Anupama 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama to Quit Her Job?

Anupama 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj tells Kavya that Anuj gave her job to disparage him. Kavya laughs and asks if he thinks Anuj has to spend so much to disparage him, he just has to pass by him. Vanraj shouts. Kavya says why would a person with a business empire think of him 24/7 , even she doesn’t think of him 24/7; he really needs to see a doctor. Vanraj angrily hits vase and starts bleeding. Kavya asks if he is crazy. Baa says he is bleeding. Anu puts his hand in water mug and says if he does this, he will prove Kavya right. Kavya tries to tie kerchief on his hand. Vanraj pulls his hand back and asks her to tie it to Anuj as he has ruined his life. Anuj asks why he always blames others for his mistakes, how is his life ruined when Anuj gave his wife a good job. Kavya asks him to stop playing a victim card and think everyone are conspiring against him. Anu says he should take responsibility of himself, Kavya did right by joining Anuj. He says they both became one team now and warns Kavya to stay away from him. Kavya asks Anu to first aid him. Anu asks him to sit calmly and holds his hand to first aid it. He pushes her shouting not to touch him. She falls, but Kavya holds her.

Kavya notices that and falls down from stairs. Family rushes to her concerned. Anu and Vanraj check her and thank god that she is uninjured. Pakhi says her heart is injured and its paining, how can they continue to fight and not get tired; even Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji, and Kinjal are not tired of fighting; she is tired of seeing family members fighting every day and it hurts most when her parents fight. Vanraj says she shouldn’t use these words. She asks he uses demeaning words for mummy; he is her hero who monitors her TV channels, friends, etc., to stop her from learning bad, but they both themselves are teaching her wrong and are fighting before divorce and even after that. She asks Anu to understand papa that he is feeling indiscriminate but is not bad. She then asks Vanraj not to interfere in mummy’s life when she doesn’t interfere in his life. She then confronts Baa and cries that she is tired of all these fights and asks parents divorce when they feel troubled, what shall a kid do when he/she is troubled because of parents, etc. Kavya thinks drama continues in this house always, thank god that she got a a job and can stay away from house for at least 10 hours. Anu and Vanraj apologize Pakhi and say everything is entangled and they will try to detangle it and will try to set off their years of burden. Pakhi says she knows, they should try at least. They both nod yes. She says let us take a selfie and clicks selfie with them. She then says they promised her to try and this picture is a remainder for them. Anu walks to garden crying.

Anuj notices Pakhi’s selfie in social media and remembers her words that she loves her papa and family too and cannot see them separating. Vanraj walks to Anu and says Pakhi was right that their house has changed, he used to get angry on himself whenever he used to fight, but hearing Pakhi, he feels ashamed of himself. Bapuji asks Baa if they used to fight similarly when they got married, a lot changed between them, they have have to change now as their environment at their house is spoiling, they will fight with problems from hereon and not dear ones. Anu says situation has gone beyond right and wrong and its about their children now, they got selfish and she just wanted to succeed. He says he wanted to stop her. She says fought for self-respect. He says he fought for humiliation. She calls him Sweetie’s papa. He asks what did he say. She reminds him that Samar and Pakhi used to fight whenever she used to call him Sweetie’s papa, they are no one to each other but parents to their children; he needs to understand that nobody is his enemy and if he feels pain, even her children will feel pain, so she cannot think bad for him; they are living under safe room for Baa, Bapuji, and children and if they continue to fight, there is no use of it; she knows he gets angry, but why does he vent out his anger on his work; he set up a cafeteria with hard work and wants to ruin it with his anger; he can let Kavya work with Dholakia but not her and Anuj; he shouldn’t bother even if she is wrong as she has moved on and he shouldn’t expect anything from their broken relationship; Toshu is staying away because of their fight and even Sweetie is tired of it, they should end all this before other family members also get tired of their fight. He nods yes. She says he should try not to fight and she will try to keep her mouth shut as her children’s happiness is most important to her; she is heading ahead not to defeat him or win over him and they both are like railway lines which walk together maintaining a distance, etc.

Vanraj returns to his room and seeing Kavya sleeping feels guilty. Anu walks to Pakhi’s room and pampers her while she is asleep. Next day, Anu walks to Anuj and with teary eyes apologizes him saying something happened last night. He asks if its related to Pakhi as he saw their social media pic on social media. She says she wants to move ahead but not compromising on her children’s happiness, so she cannot work for him.

