Kavya got into a fight after Paratoish engagement and Kavya went back apologizing to ba, where Kavya knew to get to Vanraj she needed to be on good terms with his family. To get Vanraj closer she unlocked the door so Anupama would she both of them. Or the fact that Kavya stands up for herself when Vanraj tries to put her down and Kavya talks back. I feel like they need to bring logical Kavya back. Where instead of blaming Anupama and everyone else she takes a look at Vanraj. Where she thinks about the time where Kavya told Vanraj to marry her and he did not marry her, the fact that anytime she brings up divorce Vanraj changes the topic, or when after everyone found out about the affair was willing to live Kavya there at the hotel while he runs back to his family, or when Vanraj kept running to ANupama, and then runs back to her. Or the fact that ANupama was the one that had sent the divorce paper and Vanraj was the one that got mad that Anupama sent those papers. Or when the lawyer asked Vanraj if he really wanted the divorce and Vanraj did not respond yes right away. Kavya needs to stop questioning everyone else’s motives and should look a hard look at Vanraj. To get Vanraj and have a long talk, where she asks him if he really wants to marry her after the divorce, or if he was with Kavya because of her looks like only keeping her for lust. I also want Kavya to understand that Vanraj is a father, a son, a brother, Vanraj has other family that he needs to look after, that just because that he is with Kavya that does not mean his relatives do not matter to him. Kavya should return to her old self and should try to play nice with everyone. And once she is able to get married with Vanraj and moves in to that house instead of her kicking everyone out she instead just stays with Vanraj and tries to be this perfect wife. Where her and Vanraj would go out, where they would go on dates and vacations. This will create separation on its own between Vanraj and his family since it makes it more believable and it is more intersting that way. Having Kavya with emotions other than anger makes her character more fun to watch on the big screen. Instead of having her all evil during this time, let this be time for her to re thinks this relationship. I also hope that Vanraj and Kavya gets engaged but have them wait for marriage since they would need to save money and at the same time have Kavya rethink her relationship. Where she thinks even if this relationship is worth it because Vanraj is just ignoring her and not spending time with her. I just hope they do better with her character.
    Kinjal not being pregnant is something that I liked. Having Kavya being pregnant would have ruined her character. Kinjal just started to work, she is a career woman, Paratoish just started to work./ They are running low on money and need to be more stable. Also just because Kinjal is now married and in that relationship does not mean she needs to be a mother right away. In a lot of indian movies and shows they have a hard working woman become a mother, when they are not ready, it completely ruins a character, and ruins all of the character development. I am just glad.
    I wanted to say I hope in future episodes Ba, Pakhi, Paratoish, and Rakhi all understand that having Vanraj and Anupama together will only make their lives horrible. SInce they will always resent each other and will slowly start to argue, but having them get a divorce will be better for everyone. I just hope that Ba, Paratoish, and Pakhi learn from their mistakes, and too add on I hope that they learn to change their attitude. Having Paratoish getting mad at Kinjal for being pregnant even though it takes two to tango so how come Paratoish is yelling at Kinjal. I hope they turn Paratoish into a carbon copy of Vanraj and when he is about to lose Kinjal that is when he chnages and learn, where he will learn the importance of his mother and his wife. Where him being like his father, treating his father like a god, becoming just like his father though his manners, and actions will only hurt him. Having him learn this the hard way will be better to see rather than him yelling at Kinjal, Kinjal and Anupama tell him that is not correct and then letting it fly. This attitude was in Vanraj so show Paratoish that it is not a good thing and that he needs to learn to not do that. I feel like Pakhi, Paratoish, and Ba get away with doing so many bad things, and they get away with treating people like shit. This is something that I have been noticing. If Kinjal, Samar, Anupama were to do the same thing a world war would have happened. I feel like this needs to stop and have those three see what they are doing and how harmful they are. I just want them to kind of reach a point with their relationships where no one wants to be around them anymore. That includes Vanraj. I feel like I need Kavya to be with him and then leave him for is horrible actions and attitude which will make it more interesting but that is just my thoughts. I feel like everyone is making Kavya the bad guy but it takes two to tango, it was also Vanraj’s fault so I hope that he is also taught a lesson in the future. Anupama was such a promising show I hope that they only progress and they do not go backwards because of they continue to go backwards and not add change and progress the story it will only result in them losing viewers.
    But I want to know how do you guys feel, do you guys agree… disagree. Please let me know lets have a conversation.

