Anshi Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana Mushkil hai yaar ( Surprise 2) by shama

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Hello ? I am so happy to be back with a new episode and I can’t verbalize my feelings for all the motivations I got from my friends.
Episode 28 ( Part II)
@ Oberois Place

SHIVIKA steps out from the car and as anika came out shivaay was ready to uphold her and they entered the mansion and with slow steps they walked into their room. And shivaay made anika sit comfortably on bed and walks to his cupboard and takes first aid box and sat beside anika and moves his hand to lift her leg to perform first aid anika shouts shivaay what are you doing are you out of your senses how can you touch my feet ?

Shivaay ( pointed his index finger): see anika you told me that don’t take me to hospital as they put that ….umm..kya tha woh !! Umm

Ani: saliya shivaay !! Ha I told you but I will do not you as you can’t touch my feet

Shivaay ( nodes his head in disagreement): but why anika ?? I will do not you ( he holds her leg and moved the trews upwards slowly.

Anika was shocked by this unlooked gesture from his side but somewhere she was pleased to see his caring side she controlled her smile which was ready to appear but she managed to hide it

Shivaay: takes the ointment on cotton and slowly started heading towards the injured knee and said ” bhahut dard hoga” ( it will pain a lot ) you can hold my hand …he kept moving towards the injury with a super slow speed .

Ani : shivaay dawai aaj hi lagani hai
Shivaay: ha ha I am coming
She holds his hand and straightly landed on the affected area
Shivaay: ouch !!?

Anika: kya shivaay chot mujhe lagi hai aur dard aapko ho raha hai .

Shivaay looked at anika and goes in flashback :
Om says with a smile ?: ” Ek din Teri zindagi kisi or ki ho jayegi Aur tujhe paata bhi Nahi chalega royegi woh aur aansu tere bahege chot use lagegi per dard tujhe hoga hansi uski rukegi aur dam tera ghutega aur uss din duniya ka koi takat koi bhi paisa koi bhi naam tere kaam Nahi ayega …”

{ one day your life will belong to someone else and without your knowledge she will cry but tears will roll from your eyes she will get hurt but you will be in pain she will stop smiling but you will feel suffocated and that day any position ,any money ,any name in this world will be useless for you }

( author: I am very bad in translation?)

Shivaay comes back to reality as anika called him… Ha anika..

Ani: I asked where are you lost ?what are you thinking..?

Shivaay: zilch
Anika with a confused look : kya?
Shivaay: anika zilch means nothing ..

Anika murmurs agrej Singh oberoi..

Scene shifts to priveer
Ranveer while driving back to oberoi mansion as now they were safe he noticed prinku hand bleeding and he halts the car

Prinku ( with frightened face) : now what happened ranveer

Ranveer holds her hand and says priyanka how can you be so irresponsible see how much you got hurt and its bleeding badly and your hiding your pain from me how can you even think of that !!

In the same position he keeps out his handkerchief from his pocket and started rapping it on her hand when she suddenly withdraws her hand

Prinku: ( avoiding eye contact) I am OK thanks but no thanks I called you to meet as I want you to stop suspecting my brother as I know his innocent so stop keeping an eye on us

Ran: priyanka ji I am an inspector and in the eyes of law ” shivaay ” is culprit and without evidence you or anyone can’t prove him innocent.

Prinku ( wrath) : oh is it so !! So ranveer in this case you have also not witnessed shivaay bhaiyya killing shivin so can you be so sure.. Oh now I get it for wreak na !!

Ranveer ( nodes his head in disagreement+ shock) what?? Wreak?? Aap mere baare me yesi sooch rakhti hai priyanka aapko yaad dilago I saved you from goons …. Thanks bolne ke bajaye shak kar rahi ho

Prinku: thanks bol deti agar koi aur hota toh! I know ki o bhaiyaa aur meri wajah se aapki ishika aapse door hui but….

Ran cuts her in between and came out of his car in anger and says priyanka drive house and started walking on the road…

Priyanka stepped out from car and shouts : ranveer hello !! How can you leave me in the middle ??

Ranveer ( ?): he tugged her to car and says what’s your problem huh? Pass aao toh problem ,door jao toh problem, care karo toh problem na karu toh problem !! What should I do miss.oberoi ( he tightened his grip on her and a tear escaped from her eyes she said in a cracking voice with pain I am sorry )

He released her from his clutches ..prinku said ranveer I am sorry I don’t know why I said those words but trust me I was not in my senses I just wanted to unravel …nothing else…I wanted to unmask the culprit .
Ranveer in a calm tone : its OK and I am sorry too see na you were injured and I injured you more prinku gave him his handkerchief to dress the wound . And finally the dispute came to an end and they were near to oberoi mansion so they started again…
Scene shifts to oberoi mansion

Preksha: mummy ji everything is arranged ?
Dadi : accha hai per yeh shivaay anika aaye Nahi ab tak !! She stops a servant and she says they are in their room .