Precap: Anu and Vanraj pamper Pakhi.
Nandini informs Anu that if she doesn’t return to USA, Rohan will kill Samar.

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  1. Shittiest episode ever
    I’m officially quiting the show
    Will watch the #MaAn scenes in insta if at all there would be any

  2. Y am I not surprised Anupama u r ridiculous u know wat just keep being emotional and keep getting insulted and being mahan don’t expect anything from her anymore such a disappointment this is y no 1 in that family respects her minus samar kinjal babuji and mamaji

  3. Chill guys ! I think it’s only Anuj’s dream. Anu never said she is going to stop. She told Vanraj that she needs to move on and he needs to stop feeling angry !

    1. If you’re right I’ll owe you a treat

    2. I completely agree with you. This has to be Anuj’s dream. Especially now Anupama has signed a 2 year contract with his company and that 20 lakhs loan n all.

    3. Yup u got it

    4. It better be oh,if not

  4. Cried watching Anupama today.
    Probably Kavya, Pakhi and Anupama said everything to Vanraj and Baa that every women/kid wants to say.
    Women need to be educated, need to work, need to be strong to resist exploitation
    Similarly men need to sympathetic, understanding and helping to be lovable and respectable.
    Its not sufficient if Anupama understands what Vanraj is saying and not saying.
    Vanraj also need to understand.

    Our previous generation was busy to make women all tolerant and all giving like Mata Sita.
    But that system failed leaving all women exploited.
    Men became very self centered and egoistic like Vanraj.

    Our current generation is busy to make women superwomen like Ahilyabai who can do everything.
    But practically it makes women depressed having no support. Men become even more careless than before having nothing to worry about.
    House also women maintain outside also women are competent.

    Anupama is rightfully demanding Vanraj to start understanding.
    If she fails to make Vanraj understand, make her friend and she has to leave her job, her mission, I will be disappointed.

    But Anupama always goes beyond my expectation.
    Otherday Gourav khanna was saying Anuj is mouth piece for audience.
    But I say Anupama, Kavya, Pakhi are mouth piece for me.
    And Anuj can be Anupama’s support system.

    I am just wondering why Anupama’s mother and brother are side lined.
    Behind every successful woman, her parents stand.

    Its the duty of the parents to make their creation perfect not partially capable.
    Its required to make daughters strong and sons understanding.

    1. Yes…. I agree with what you are saying….but i want to say to everyone is if they are expecting us to be like mata sita… Then the life partner should be like lord ram…what do people think mata sita had suffered those many hardship because lord ram was faithful to her….if lord ram had even thought about other women mata sita would not go into the earth she would had sent lord ram to patal lok never to return again… In this serial baa always says that aurat devi hoti hain… Some should tell her that ek aurat ko devi banne ke liye ek mard ko dev banna bhi zaroori hoti hain….and in this form every one says vanraj as ravanraj… So why should anupama has to sacrifice for a ravan like him….

    2. U have written nicely…I like it
      Do u watch Anupama every day??

    3. Thanks Revathi for agreeing with me.
      But don’t agree to have some one like Lord Ram as my life partner.
      He didn’t protect mata Sita’s rights when he left for vanvas to fulfil his parents wish.
      He didn’t protect mata Sita’s heart and own kid’s right when he left them in jungle as the dhobi suspected her.
      He didn’t stand against mother’s greed and father’s partiality, but he killed Ravan for kidnapping mata Sita to avenge Surpanakha’s nose cutting.
      Ravana though kidnapped mata Sita never mistreated her and allowed her to be herself.
      Mata Sita tried committing suicide twice, every time she was told to prove her sanity.
      First time in fire, second time she was successful inside pit.
      She herself blamed, Lord Rama for his actions but those were never highlighted.
      Sorry I don’t see Lord Rama as a good husband.
      to take the near ones grant is not good.

      Seriously Sati and Sita’s suicide would have been society norms if British would not have invaded India. Heh.
      Everything happens for good. GOD is great.

    4. Wow ,I didn’t knew that Sita tried Suicide

    5. Hi Amar, no one said, I felt like that
      And strangely when I searched now, my voice echoed.

    6. Smeera, hope have some good discussion here dear!
      Thanks a lot to Anupama to give this opportunity.

  5. Nonsense iam through with this horrible serial.

    1. Anupama is nonsense from day one.
      What is new there?
      Are we expecting her to become all powerful Indira Gandhi?
      In practical society, women accept cowives at the cost of own happiness, self respect to avoid being vulnerable, exploited, taunted, trolled and above all to secure the future of kids.
      But Anupama is moving on proudly, paving the way for others.
      Not sure what you are exactly you are expecting?
      A dream fancy Anupama, Anuj marriage?