    1. Dear mystery, once again u r wasting ur time and energy.

    2. What’s your problem let her write na

    3. Bhavika what’s your problem let her write na

    4. @Bhavika, it only takes me 10 minutes to write it. I don’t mind if I’m wasting my time cause it’s really nothing for me, I have wrote longer for other classes.

    5. True I agree with you good today you wrote your long paragraphs,messages,comments and opinions yesterday you had written your long paragraphs,messages,comments and opinions I was sad that you had not written your paragraphs,messages,comments and opinions good today you wrote your long paragraphs,messages,comments and opinions keep writing

    6. Mysterious I love reading your long paragraphs,messages,comments and opinions keep writing love from Rashida

    7. I totally agree with you on Pakhi.Being teenager doesn’t mean you are brainless. She is an ill-mannered and spoilt brat of Shah family who is self centered. She wants her parents to be together not because she loves them and can feel the pain of her mother but because friends will make fun of her. As for Kavya,she also doesn’t have love for Vanraj. Maybe long back she realised that she can’t live with Vanraj as they both are not meant for each other. Kavya is too independent as per Vanraj’s lifestyle and Vanraj is too dependent as per Kavya. She is ready to embrace the trouble because she wants to satisfy her ego of having a upper hand over Anupama. If Vanraj and Kavya get together, due to their intolerant attitude and roaring egos, they both will be heading towards second divorce or they will living in their marriage like 2 strangers under 1 roof

    8. Love your long long comments…just came here to read them & they are satisfying!!! It feels soo good to know & read a better version of what Anupama should be!!! You should be a writer 🥰

  2. Samar nd nandini kitna annoy karte hai..aisa lagta hai nibba nibbi ka love story dekh ri hu 😒

    1. They are not nibha nibbi
      They are the best
      #Sanan forever

    2. Saniya they are damn irritating

    3. True I agree with you

    4. True, I don’t like them too👍👍👍soo irritating 😠

  3. I get that the actors are in quarantine and these are just filler episodes.. but man oh man it’s getting more and more ridiculous day by day. It’s like screenplay diarrhea! Goes to show the writers don’t deal well with being spontaneous..Seriously they’ve shown kavya as a complete pyscho! I understand insecurity but honestly they are making her look so terrible.. anupama used to be a refreshing show from all the regular soap operas of they continue with the same path with kavya it’s just going to be like the rest.

  4. Rene Fernandez

    This is getting senseless as Pakhi was warned not to go alone as she will be in grave danger and again being so stupid she will be exploited and then again due to a lecture from he mom and dad . It is time for this serial to move at a faster pace so that the serial is brought to an end as it has been more than 10 episode and wasted days since Kavya has announced that the divorce papers and divorce will come through in 3 days !!! Please expedite and do not drag and drag anymore

  5. Rashida I respect your opinion
    But that doesn’t mean if u don’t like them then others will also not like them ..
    There many lovers of this couple…
    I luv them too

  6. Candiva007

    Okay how old is Kavya??? Why does she have to take revenge on V’s children??? She put Samar in jail and she’s now recording Pakhi. She is going to get married to Vanraj so instead of trying to win the hearts of his children she’s making them hate her and Vanraj will kick her out of his life. He’s already warned her.

    She is a love sick puppy.

    What ever happened to her attacker? That storyline was such BS.

  7. Rubbish series

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