Pinky: mummy ji pandit ji aa rahe hai on the ways hai .

Janvi – dadi : kya ?? And we all are not ready they trot to their respective rooms and dadi sent a servant to ask shivika whether they are ready?

As the servant leaves ….priveer entered the mansion and ranveer said priyanka calm down and smile no one should know what happened they will be tensed.. And I will tightened the security don’t worry and take care

She nodes in yes and smiled? ranveer leaves to check the security
Back @ shivika
The servant entered the room with a knock

Shivaay was giving medicine to anika when shivaay sensed someone presence and turned .
Servant : sir mam , pandit ji is on the way and dadi asked me to ask you whether your ready.

Ani: oh OK inform dadi that in next 10 mins we will meet her at pooja
Servant leaves …..

Shivaay: no anika your not performing this pooja you’re injured you should rest humari jagah om – Ishana pooja kar lege as they’re also soon going to get married so you rest..

Anika : 2 mins wasted …now we have only 8 mins left with us and all thanks to you now go and get ready and let me ready …

Shivaay ( shocked): anika you’re behaving like me ?

Anika: shivaay more 10 seconds wasted hurry up go ( shivaay obeyed her order he leaves to the changing room with confused+ shocked look he closed the changing room door and rested his back on the door and said ” yeh kya raita phela hua ha”…
Mind: shivaay get ready fast Nahi toh anika ko panika banne me dher Nahi lagegi agar tum jaldi ready Nahi huye toh woh tum per pani Nahi pheke GI but tumhe pani me phek degi … Phir tumhe cold ho jayega …hospital me admit hona padega … ICU me bhi jaa sakte ho …business me jitna loss hoga…death bhi ho sakti hai

Heart: Arrey mind don’t you know his “Shivaay Singh oberoi” he can’t die ( shivaay nodes in agreement with a proud feeling) and suddenly he pushed all the witless thoughts and took his mehandi color valvet sherwani and gets ready… Whereas anika gets ready in a rose pink saree ( imagine tia attire in recent lohri episode) she was applying vermilion on her forehead when shivaay opened the changing room door and as he saw his ladylove he was flat ? he heart was beating …??..dhak dhak dhak dhak
They broke their hug and omkara runs his hand on her cheek and said ” is everything alright ” ? See ishu are you hiding something from me if yes so let me remind you that before being a couple we are friends.. Not from months but from years when I was in a relationship with Riddhima

Ishana looked up into his eyes…..and he sensed that what he spoke now …he could sense some unknown pain in Ishana eyes..


Both leaves for getting ready …om leaves and Ishana locks the door and silently cries and decides to leave the place after pooja.
After 20 minutes
@ hall
Shivika was already waiting for all ,tejanvi stepped down from stairs in white sherwani and white suit carrying a million dollar smile on their face ?.

Rudra entered in white leave printed sherwani and somya in peach color lehnga and sahana in chocolate brown and yellow check ruled suit

Priyanka in violet boat necked suit contrasted with cream jewelry and lower..

Ishkara in skyblue sherwani and Navy blue suit
Pinky in yellow saree contrasted with dark pink border and shakti in golden sherwani and preksha in red saree..

Somya family : aai and dadi sarla entered kalyani dadi welcomed them with a warm hug …somya and sahana hugged them tightly whereas Rudra comes forward and touched their feet’s for blessings..

Sahana to somya: wah taai aai aur dadi ke aate hi jiju on duty to impress them akhir sawal aapka hai !!?
Wah mere sanskari oberoi…

Somo: what did u say ??
Sahana rephrased her sentence and said I meant jiju …see looked around she was between family so she again rephrased I meant Rudra .

Pandit was busy in setting hawan and asked without looking up : who will perform this pooja ?
Dadi: shivaay and anika

Pinky: but Mummy ji !!
Dadi( in commanding tone) : pinky !!

Anika bow down her head and puts a sad face as she sensed that pinky was not happy with her presence…

Pandit : take your seats anika and shivaay sat…

Rumya : Rudra says I wanted anika bhabhi to sit with shivaay ?

Somo: you know Rudra they both deny their love but there is some chemistry she says I know they get lost seeing each other Rudra pushes her lightly with arm to see at SHIVIKA

Rudra: everyone is seeing them and they are…

Somya : seeing each other…

Pandit without paying attention at everyone gives a mixture to offer in hawan they both at same time took it and their hands touched …. They both look at each other ..

Nazdeek hai dil ke phir kyon lage milke
Jese ho Milo door woh plays..

