Anuama FF – The “Unexpected” at the Shah’s? Ep: 9

They plan together and disperse from there.

Anupama: Let’s go home??

Vanraj: So early?We will go afterwards.We can spent some time out here and then go. It is the first time after our marriage we are hanging out so let’s chill and do some shopping.

Anupama: Ok!

Vanraj:Why do you look sad?

Anupama: Nothing yaar..Just like that.

Vanraj: I will boost your energy.

They both go for shopping.

Vanraj: You can go and buy what ever you want.You need not ask me or look at the price.

Anupama:No,its not right. Its your hard owned money.How can I  just spent it?

Vanraj: Arey why are you being so formal?You are my wife now.

Anupama: Ok yaar stop lecturing(Laughing)

They finish their shopping,and go to another shop.There Vanraj gets a call and goes.

Vanraj(rushing):Come… Let’s go home!!!

Anupama: What happened? Did Baa say something?

Vanraj: Come.Let’s go I don’t know.It was Dolly.She said something was serious.Don’t know what the matter is!

They both reach home and notice Kavya,Devika,Anirudh,Bhavesh, Anu’s mom,Baa,Baapuji and 2-3 neighbours standing out.Dolly comes running towards Vanraj.

Dolly:  Bhaaiiii……Dadii…………

Anupama:What happened to Dadi?Is she ok? Did you call the doctor?Come yaar let’s go inside!

Dolly: Aaah come inside bhabhi. Bhaiyya come fast..

They both get down from the car and go insidet hrough the crowd standing in front of the gate.The crowd follow them inside.At the door there was a blast sound and Anupama gets scared. Vanraj holds her tightly when she was about to fall. Dadi comes from the side and everyone together wish”HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANU”.Anu was shocked and she couldn’t express her feelings.She was upset till then  because no one wished her.

Leela:”Janamdhin mubarak”

Anu:Thank you baa.

Anupama goes and hugs Leela.

Leela: Don’t think that I am on your side and don’t forget that I am your Saas..

Anupama: No baa

Leela: Ahh,good for you

Anupama laughs and everybody was dancing and celebrating her birthday.Vanraj gives her a gift.

Vanraj: Here you go

Anu:What is this?

Vanraj: Open and see

Anu(opening it): Woowwwww!!!!!Thank you so much!!

It was her college admission form.Everyone was surprised when she opened it.Her family wanted her to study further and Vanraj fulfilled their wish. He got her admission done in one of the best colleges in Ahmedabad and even he wanted her to study further.

Night falls..

Anupama: So, was it planned?

Vanraj: Of course..

Anupama: Why didn’t you tell me this earlier

Vanraj: Oyy buddhu how can I tell surprises before hand?

Anupama: Ohh…. By the way how did you know that it was my birthday?

Vanraj: Actually while I was searching for my tie in the cupboard I saw your aadhar card there. When I had a look at it yesterday then I came to know about it.I informed Dolly and it was her idea to take you out. I sent Maa out to the temple. all of it was a part of our plan.

Anupama: So was the meeting with Devika and Anni pre-planned?

Vanraj: No! That was unexpected!I invited them when we were having coffee. Devika later informed Kavya about it.

Anupama:So.. was Kavya’s matter a lie??

Vanraj: No. That was not a part of our plan.

Anupama: Actually it would be nice if they get married. isn’t it?

Vanraj: Yaa, then we can go out together.

Vanraj and Anupama have some chit-chat. Leela sees their happy faces and feels sorry for what she did to Anu.

Leela: I wanted my son and acted selfish. I didn’t know that he would be this happy with Anu.

The following day Vanraj and Anupama comes down to the pooja room. Leela casts of the evil eye.

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