Anshi OS Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 26) by shama

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hey dear readers i am back with another episode with me hope you all can tolerate it if in case you all want me to stop this ff because its boring and not as interesting as real ishqbaaz i know i can’t match those standards so let it be but please do let me know your views upon it .\

episode – 26 begins
scene 1
@ early morning – next day
a scene comes in front of someone the whole area was dark and two people were fighting holding each others collars dragging each other right to left ,left to right
it was shivin and shivaay ..

shiv: ( holding him tight from back) dekho shivin i am sorry but i love her i can’t let her be yours please understand

shivin: understand my foot tumne mera sab kuch cheen liya shivaay i will kill you ( he turned freed himself from his clutches and pushed him ) i will kill you for once .

shivaay straightly goes and hits to the edge of dinner table he forehead was bleeding he turned and saw shivin heading towards him with a knife and for self defense he took a knife from the knife set which was on dinning table .
shivin forwarded that knife towards shivaay chest and shivaay holded his hand with tight grip and said shivin pagal mat ban please chodde isse ( both were struggling sometimes knife headed towards shivaay sometimes shivin )..

[ and the intruder could feel their fight and he or she took a knife from the same dinning set and stood behind shivaay and as he fell the intruder got opportunity everyone was scanning and shouting shivin shivaay stop this please.. shivaay falls just then the intruder hits shivin stomach with knife and he screamed ….intruder again does it and it time he or she hugged him and said in a very slow voice bye bye shivin and shivaay was shocked and shivin said tum….. and took his last breathe and falls on ground… shivaay with pain tries to get up as soon as possible and while this process the intruder steps over his hand and he could sense it he holds his or her leg and looks up suddenly a slight light flashes from the curtains and shivin could only see his or her eyes those dangerous eyes and the rest of covered with black mask …shivaay quickly gets up and holded the same bloodied knife by mistaken and tries to hit the intruder but the intruder pushed him just near the body and ran shivaay knife falls he moves his hand to scope the knife but he feels someone body he felt nearby the knife he picked it up and as soon as he lifted the knife the power comes and everyone screamed shivin !!! ranveer said shivaay kya kiya ……

shivaay screamed nahi maine kuch nahi kiya i didn’t kill shivin and everyone comes in his room and finds him frightened
ani: shivaay !!
shiv: he was breathing rapidly h…h..h
ani; shakes him and says shivaay woh sapna tha .
dadi: ha billu shayad tune sapna hi dekha hoga!!
omru: shivaay dar mat hum tujhe kuch nahi hone dege ( and hugs shivaay)
shiv: trust me maine kisi ka khoon nahi kiya.
rudra: bhaiyya aapko yeh kehne ki zarurat nahi hai we already know it
somo: ha bade bhaiyya aap jinse pyaar karte hai na aap unke liye jaan dete hai
prinku: aur bhaiyya aap kisi ki jaan nahi le sakte.

shiv: maine nahi usne ki shivin ki jaan
everyone: usne!?!?
ani: ha shivaay usne matlab ( holding his cheeks)
shiv: woh intruder!!
ani; intruder ..ab toh mujhe isse jaldi dudhana
pinky: billu puttar ja shower lele aur him sabko breakfast per join kar.
( shivaay nodes in no mood nahi hai)

prinku: nahi choti ma shivaay bhaiyya kitchen me humare saath cook karege
ru: nice idea isse bhaiyya ka mood bhi thik ho jayega.
all were like ok ..
om: shivaay please chal bhai tujhe aacha lagega.
shivaay nodes in yes..and says tum log jaao main shower lekar aaya
he goes in washroom and closed the door and kept his towel on hanger he kept his clothes and entered in the bathtab …

scene changes …….
intruder : shivin ka paath toh cut ho gaya aur ab iss shivaay ki bari
person 1: oh hello i accept ki tumne aacha kaam kiya per tumne shivin ko kyu mara
intruder: uff usne tumhe aur mujhe gayatri ka murder karte dekh liya tha.

person 1: aur iss baar shivaay ne tumhe dekha maine kaha tha zaada over confident mat bano

intruder : oh ho why are you worried shivaay ne sirf eyes dekhli…or kuch nahi aur main ab shivaay ko bhi marugi per dara darake aur woh acp use phasi per chaddagega …
person 1: itna easy nahi hai yeh !!

intruder: trust me easy hai you know kal main murder ke baad bhi crime scene per tha/thi you know why?

person : why ??

intruder: i was in the rear portion where water supply was there i just mixed……..

evil laughs….