  6. disgusting episode .. This was expected .. again poor Anuj will hv to give her courage and all ..

    Why they are showing this as ideal family, Anupama staying with her Ex husband and his wife in one house .. whts the point .. just family sake .. common guys .. in real life this didn’t happen ever .. and it should not be ..

    This all fight is coz they see each other daily in same house..

    Pakhi is not small kid ..but selfish .. telling them to stay together even after divorce in same house
    no sense no logic .. this show has got max TRP.. now they should show the things which really happens in real life rather showing ex husband and kids melodrama ..

  7. What a waste of time watching this serial !!

  8. anupama is highly indecisive. on one side she says she wants to make her family proud, be independent and be a role model for her kids. on the other side she allows anyone or everyone to trample upon her aspirations. what kind of example is she going to set for pakhi if she quits? pakhi idolizes her papa too much because her mama and rest of the family specially baa created this super human persona of him ,”he is the best”. she blindly believed in it and thought that mamas are weaklings she is now getting to see a strong mother, well the quarrels or drama in the family is unavoidable, there can be no change without an attrition earlier anu never complained or let others know her thoughts, she still doesnot complain, but now she no longer hides her thoughts. i can see a growth in pakhi, atleast she made efforts in making a cake for herself , earlier she would not even tell any, share the news only with vanraj and expect that anu will prepare a grand celebration for her. now her prespective is slowly changing if anu quits this change will stop here. more than the guys, the girls need to learn to value themselves because they are the ones who often leave the family. anu will be a total failure in educating pakhi on self worth if she quits now

    1. In today’s episode voice of women was loud and clear.
      Everyone demanded Baa and Vanraj to understand, behave and work on the issues.
      Anupama never said she will quit job, her mission.
      She clearly said Vanraj to stay out of it.
      Lets see why she is saying a no to Anuj tomorrow.

  9. This seems to be illogical or impossible.
    Every daughter I have seen esp the current generation has thoughts of woman empowerment and I feel they get that after seeing their moms struggle. Has Pakhi ever supported her mom once?
    When will they start being more realistic or more progressive ?
    I am done with these regressive TV shows.
    Really annoyed after today’s episode.

  10. This serial is stupid and story line is gross. No one should help any pans as she is stupid

  11. Here pakhi didnt just ask anupama to compromise, she even asked vanraj not to interfere in anupama’s life. Like in previous episodes, she didnt just put all the blame on anupama. She blamed both her parents for it.
    This serial is getting boring again. Anupama says she wont work for anuj, but somehow I think anuj or devika will convince her again to work. This serial is stuck in the same loop. Anupama goes one step ahead in life, family will not accept it, she will fight for it for some days, family will use emotional drama, she will back off from her success saying family is important and blah blah blah, some supporter of anupama will cheer her up and again she will start succeeding in life. This is the basic loop that this serial is following nothing much. Again and again same thing is repeating.
    I dont know when anupama will break this family important feeling. Yes, family is important but not at the cost of ur success in life. Take care of family anupama!but at the same time dont back down frm ur dreams

    1. Amulya, I am seeing a positive trend, Vanraj will change for sure and the family is going to join Anupama’s mission.
      Real life is very tough like Anupama’s life but she moves on like a boss, leader taking all by her side, paving way for many.
      Anupama rocks.

  12. fans please dont be disappointed as the last part was made just to create suspense for the next episode and it has nothing to do with the job of Anupma πŸ™‚

  13. I m not watching till she gets out of that hellhole for sure

  14. agreed…..pakhi is being selfish and this anupamaa’s mahantaa had gone beyond. till wa
    hat will she sacrifice herself for baa and vanraj and allll etc. and the storyline is also getting boring and grossss

  15. Obviously some of you commenting here are not watching Imlie; in comparison Anupama is very fluid and captures human emotions and behaviors, even the subtle ones accurately.

