Anuama FF – Is it the end of AnuRaj? Ep: 12

They both reach home and go to bed.They both fall asleep. Vanraj quickly waking up

Vanraj: I am going there once more.I left my phone there I will get it and come.

Anu:I will also come along.

Vanraj: No way. Its raining heavily outside roads will be very bad.You stay here.

Anu: I don’t know why I am feeling bad.I should not have sent him alone.

Scene shifts to Vanraj driving the car. He reaches the spot and takes his phone from there. While returning he was a little sleepy.He was Drowsy and he drove the car.A lorry comes in front of the car a honks.He completely turns the car and falls to the pit.

Anupama: Vanraj's deadly accident, Anupama takes care

Anupama gets up from her sleep suddenly she checks whether Vanraj is there beside her.She sees him beside her.She feels relaxed.Vanraj gets up and sees Anu sweating a lot.He gives her water and asks her what happened. She narrates the whole incident to Vanraj.

Vanraj:Do you think thatI will past away so fast?

Anu: It is not so funny.You know how much I got scared!

Vanraj:Arey baaba…I won’t leave you that easily.Don’t worry.

Anu: Ohh noo…So you will be here ??I thought I got some freedom and was excited!!(Mocking)

Vanraj: Yes I saw your excitement now!

Anu: That was just an acting skill of mine!

Vanraj: Wow!! what an acting skill!!

Anu: Yess!!

They both get back to sleep.

Next day morning at the breakfast table:

Leela: Anu,come and sit here,Jhilmil will serve us.

Anu:But baa…

Leela: Don’t say anything come and sit here.

Anu : Ok baa..

Dadi comes down with Toshu.Anu is very excited to see Toshu. She gets up from the table and takes him and kiss him. She haves her food and go to her college.

In the college exam dates were scheduled and it was preponed .Anupama started preparing for that. While she was in the college she went to the library and studied.She didn’t get time at home to study.

Moths pass by and her exams came.She was so tensed about her exam.

Vanraj: You can do it!You will pass out with great marks.

Anu: I have not prepared well.

Vanraj: It’s your assumption. You have studied well.I know!

Anu went to write her exams.She finished her exams and were waiting for the results!

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