Anuama FF – Good times for Anu! Ep: 13

Results of her exams were about to publish.

Anu: I am sure that I have not done well.

Vanraj: Don’t say negative things. Be positive.

Anu calls Kavya and Devika for a relaxation.

Kavya: Arey even I am tensed.Arts is not that easy as you think.

Devika(Trying to deviate from the topic) : The only difference is we didn’t take the same course.We studied in the same school from grade 2 and now we are graduating from the same college.

Kavya: Yes!! Those were good olden days.Wish to return to those days.

Anu: Weren’t you the one who said that you didn’t want those times then?

Kavya: That was because I never liked my teachers back then!Now it is all a memory.

Devika: I want those days back in my life. Those dance programs,musical chairs,and haaa…. Anu do you remember that guy who used to trouble you?

Vanraj(Hearing this): What!Really?Who is that guy whose sense is this bad?(He laughs but felt jealous)

Kavya :Let’s meet at the new coffee shop tonight .Vanraj jiju join with us Anirudh is also there. You both can chit-chat while we recollect our old memories.

Devika: Can I bring my hubby too?(Mocking)

Kavya: What??

Devika: Oh my god!! Stop yaar. I was just kidding.

Kavya: Ohh…..

Devika: You are impossible.I wonder how Anirudh jiju is tolerating your stupidy.

Kavya: I am not a stupid… and he is not tolerating my stupidity. I am tolerating his stupidity.

Vanraj: Yes! I think she will be more matured than him. He is having such a childish character.

The four of them laughs together.They get relaxed and almost forgot about their results.

The principal called Anupama. She started to worry.She thought that her result was bad and principal called her to fire her.She gave the phone to Vanraj and he spoke the principal. He cut the call with excitement. The gang asks why was he excited. He tells that Anu has topped the exams. Everyone gets excited and starts to show their excitement by jumping and dancing.All the family members are also happy and excited when Vanraj tells the news to them. Leela allows them to go outside with friends.

Vanraj and Anupama get ready to go to the coffee shop.

Anu: Let’s take Toshu along?

anupama spolier alert vanraj exits shah house brings most terrifying  challenge for anupama big twist in upcoming episode bud | Anupama Spoiler  Alert : बड़ा ट्विस्‍ट! वनराज ने छोड़ा घर, अनुपमा के

Vanraj: No need.Sometimes Maa won’t like that.Let’s go

Anu: Ok!

They both go to the coffee shop and meets them. Vanraj and Anirudh have some time together while the other 3 have their own time recollecting their memories. After that they get along with Anirudh and Vanraj to have food. They spent their time there. Then from there they go to a hill like place and sits there for sometime.

Vanraj: Life is unpredictable. Many years before when we came here we never imagined coming to this place again together with our wives.

Anirudh: But at that time I wanted to be here with my wife and now I don’t wish that.(Mocking)

Vanraj: We never forced you to marry!(Mocking back)

Anirudh: My bad luck!

Vanraj and Anirudh laughs together and hearing this Kavya comes there and asks what the joke was.

Anupamaa: Kavya to share her worries with Anirudh - Tellyexpress

She understood that she was being mocked.Anirudh and Kavya star their cute fight and the other 3 enjoys watching it.

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