    1. So true. Thumbs up.

  16. Nonsense let her continue with the stupid life she was used to. I’m tired of following this nonsense

  17. Imlie is intolerable Anupama idiotic

  18. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Three drama queens in the house…
    Pakhi… spoiled brat 😬
    Baa… Old maid with attitude πŸ˜‚
    Kavya… Self centered with a don’t care motto πŸ™„
    I cannot recall if initially it was mentioned that Anuj would be positive or negative πŸ€” I don’t like this precap simply because it can go either way….
    – Anuj Positive:- approving Anupama’s decision and moving back into his safe zone… (back-to-square-one plus no love from Anupama just friendship)🀦
    – Anuj Negative:- becoming jealous and vengeful…similar to Vanraj’s current frame of mind πŸ€”
    While it would be sad to see the latter…. most serial add-ons are usually there for a period of time and are not permanent…. so now I am wondering ‘how long is Gaurav’s contract period?’ and for goodness sake writers….please cut back on Anuj’s drama as you will also lose the audience who is captivated by his role as The Perfect Gentleman πŸ’– πŸ™

  19. Such a ridiculous serial its. What message they are ty to give. After having children the women life Only depend on them. After divorce she still not free from her ex husband or in law house. Bored………

  20. Riz, you are right who does that ex-husband and ex-wife living together in same roof. Please this people shouldn’t call us a fool in the name of movies. The producer should think of something better this time around. If not this serial movie is turning to be like others and it’s better not to waste time on it.

  21. I did not watch the episode last night , but have read the episode
    I am very disappointed in Anu , she is being very unprofessional
    If she was going to quit why bang on about being independent
    I agree our children are our world , but she should have left that house at the time of the divorce , otherwise should have stayed married to Vanraj & put up With his affair
    What example is she setting – divorce , but still live as servant in husbands house, as can’t live without him
    Really disappointed in this as not showing a woman progressing , just living for x & kids

  22. Anuj shuld just give up on Anupama she dun deserves Anuj n Devika help at all !!! Coz Anupama is Anupama she will always put her family first even if she has to sacrifice her dreams n success!! So its of no use to help a person who dun help herself/himself !! As the saying goes God helps those who help themselves!!!

  23. Connor guy’s, she is not leaving the job. She never left being a school teacher with despite all the insult. And she won’t leave this one. The producer are not stupid. Though I expect her to leave Shah house as she divorce varanj, however what pakhi says is not wrong she want peace and spoke to everyone So pls leave Anupuma alone.

  24. geeta, NJ, USA

    storyline is getting confusing & repetitive with same dramas. perfect gentleman Anuj’s role & his importance in Anupama serial is becoming questionable! Anuj came as real fresh breeze which gave such a happy glorious turn to storyline that it was such a delight to watch Anuj with Anupama or even with GK. tired of watching Vanraj Shah angry attitudes with his destructive behaviour. as happens to all popular serial after sometime it becomes confusing & meshy – hope that does not happen.

  25. If its a dream then ok. But some people take it for granted like Anupama, she has taken Anuj for granted. Just thanking him for the support is not enough, she is aware that he has a feeling for her, he is supporting and caring for her in every possible ways but she is taking him too much for granted. Same she is doing with Devika. But she is giving too much importance to those person who have and are abusing her, mentally torturing her. Why care for Vanraj, why beg to him to be courteous, just move out of the house, explain things to her daughter that why she needs to move out. How she lectures and convinces others, she can convince her children.
    In short, she should move out of the house, which we as viewers are expecting that since long. Devika so rightly said she has Mahaanta Syndrome.

  26. Oh no again that vanraj and Anupama story..I hate that

  27. It’s ridiculous and shameful if they show the lady gives up her job to appease her ex husband and then joins it again only if he approves it. Hopefully this will beca dream

  28. Read in an update that pakhi and vanraj will be happy that she left the job. Nandu comes running to her for help as Samar is in danger.

  29. feel the true love of earth....uWu

    i’m agreed with u all.. but the point of making this show ( which r grabbing ur mind ) is to teach a lesson … idk, tht how many of u get it or not.. but i learn a lesson frm this show tht none of us r perfect.. chahe hum kitni bhi koshish kyu na krle ek perfect life, ek perfect insaan banne ki .. nhi ban paate ..kyu? i agree with ur point of views… but let’s imagine nd match anupamaa’s sacrificing nd hurting life with ur precious life.. is it perfect like the people in fairytales…? or is it same like anupamaa’s? we face one-or-another obstacles everytime, tht we hv to face it!!! we can’t stop struggling.. it’s all depends on ur destiny.. jitni ladayi hum roz apne liye or apno k liye jee-jaan ke lgate h … wahi toh ho rha h anupamaa me bhi… what’s new … tell something new nd prove me wrong …..