scene changes … suddenly from somewhere the tab started releasing blood water and shivaay was shocked his whole body was drenched in blood he quickly got up and shouted … and wiped the blood over his body..
omru anika heard him shouting and rushed towards washroom…
scene 2
at naina place
naina was sipping coffee and flipped pages of her book which was in her lap tulsi entered and said good morning..

naina: good morning tulsi di !! she offers another cup of coffee ??

tulsi: she takes it and sips and says umm actually mujhe tujhse baat karni hai..

naina: was reading the book she closed it kept it on coffee table and said ha di bolo

tulsi: actually shreya kesi hai?? i mean woh kal bhahut roo rahi thi na so..

naina: umm ya mom hai waha di ke saath so she is ok now.

tulsi : naina do you know the reason behind her tears

naina: yaa its something toh humari sooch se bahar ha !!

tulsi : naina tumne joh bhi kaha i didn’t understand please explain me

naina : actually yesterday you came to know that she is not my real shreya didu actually when she came here with us she was physically and mental hurt i asked her when she said

scene changes and shows ishana in oberoi mansion in her room on ground holding the same sketch which once ranveer sent om the same girl she cried as she saw the sketch she came to a conclusion that shreya arora is only ishika ranjhawa……
??? om ki ex girlfriend jiska accident uske haatho se hua tha . woh zinda hai aur ab shreya hai i have to inform this to ranveer … she takes the mobile and dialled the number and was about to hit the call button when her hands where ice cold and freeze her eyes were full of tears
ishana mind: no ishana if you informed so what will you do i mean what will be your place in omkara life ? what will happen to your love huh?

ishana heart: i know ishana its very difficult for you being a girl who loves someone to the core but at the same time you’re not selfish..
ishana (m) : oh hello pyaar aur jaagh me sab jaayaz hai (everything is fair in love and war).

ishana ( h) ; oh please shut up !! ishana don’t think about yourself for once think about om if ranveer stays unaware of this fact he would surely harm om someday and after all he has the right to know that his sister is alive think of ishika family and remember one thing pyaar lene ka nahi dena ka naam hai its all about sacrifice

ishana took a deep breathe and cutted the call and somehow from net she managed to send shreya arora ( real name ishika ranjhawa) recent pic ….

ranveer was in police station taking report of oberoi mansion from his man his phone beeps he thought not to see but sinde gives it and he scrolls down
notification sent by ishana a document
ran: what can ishana send me
and he opened it slowly it started showing the background a garden then the hair and forehead eyes …( yeh aankhe!!) nose and soon the picture completed and his eyes were not believing his eyes shredded tears his breathe rate increased his hands which was holding the mobile started slivering his mouth uttered only a word is…hi..ka meri behan ..per yeh photo toh recently khichi gayi hai iska matlab ishika zinda hai per yeh photo ishana pass kese aai

he quickly called ishana….. she was not in a stage to speak she was just crying and the mobile rings… she wiped off her tears and saw the mobile it was ranveer she disconnected the line and messaged him her new identity as shreya arora that was enough as ranveer was capable to find the rest .
ranveer got the message and he reacted he said i want this girl information as soon as possible..

scene changes
@ present

( naina asked ishika her past and ishika said)
ab main kya bolo meri zindagi ne kuch bolne laayak nahi choda you know main ek ladke se mili thi ek orphanage me tab woh kids ko painting sikha raha tha aur main waha us ngo me study material delivery kar ti thi as you know i am an author so joh bhi new book aayi thi kids ke liye i used to give it to ngo…

then one i was travelling back to home in auto when the same came and sat into it and i said arrey excuse me this is my auto

guy: i…i..know but i need to rush home urgently and i am not getting vehicle so can we share it please

no i am sorry…
guy : to driver bhaiyya 50-50 bill pay ho jayega please chalye

dri: ok and started driving
guy: look i know you are angry but i can’t help it ..
ishika thought uff ab yehi baki tha
om: yeh ladki shivaay se bhi jaada guasse wali hai …

the auto dropped us to our respectively homes as told the bill was divided in half..

our first meeting ends on that note…
and that last meeting when he rushed me to hospital and i had to request doctor that please inform them that i am dead as i didn’t want to trouble my family with my heart problem which was the root cause of tension i belonged to a middle class family that time we were not financial stable and my brother and parents used to manage funds for my treatment which was hard and that night i thought that i can’t tolerate it anymore .. i am a problem in everybody’s lives omkara also is not interested in me and i am in love with him but he is in love with someone else ( riddhima) and i can’t see this when i was walking on road i saw car headlights and i decided to kill myself and i came in between the car… but my fortune my savior was my incomplete love omkara and i was not in a stage to trouble them again so i declared myself death ….
and i left the hospital but my wounds were still bleeding and you people brought me here that day a helpless useless girl was killed and the same day shreya arora the bold and energetic personality took birth and immediately as my all wounds were healed i left india and went…

scene 3
@ oberois ….

