Anshi OS Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 25) by shama

I am really sorry for the previous part torture seriously I was not even 1% satisfied with it but now what I can explain I am sorry and I will try my best to portray emotions with grace and simplicity please do let me know your views upon it
Episode – 26 begins
Scene 1
@ Oberoi Mansion
Omkara Point of view

Just an hour before even though tension was there in the atmosphere but a tiny wave of happiness was in the air that was for the intense love between shivaay and anika took a beautiful turn marriage even though slight difficulties were there but at end they was married and with pure soul shivaay was about to confess his truth but all of a sudden shivin death left all of us in shock now how could I tell me that what cyclone came in my life but now its the matter of shivaay and shivaay tere liye mere Bhai I can do anything for you and now you need me Bhai.
Preksha point of view:

Hey bhagwaan aaj aapne mera ek beta cheen liya aur dusra de diya main jaanti hu ki shivaay ko pinky ne paala hai per main bhi use jaanti hu woh galat ho sakta hai per murderer Nahi. Maine na zindagi se kuch maaga aur na zindagi ne badale me kuch diya per I was happy that I have shivin but today you snatched him too why?
Ranveer checks shivin body he kept his finger under his nose and he was not breathing ranveer calls his assistant sinde to send the body for postmortem and the knife was in shivaay hand which was covered with blood ranveer takes it and puts it in evidence pouch and says your under arrest shivaay Singh oberoi

Prinku comes forward and says… I know yehhhh…hua hai…per inta dimaag toh aap me bhi hoga acp ki… Hum sabne kisi intruder ko sense kiya tha aur aap iss Baat ko Nahi bhul sakte aur yese hi bhaiyya ko arrest Nahi kar sakte…

Ru: ha prinku is right
Ran: priyanka ji I know but the incident shows that the culprit is shivaay and moreover our law accepts evidence which is the knife and we all are eye witness of this.
Ani: ranveer I agree and I don’t want to interfere in your duty but that tell me one thing that if by mistaken the knife which shivaay was holding that imagine if it was in your hand so that mean your the culprit

Prinku : moreover Mr acp you just now….. said that we all are the eye witness but…. Tell me one thing have you or someone ..has seen shi…shivaay bhaiyya killing him by own hands accept scream..

Om : ACP I know your doing your duty but joh humesha dekhta hai woh sach ho yeh zaruri Nahi her kahani ke 2 hisse 2 point of views hote hai aur hum yeh jaan te hai ki shivin ka murder hua per kyu hua hua yeh hum ab tak Nahi jaante.
Ran: shivin and shivaay are brothers moreover both loves miss anika and shivaay married her
Ru: so technically shivin should have kill shivaay bhaiyya after this betrayal but why shivaay bhaiyya will do it he has no valid reason he is married to anika what else he wants he has supporting family…
Somya: Rudra is right inspector on the bases of this incident you must investigate in detail .
Prinku: chode …somya… Why are you wasting your time on this ACP he…wants proof of innocence so I…. Will give him that..
Anika: yes prinku I am also with you

Omru: we too
Tejanvi : inspector now please investigate
Dadi : Nahi mera billu aasa Nahi kar sakta I will also help you.
Sahana and somya: we too we know bhaiyya is innocent and we will prove it

Prinku ( shouts): ACP andhar aane ka raasta aap Dekh chuke hai actually….. Wahi bahar jaane ka raasta bhi hai get out of my house aur agar mere Bhai galat hai toh oberoi promise karti hu I will get them best punishment aur agar woh galat Nahi hai toh oberoi promise joh insan meri bhaiyo ki takliph ka karan hoga I will not spare him don’t forget I am an oberoi bhale hi meri zubaan … chali ho per dimaag zarur chal ta hai.
All was shocked to see their priyanka in a bold version fearless nervous less confident.
Omru kept their hands on prinku shoulder and said we all will save our shivaay
Ranveer was shocked to see priyanka angry he goes but says his man to keep an eye of oberois.

Preksha was shaken from in she was totally quiet her eyes were filled up with tears dadi sits beside her and turned preksha face to her side and preksha kept her head on her chest and cried me..mera beta …mera..beta mummy ji…
Pinky offered her water and she denied pinky keeps the glass on table and holded her hand and said I can understand… They both look at each other
Janvi sits and preksha hugs her tightly…
Shivaay was in shock he with a nervous expression moved to his room .

Anika wanted to console preksha but saw shivaay facing the problem alone she saw a certain guilty on his face she followed him

Scene 2
@ shivaay room
Shivaay walked in the room senselessly he was in tears he sits on ground and says yeh main Nahi kar sakta i can’t kill him I am not a murderer I ..I..
Anika sits beside him and said I know app yesa Nahi kar sakte.. Main jaanti hu aap murderer Nahi ho sakte ..
Shiv: I am really sorry anika meri wajah se tumhara dil toot gaya aur aaj toh main criminal bhi ban gaya .. Aur tumhe ek criminal ke pass hone ki zarurat Nahi hai duniya toh mujhe criminal hi kahegi na

Ani: please shivaay yes I am terribly angry on you and I have the right and reason both to be angry but how could you tell me to leave you in such tough time I won’t leave you I will be there always to irritate you by my ajeeb language showing tàdi gussa but I will be there .
Shivaay: kept his head in her lap and cried and said in cracking tone please.. Please don’t leave me.. I…I need you ..
Ani: stroked his hair and she could sense shivaay pain and for proving him innocent she was now determined….
Shiv: slept in her lap only ..
Ani: took a cushion turned his body adjusted the cushion and said in thoughts