Rudra: I think our thinking matches it happen less that husband’s and wives thinking matches ..

Somya: what ??

Rudra: I am saying in general not about us

Sahana was enjoying both the scenes SHIVIKA and Rumya chit chatting when om came and says Rudra …

( but Rudra was checking out somya eyes so he didn’t pay attention)

Om: Rudra !! Talks later pooja is going on..

Somya mom sensed Rumya bond and said you know I never saw somya arguing but I am feeling like you are arguing like typical couple…

Sahana says unknowingly: aai jab couple hai toh couple ki tarah hi toh fight karege shaadishudha log toh yese hi hote haina jiju taai ?

Pandit looked at Rumya and reminisced that he did their marriage and he says yes I was the pandit who performed all the rituals and these two ( pointing at Rumya) are married

Everyone : kya??
Ishkara and SHIVIKA : Rudra somya …
Everyone : shaadishudha..

Sahana sensed that the secret was out? and slowly rolled her eyes balls to the right side and saw Rumya was already giving her deadly glances??

And all the rest were giving suspicious + confused+ shocked looks..

Pooja had to continue so anika and shivaay unwilling continued the pooja ..

Tej : what did I just heard!! Rudra speak up

Somo mom: somya what sahana just said is it true

Rumya looked at each other ..

Dadi: somya puttar bol na kya tune iss khote se shaadi ki ?

Rumya nodded in yes with bow down heads

Om: Rudra !! What is this ?? Why didn’t you tell shivaay and me did you forgot “all for one and one for all rule”

Rudra: o bhaiyya woh main…

Tej: look janvi this are my sons both are useless doesn’t uphold the business or responsibilities and the second as I know for him a relationship expires in a week and he got married … And that too without letting us know…

Somo mom: somya now tell me what should I reply chabbras that I can’t give you my daughter rehaan chabbra as she is already married.

Janvi: tej please calm down this is not the correct place ,time to talk about this matter

Tej: janvi what’s correct in my life huh?? We are Oberois for us blood,blood linage ,upbringing ,status matters… And you know what shivaay omkara and now Rudra are in love or in relationship with the girls who has no history….

Anika ,Ishana and somya was deeply hurt by these words and so oberoi brothers..

Shivaay ( he stood up from pooja) and said bade papa your talking oberoi daughter in law.

Omkara: Mr. Oberoi please be in your senses Ishana is like anika she is now a part of our family.

Ishana looked at om

Rudra: mujhe lagta hai ki insan ki sooch unchi honi chahiye kyon ki pyaar hum insan se karte hai khoon ya khandan se Nahi ( he held somya hand tightly in his hand)

SHIVIKA and ishkara were proud at his reply ? but angry too…

Rudra walks to Somo mom: aai I am sorry infact we apologize that we didn’t inform you about our marriage but the fact is this that ” somya ” is now ” Mrs. Somya Rudra Singh oberoi ” .

Janvi: Rudra if you wanted to marry so we all had no objections at least you both should have tell us.

Somya walks to janvi: I know you all deeply hurt but I trust me we had no intention to hurt you all ( she folded her hands?) that because of my pressure Rudra didn’t inform you all we was willing to accept this truth but I stopped him as I knew that aai or oberoi family ( looking at Tej) won’t be happy with this news.

Om walked to somya and said stroking her hair : my duffer Singh oberoi ke saath reh kar kya tum bhi ISSI ki tarah Baat kar rahi ho who said we are not happy

Shivaay : we are dear but this surprise came like a shock to us so at least we have the right to be angry

Pinky: oh my mata jethani ji wese in dono ki jodi lagti toh bhahut aachi hai .

Somo mom : noways I won’t agree for this alliance ..

Sarla and kalyani: ab shaadi ho chuki hai ,aur shaadi koi mazak Nahi hai ki aankhe bandh kar ke bol diya main Nahi maanti aur Sach badal gaya …

Kalyani hugs sarla and said baccho ne galati ki hai per dosti rishte Dari me badale toh mujhe koi problem Nahi hai .

Tej : maa per!!
Somo mom: aai

And at last everyone accepted Rumya with bit anger also ….

” Marriage is relationship which is beyond any explanation its a life long promise and promises are meant to fulfill “.
Thanks for wade through it or reading
Sorry for not much couple scenes and comedy
But I will try my level best to entertain you guys …as its my last article on telly updates after 2 more …

Anshi Takarar ya pyaar will end
And I guess temporarily my journey of writing will also end but as I get anjaana anjaani articles from Samsun I will post …

I will be back @july I guess
So bye ?
Will be back with Episode 29 ..
If I feel that the story is going forward fast I will be posting more I guess till episode 30 or 32

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