    1. You are 100% correct. Life is a struggle. Outside, Inside, Within self. How to escape and what to escape?

      What is the purpose of this serial?

      Rajan shahi has made this serial in his mother’s name.

      He must have felt her pain which inspired him to create it.

      I am sure no way he is going to let Anupama escape or leave leaving issues unresolved.

      Anupama is going to create that acceptance in society so that women can breathe free as wives or divorcees or single.

      Amazed to see how bravely Anupama is handling these despite of her educational qualification.
      Though late, Vanraj is accepting that she was perfect for him.

      Slowly everyone is going to accept her. No need for her to escape or leave.

      She has the ability to bind everyone together.

  30. Hi
    Having read the clips
    Totally gutted if Anupama leaves her job to give satisfaction to the idiots
    Few days back she stood upto vanraj

    She must continue

    Writers cannot do this
    Otherwise where will the ladies come out with their talents
    Always be left with suppression
    Times have changed

    Girls need to stand tall
    They are capable of so much

    If Anupama has come a long way than for god’s sake don’t spoil it.

    Kavya is already after her back again

    Please enough is enough
    How much one women can hold

    Paritosh and Samar are settled

    It’s Pakhi being totally selfish not seeing mothers happiness ( only self centred )

    I hope this s episodes finish soon as Vanraj will be at his tricks and baa with her taunts
    Even Pakhi said her taunts are no good

    Please discourage this vulgar language. In reality lots have to put up with up with this nonsense

    Secondly before Marr age all glory is shown, overnight after marriage the truth of reality is shown
    How did they manage without the new addition in the family that suddenly responsible for everything
    No time for her to breathe or rest or do anything which one enjoyed before marriage

    Please Anupama is free from this Non sense
    Do not re unite
    Let Kavya have her left over and enjoy and endure what she did for 25 years

    Vanraj has brought upon this on himself

    Lay a bed lie in it

    Will stop watching if that Women goes back to that rot and diminish herself
    They don’t deserve her and doesn’t belong there anymore as she is independent now

    Get her out of that Shah house for god’s sake

    Show other women it can be done and dreams can be achieved.

    The world is your oyster.


    1. Fully agree with you @ Anonymous

    2. Thank you

      One must understand that we have a voice and there are times we need to speak for ourselves. We have a choice.
      Why do we allow others to control our reigns

      One thing is that we have to stand up for our on rights.

      ( The minute one stands one is never liked
      And a bahu will never be treated like a daughter.
      Never never
      As their own daughters come to screw up the harmony. Mother in law’s forget they were bahu as well

      Anupama needs to show that we have feelings
      Can not be spoken or blamed for everything that goes wrong.

      Everything runs it’s course

      When they stop bahu progressing they will do the grandchildren the partiality

      Own daughter and children can do anything but not the own grandchildren
      B cause of the stupid myth if there are girls not to get them educated etc as will water someone else’s garden but forgetting that you are making her independent to stand on her own that any situation or anywhere in the world she can fend for herself.

      The proof is in there
      Anupama was looked upon as uneducated ( constantly mocked a gavar even by Kavya so sad and pathetic)
      But than all wanted food from her hands, managed to run a house and look after a family

      Can’t Leela differentiate that a educated Kavya can’t serve a cup of tea or knows their needs

      B cause the poor woman kept quiet keep suppressing her, bully her
      Harrass her and mentally torture .
      Now what level of educated people do this?

      Baa / Leela should learn to appreciate and differentiate from right or wrong

      She herself acts like a know it all

      Wake up Anupama you Dan move out and still see your family
      Do for the sake of other ladies and s not fall in any more traps. Already one is gearing up by hiring Kavya who is out there with her daggers for you .
      Not many people have knight in shining armour like you
      Listen to your heart and see what he is yearning
      Don’t not close the chapter for your mahanta
      You have a right to be happy


    3. @ Anonymous. Can understand and very very valid points you made.
      You should respect the decision of person who is supporting you and protecting you against all odds. Anupama knows how vanraj has treated her all this years but still she goes back to him. Why ? Be good but not to this extent.
      If she would have been too young n kids were small, we could have understood why she stays in that house but she is of middle age, children grown up.
      Samar is so real.
      If one needs to grow, one has to compromise a bit. You can’t have everything.
      Struggles are part of life but here Anupama is not that obliged or in compulsion to stay in that house.

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