omru and anika knocked the door and shivaay opened it and immediately hugged omru and said woh pani khoon me badal gaya. …
anika goes in and finds the water normal.. and says nahi toh ….
shivomru entered and shivaay was shocked to see everything normal he said nahi waha wa…ha… sach me…
om says shivaay and hugged him rudra too hugged him

{ the person 1 asked intruder but what about the water than intruder says not to worry as shivaay will step out of the bath tub its button with his feet will press as he tried to come out and before anyone could see it the water and blood will be drained and then they share an evil laughter}..

at present

om and rudra gave there support to shivaay and took him to the kitchen where somya sahana prinku was already waiting with the ingredients required to cook their favorite…
prinku and somya saw shivaay scared and gesture each other to be normal …

all took their positions…
prinku near cooktop was acting to struggle with the pan cake whereas somya was acting to struggle with making paratha dough and sahana was struggling with the coffee maker ( in anika laughter saira bano)

shivaay saw his kitchen messed up and was like back to normal and he said actually shouted what the wuck yeh meri kitchen hai oh my god…. yesi kitchen dekh kar mujhe mich michi ho rahi hai….
omru kept their elbows on shivaay shoulders and in a teasing tone mich michi huh??

anika coughs…

and he walked to prinku and said prinku pehlwan stop showing your pehlwani on cooking ok yeh tere bus ki baat nahi chod de…

prinku: moving her hair back with pancake hand and the mixture rubbed on her cheek unknowingly and she said nahi shivaay bhaiyya today i will only make pancakes as papa loves them.. and i want to surprise him today only he was talking to mom that he is missing his favorite pancake…

shiv: ok then but let me help…
om says i want to taste the mixture prinku gives him in spoon and he says aha… not like this and rubs the mixture off from prinku cheek … and prinku was like oh yeh kab hua…

rudra goes to somya and sees the dough and says waaah wah somo wrestler is wrestling with dough aai yeh dekhte hai ki humari bhari bharakam somo dough bana kar jeet to hai ya dough usse jaada stubborn hai…
somo : shut up duffer oberoi kam se kam tumse aacha banane ki koshish kar rahi hu tumhari uss bandi ki sabzi ki tarah nahi…
ru: oh please huh!!

om: somya woh bhindi ki sabzi nahi bhindi ka murder kiya tha issne he slowly whispered ..

rudra : o kya kaha aapne!!
om: maine kaha yeh kayanat na dena rudra ka saath tab aye khana banane ki baat…
somo and all laughed…

rudra: ???
sahana said jiju per jab aage meri baat toh please dena mujhe haath …
ani: waaah tu toh om ho gayi sahana
everyone : huh?
shiv: anika yeh kahe na chahta hai ki tum bhi shayar ho gayi
anika : yes! wahi

omru in teasing tone : ha shivaay/bhaiyya aapko toh bada paata hai ki anika bhabhi kya chahati hai….
dadi came and saw all she took sahana with her but before that she ordered billu to give kitchen to anika as she will cook her pehle rasoi …
shiv: ok but i will stay here and clean this messed kitchen …
rudra to om : aaha dekho toh bhaiyya ko kitchen me bhi ishqbaazi…

shiv: was like shut up kabhi toh sujhar jaao and prinku said now bhaiyya aap sab pancake taste karo ….she feeds her brothers with her hands….

la la la la la….
lafzon ka rishta nahi plays …..
and the recipe got ?marks and prinku hugged her brothers and said thank you and rushed out with the dish and made everyone taste…
( actually after somebody’s death the gas will not be switched on but here i neglected it sorry )

everyone tasted it for prinku encouragement and seriously loved it …
prinku bids everyone bus as she was getting late for college ….
she comes out and was about to sit in car when she saw a constable keeping an eye on her home she was like ab toh acp ne hadd kardi ….. and sits in the car and says chaliye driver aur ha college khatam hone ke baad mujhe college ke pass wale garden me drop kar dena ….
{ iss acp se toh milna hi hoga}….
naina also bids bye and rushed to college whereas tulsi messaged om
can we talk at same place same time same topic!?!?

