Anuama FF – Are the Shah’s furious at Anupama? Ep: 11

When they reach home Leela and Dadi stand in front of the house.

Leela: What happened to Anu?

Vanraj: It’s all because of her adamant character Maa. It seems like she only care for her first son and not the second!She didn’t have her breakfast and she felt dizzy.

Anu: No baa.. It’s not like that.I forgot to have food.I didn’t do it purposely

Leela: From today you will not even look at Toshu!Your Dadi and I will look after him.

Anu: Even he is my son baa. How can I forget him and look after the other.Both are equal to me.For the second I can’t ignore the first one.

Dadi: Did we tell you to forget him?We just asked you to look after yourself for 5 months that’s it. Till that we will look after Toshu.

Anu: I am looking after myself and Toshu too.Why is everyone getting angry at me? Didn’t I tell you before that it is not my fault?

Leela: We didn’t blame you!

Dadi: Now don’t strain yourself!Go and take some rest.

Vanraj takes Anu to her room. There she sees Toshu going to fall from bed.She runs and goes to pick him.She was about to fall and Vanraj holds her.Leela and Dadi sees this and comes to the room.

Leela: Baa let’s take Toshu with us!

Dadi: Haa..

Dadi and Leela takes Toshu with them to Dadi’s room.He plays with them for long time and sleeps there with them.Anu comes to their room to take Toshu with her but Dadi refused.She felt very sad and she went back to her room. That night she cried a lot. Vanraj tried to make her happy.

Vanraj:Arey Toshu is still in our house right? You can go and see him anytime. Dadi and Maa did this for your safety. Anyway Dolly is having her vacations,after her vacations you will finish your college and then you can look after him carefully.

Anu: But…

Vanraj: Don’t say a word, come stop crying we will go for a drive

Anu: ok!

hatsoff to makers | Anupamaa

Vanraj and Anu go for a drive and goes to her favourite spot.They spent some time there and makes her feel better. They return home and go t

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