My mom taught me that zindagi buri ho sakti hai log bhi bure ho sakte hai per logo ko haalat bura bante hai aur aapko unki himat ban kar rehana chahiye … Yes I am angry because you hurted me yes I love you but that doesn’t mean ki tum kisi ki jagah per aakar mujhse shaadi karu why shivaay if you really feel for me you could have stopped me but you… Anyways ab aapko mere zarurat hai…
She saw his face and the tear droplet which was about to fall when slowly she took it in hand
Naazdeek hai dil ke
Phir kyu lage mil ke
Jese ho Milo door woh
Jasba hai anjaana mushkil hai samjhana
Aapna hai ya hai gear woh,

{ she somehow managed to make him sleep on bed and thinks woh ho kon sakta hai? Jisne shivin ko Mara…?}
Scene 3
@ the rear portion of oberoi mansion in a car
Ranveer goes in car and the intruder was watching it and said Finally shivaay naam ka kaata mere raaste se haat aur bonus ke toorper shivaay phasa ….bechara khoon maine kiya aur phaasi chadega woh …. Hahaha…
The intruder goes ….
Scene 4
@ oberoi kitchen
Anika straightly walked to the kitchen prinku also entered…
Prinku : Arrey anika bhabhi …
Ani: looks at her
Prinku : shi..shivaay bhaiyya kese hai..
Ani: ha woh rest kar rahe hai
Omru entered and said chalo aacha hua shivaay ko sambhaliye aapne..
Om: prinku baccha tu jaa him sab hai na him sab sambhalege..
Ru: ha prinku o Sahi kah rahe hai
Prinku : Nahi bhaiyya main kahi Nahi jaaogi

Om: OK but zaada stress mat Lena aur medicine le Lena.
Ru: prinku ek Baat bata aaj tune toh USS acp ko bhagahi diya…
Prinku: Rudra bhaiyya joh log bol te Nahi haina woh samandar ki tarah hote hai… Aur tab bolte hai toh tsunami aa jata hai… Aur rahi Baat us acp ki toh usne agar mere bhaiyyo ko jhuaa bhi toh… Toh ..main usse cooker me dalka uska soup bandogi… She kept the utensils which was in her hand with a bang… And went..
Ru: wese Maine pehle kabhi prinku ko gusse me Nahi dekha..
Om: yaa per Hume shivaay ko innocent prove karne ka koi raasta dundhana hoga
Anika says I will think but I guess now shivaay needs me… And she leaves….
Omru also leaves….
Scene 5
At Rudra room
Ru: bhaiyya ko innocent prove karna hai per kese..
Somo: Rudra I know ghar me stress hai per iss tarah se tension le kar kuch Nahi hoga
Ru : I know somya but main kya karu
Somo: just be calm and think don’t panic bade bhaiyya innocent prove ho jaayege..
Ru: touch wood!!
Scene 6
@ om room
Om was also thinking the same when he thinks to call tulsi also… He picked his phone and called her…

Tulsi: hello whose this?
Om: hello tulsi I am omkara
Tulsi : omkara she looked here and there as she was @ nainas place..
Tulsi: aapne mujhe kyu call kiya
Om: I think you know the reason…
Tulsi: she understood Shreya… She said kya kaam hai aapko mujhse ?
Om: actually can you meet me now @ cafe
Tulsi : what ?
Om: please please please
Tulsi : OK fine I am coming…..

After 20 minutes…
@ cafe
Tulsi and om was face to face
Om asked how do you know her ?
Tulsi: her? Oh you mean Shreya..
Om : ( shocked to hear some other name )
Om: Shreya?
Tulsi: yup !! Shreya and by the way I can also ask the same to you
Om: umm… She is not Shreya I …I can’t believe it …
Tulsi: kyu aap kisi aur ko expect kar rahe the huh?
Om: woh !!

Tulsi : its OK Mr omkara galatiyaa sabse hoti hai..
Om: galati I am not mistaken she is not Shreya but my…my..
Tulsi : my what omkara?
( she thought in mind ki om ka zarur koi strong connection hai Shreya se tabhi toh itni confidence se keh raha hai ki woh ladki Shreya Nahi hai)….
Om : I can’t be wrong main use pehchaane me galati Nahi kar sakta….no..
Tulsi says OK then bye… And she goes meanwhile she bumps into Ishana …
Ishana says sorry
Tulsi: sorry and goes…
Ishana: om what happened ? Why are you so scared huh kya hua ?
Om: Ishana woh woh ishika zinda hai
Ishana : k..k…kya!!!!
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No precap..
Thanks for reading and I guess now I should pen down short episodes only as time lack

  1. Nainaa

    First of all A BIG BIG WALA SORRY…
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    Coming to the episode::
    Everything is perfectly portrayed. Om and preksha’s point of view. And the way Prinku answered that ACP is by God a kidki thod one…. Anika’s care and concern is peaks and I loved their emotional wala convo. OmRu are really China wall for Shivaay Their support and care is not a small thing. Om and Tulsi’s convo hot me gooses like i was just thinking whom shreya might be? Upto previous episode I thought Ishaana is Ishika and now this twist is amazing…..
    These are for you…..
    Keep going Mah Punjabi Jattoo….

  2. Jazz1

    It was amazing ?. I am happy that everyone supported shivaay and specially prinku the way she was talking to Ranveer. Loved it. And wow ? ishikia is alive. Oops ? another suspense

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    1. Jaa simran Dede khidki thodh exams sorry for PJ dear but best of luck and thanks for compliment just now I submitted the next part….

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