reply from om
yaa sure i was willing to meet you again so we will meet …

tulsi messaged can you come along as i don’t want anyone else to know that what i know about shreya now

om reply umm ok tulsi ….
scene changes…
@ oberoi kitchen

ani: toh kya banane meethe me ??
shiv: umm joh bhi banao dad ke sugar ko dhayan me rakhana..
ani: oh ok she takes a knife to cut dry fruits for moong dal halwa…
and the knife falls and both shivika squatters down to pick it up and both bumps into each other heads and anika was like phirse kijiye nahi toh seegh uug jaayege…
shi: kya uug jayege??
ani: seegh ( and signs her fingers on head like horns..
shiv: oh you mean horns
ani: kkk..nahi woh toh gaadi me hote hai billu ji
shiv: u..u..don’t call me that
ani: shivaay sorry…
she bumps into his head again…
episode ends
thanks for reading…
hope you enjoyed…
do let me know your views…

no precap …..

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    Awsm …..

  2. Priyali

    OMG shama di…. u totally rocked this part.. i loved the kitchen scenes….

  3. Akshaya

    Awesome ria. Nainaa is amazing. Shreya and Ishana, who is paired opposite to omi darling?

    1. Akshaya dear in the few upcoming episodes you will come to know as I can’t open up the suspense now I hope you understand..

  4. Muskan.F

    Nice one di can i call u di if u don’t have any problem ….: ) 🙂 🙂

    1. Yaa sure dear u can and thanks for the compliment I am glad u loved it

      1. Muskan.F

        and please don’t be sorry and thank u with me i don’t like and i said the reality really u r very nice writer i m reading ur other ff superb mid blowing don’t have words to say

  5. Shivika


  6. Awesome di…

  7. Nishi33

    suspence queen…I loved it…ek suspence khatm hota h doosra apne aap gift me chala ata h..i’m happt that anika supported shivaye..despite their marriage ..warna main serial me toh jane kya ho rha h…I can’t see anika crying day and night..

  8. Hidden Sunshine

    Gud 1 dr …da ni8mare part vs written nyc… the kitchen part vs lovely … I hv a request can u plz post a short summary of dis ff vn ur free … coz i hvnt read da startin parts yet i kind of managed 2 undrstand da Current shivika n rumya part but ishkara lil confusin prinku parts r lyk big ? 2 me
    Dis is not boring but gud dr …but i personally feel u exellente @ writin emotional tragic n lov stories dn thrillr…
    Can i ask u somthing whats ur age? Coz most dm cal u di.. so i vs juz curious ?..

    1. Thanks for asking and dropping ur request well I am 20 and as far as summary concerns I will try my best to pen down it and post as soon as I can sorry for the in convince you had to face dear and yaa the summary is requested by many readers so I was willing to do so but households and other work but I can promise you that ur request will be fulfilled
      Thanks for commenting…

  9. Mukta

    Super awesome!!!!!!!

  10. Nainaa

    Wow!! I just loved this one…… Everybody are carrying lots and loads of emotions.
    Shivaay’s dream is giving me some hopes as atleast he saw the intruder’s eyes.
    I am feeling very bad for Shivaay… He is getting blamed for something he didn’t do but I knew you will make some Mobile thod wala idea to save him from those blames… 🙂
    I became a bit emotional during Shreya or Ishika’s past incidents.
    I just want to tell you that in my view Om should be paired with Ishika but not with Ishaana.
    I agree that Ishaana loves Om but after knowing that His first love Ishika is alive Om can never accept Ishaana and moreover ishika also loves Om. What I can to is to help my emotion to stay in their places and wait to see what you will bring up?.
    keep going Mah cute Punjabi Jattoo….
    Love you…

  11. Liya

    Ishika is having face of shreya,right?….does om loved ishika? Why ishana saying om loves ishika & ishika is his ex but naina in F.B saying om loves ridhimma at that time!
    The epi was nice especially prinku’s fearless avatar,I liked it very much…..eagerly waiting to know about person1 & intruder…

    1. Thanks di for dropping ur doubts regarding my ff I am glad that you opened up you will get all ur answers in the next part please wait for it….

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  13. I am very sorry but ………
    Its becoming boring

    1. Thanks for dropping your views shall I quit it plz reply ..

      1. Nithu

        No di pls dnt quit….it…i love ur ff…..di…

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    1. Thanks jazz so sweet of you I missed your comments

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    Nd ur status is about OM’s lead ,na..???..????

    1. Yup? status was for ishkara and di plz pen down ur confusions over here itself then I will be able to clear it and di you said that it is in suspense well THQ but I guess I am in suspense that I can post some more episodes or not as every attempt to post has vanished don’t know what to do ? And thanks for letting me know ur opinion on ishkara and not ishika…..

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