Anupama 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama Is Blamed

Anupama 10th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama emotionally tells doctor that Bapuji never left things undone and even while playing carrom he clears queen first. She agrees for Bapuji’s angioplasty. Doctor asks her to sign consent form with a writing that if something happens during operation, she will not blame doctors and herself will be solely responsible. Anu reminisces Bapuji’s love for her and thinks he fulfilled all responsibilities of a father, its his daughter’s turn ow. She signs consent form with trembling hands. At home, Baa panics hearing about Bapuji’s operation. Dolly says its anioplasty, heart surgery, and Anu is there to take decision. Baa says where is Vanraj, Anu doesn’t even know English, Samar and Toshu are kids, even Sanjay is not here. Dolly consoles her. At hospital, Anu informs Samar and Toshu that she took decision and signed consent form for operation. Toshu asks how can she take decision without papa. Anu asks if his papa is present here? she is here and took her decision already.

Bapuji is taken for operation. Whole family prays god for Bapuii reminiscing their quality time spent with Bapuji. O Palan in the background. Anu prays Ganapati Bappa that she lost her father once and not once again, this time he has to defeat Bapuji’s illness. Samar runs to her and informs her that surgery is done. They both rush towards OT room. Doctor informs surgery is done, but it now depends on how Hashmukh’s body responds due to old age. Toshu yells and hopes papa was here to take decision.

Vanraj wakes up, switches on his phone, and sees Samar and Toshu’s multiple calls. Door bell rings. Kavya asks him to take milk from milkman. Vanraj opens door and stands shocked seeing Anu. He smirks and asks why did she come here when she doesn’t need him, he is sure she must have asked her sons to call him. Anu says she came to call Bapuji’s son and not her husband, last night Bapuji fells unconscious and was rushed to hospital where his angioplasty is performed. He shouts who gave permission for angioplasty. She says she gave permission. He yells illiterate woman, does she even know spelling of angioplasty. Anu says she doesn’t want Bapuji’s son to be missing when he opens eyes, so he should wear his clothes and come along to hospital. He picks his clothes and rushes with her. They reach hospital. Vanraj looks at Bapuji and yells at Anu that if something happens to Bapuji, he will not spare her. Doctor asks him where was he, Bapuji’s condition was critical, but with Anupama’s right decision, he is out of danger now and will be conscious in some time. Vanraj calms down. Anu walks out to parking area, calls Kinjal and asks if she can help her. Kinjal says anything for her. Anu asks her to teach her car driving. Kinjal asks why suddenly. Anu, reminiscing last night’s event, says problems come suddenly and she wants to prepare herself to help her dear ones instead of taking their help.

Precap: Anu sticks L/learning on car. Toshu removes sticker saying Kinjal thatBaa and papa will not let maa come. Anu stops him. Vanraj yells at her if she ever even touched a cycle and orders her to just cook. Anu picks car keys and says its time to take decision and not hear someone’s decisions.

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  1. This Toshu need tight slap on both sides😡

    1. He needs a REALLY check

  2. Toshu is a waste of a child jezzzzz

  3. Toshu is an idiot .. ullu ka patha

    1. Toshu is Khote da puttar …. aaarrrrgggghhhhh 😡😡😡 will definitely follow his baap’s footsteps

  4. I think kinjal must leave toshu as he same like his father shelfish.
    Toshubu deserve a big slap shame on son like you

  5. Candiva007

    First, i’d like to say how is it possible the Vanraj goes to get the milk for Kavia but he won’t dare to step foot in the kitchen at home and he treats his wife like a servant? Second, Anupamma should have sent her boys to Kavia’s house to catch their father with another woman, then that Toshu would get an eye opening to see that his father lied to him and he’s still with Kavia. Third, good for Anupamma for wanting to learn to drive. Doesn’t Dolly drive? How is it okay for Kavia and Dolly to drive and Anupamma is not allowed? Vanraj is one of those men who want to have his wife at home and illiterate so they can use the “who will take care of you if you leave me, how will you live, you have no education/job experience etc.” OMG I can’t wait for Kinjal to give the daily dosage to Toshu, he’s an idiot and looks like he would try to become his father where Sameer is genuine and has a good heart like his mom.

    1. Agree

    2. Totally agree with u …… really impressive to see Anu calmly facing that Smirking & disgusting V…. Kavya’s V 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡

  6. Toshu is stupid like his father and never supported his mother so kinjal should be alert bcoz Toshu won’t support her in future

  7. It’s high time Anupama or anyone smack that Idiot -Good for nothing Toshu’s face… REALLY HARD 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 …. he’s getting on to my nerves now …. he’s such a pest…. he better change himself or else it won’t be long that Kinjal dumps this dumbo 😡😡

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