Anshi Os Takarar Ya Pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 21 and 22) by shama – shaadi special

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Author’s Note : welcome welcome welcome to SHIVIKA marriage ( shivaay+ anika) hello please today tolerate my bakbak so as we all know that oberois belongs to a high class Punjabi family so the wedding will be also according to our traditions ( yes I am also Punjabi so its Pretty easy for me to narrate a wedding… And @ folks if someone is reading out my article so forgive me in advance in case I miss any rituals as I am not yet married so experience Nahi kiya !! ? @ readers who were waiting ( if) so I am sorry for the delay and yaa I am writing this article straight in submission page so I don’t know the length sorry as I didn’t want to waste my time in copy paste process in which always my article vanishes ….

Present Episode : { Part 21 and 22}
Scene :1
Simultaneously at oberoi and rathore mansions..
At 11:30 pm
Shivaay near poolside was walking around the pool thinking about anika his heart ?was crying that tomorrow is anika weeding day and tomorrow she will takes vows (promises ) with that shivin and not me why? That idiot duffer has come into our lives anika its your fault you only bought him …
@ anika in her room ( standing at window and starring at moon) …

Shivaay why ? You fired me from my job I was loyal due to this I had to join shivin and see tomorrow is my wedding with him and not you ? Why? Do you ever loved me or else was ever I saw in your kanchi aankhe was an illusion huh?

Shivaay says no I loved you … And still do .. And I will always but your getting married how can you do this with me anika I always loved you from the core but the problem was that I can’t express it to you..
@ anika..
I guess I know why you did it !! But shivaay now its too late I have to be faithful and loyal towards shivin and no one else not you too.. From today onwards I have to control my emotions at any cost…

@ shivaay
I know you must be thinking about to be loyal towards him but I don’t know why I am feeling hot ? I don’t want you to go away from me and if you promised yourself that to be loyal to the marriage so I promise myself that this marriage can’t happen at any cost !!!
Chill breeze knocked there faces and they both were in tears their hearts were yelling I love you and its difficult to deny this ….
Omru was standing at entrance of shivaay room and saw him ??upset and they became upset too…
They both called out ” shivaay ” and shivaay turned with a fake smile on his face which was sensed by omru…
Om: shivaay tu thik hai na ? ( ur OK na)

Shiv: yaa yaa om I am ( he was trying to pacify himself)
Ru: bhaiyya so what is happening in your life..
Shiv: ( thinking mode) huh nothing nothing
Omru looks at each other and then him and
Om: umm shivaay remainder tomorrow is wedding…
Shivaay sits on bed and said yaa OK na if she is happy than OK..
Omru: happy!!!

Rudra came and sat beside him and said oh hello who said that anika di is happy with that shivin if she would be happy na so her eyes would reflect it and it doesn’t…
Om: shivaay aaj ki date note kar!
Shivru: kyu ? (Why)
Om : oh ho because today our duffer oberoi is sounding sensible with logic… This day would be marked in history..
That ek baad dimaag wale insan ko mila dimaag.. ( that a brainless person got brain)
Ru: oh thanks o… He thought he was praising him and after a while he said kya kaha aapne Mr lambe Baal wale prani (what did you said Mr long hair creature)
Om : truth !!
Ru: aacha sachai ki adalat ( oh the high court of justice)
Om: shut up Rudra!!
Ru: uff phirse wahi dialogue
Shiv: shut up you both you know you guys are fighting like kids..
Ru: oh OK bhaiyya so let’s go something new !!
Shivom: new !?!?
Om: oh you want obro hug come
Shivaay also stretches his arms and Rudra said no!!

Rudra gets up from bed and goes and plays the stereo…
A stands facing his back towards om shivaay music plays…
” Bichhu mere naina ,badi zehereeli aankh mare kamsin kamariya saali ek thumke se lakh mare… ( shivom also joined)
Bichhu mere naina, baadi zehereeli aankh mare kamsin kamariya saali ek thumke se lakh mare …
Note hazaro’n ke khulla chhutta kar aane aayi…
Husn ki teelise beedi – chillam jalaane aayi,
Aayi ….!!!!
Chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa (quarter) chadhke aayi (x4 times)..
Hugging…. Obro hug
Bgm plays ..????

La la la la la…….
Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi,
Lafzon ka yeh rishta Nahi ,
Sadiyon ka yeh hai waasat ,
Hai rooh ka raabata….
All felt better and omru made shivaay lie on bed and waved good night and went in their respective rooms to think over shivaay problem..
At anika room:
Anika came out of thinking as she felt someone presence in her room she thought its Ishana and she turned calling her name and was shocked to see Preksha over there
Ani: Arrey ma you didn’t sleep !!!
Pre: ya you’re also awake till now why?
Ani: nothing ma that tension!!
Pre: tension !?!? ( for marriage na)
Ani: ha maa woh actually !!
( they both sit on bed Preksha kept her hand on anika shoulder)
Pre: actually anika this tension is for your love right?
Anika nodes in yes..

Pre: OK now tell me truth it is for shivaay or shivin?
Anika shockingly looked at Preksha..
And in a stammering voice said shi..shi.shivin..
And Preksha was confirmed that she is in love with shivaay..
Pre: oh really you took so much time to answer shivin name… You know what does it mean ? It means that your doubtful about your feelings ..
Ani : no I am not and if I would then I accepted this proposal maa..
Pre: shayad to be away from shivaay as you can’t accept your feelings for him ..
Anika was silent..
Preksha said your silence means yes I am guessing correct…
Now tell me why you want to do this marriage beta ?
Ani: takes a deep breathe and said it’s not like that why I would deny huh? Here I got such a good mother in law that is more like mother a would be husband whose more like friend you all are good no one is confused with feelings what is in your heart that will only be your decision..

And I feel lucky to have you all
Pre: ( understood her situation ) she thought that I know my shivaay he must have hurt you I know his very poor in expressing and taking decisions from heart as this habit is mine…
But today in his eyes I again saw that passion and unconditional love for you anika and both of you are straightly denying it I have to do something otherwise three innocent hearts and lives will spoil again and I don’t want to repeat the history again ( shakti Preksha and pinky ) we all are somewhere broken with this drastic step and I don’t want my children to face the same again…
Ani: kya hua maa ? What are you thinking?
Pre: I have to stop this marriage !!
Ani: maa
Pre: comes in senses and said ha woh you cleared my doubt thanks beta… Good night
Ani: in a confused manner OK maa good night…
Preksha goes and anika sleeps thinking about shivin shivaay
Preksha calls someone…
Phone conversation
Preksha : hello !
Voice : hello why did you call me?
Pre: as I don’t want this marriage to happen
Voice: what!!? Why ?
Pre: as shivaay and anika loves each other.

Voice: yaa I too sensed it
Pre: oh you sensed so why didn’t you do something huh?
Voice: what can I do huh?
Pre: I knew it as always your blank OK now listen to me that how we will stop this marriage
She narrated the plan which is mute
Voice: but? Shivin
Pre: I know that I am going to hurt him but sometimes a bitter medicine saves a life and as the time will pass he will also understand that a mother always thinks good for his son but somewhere I am feeling guilty..
Voice: you’re right and please don’t feel guilty as your right OK
Pre: OK good night thanks for listening
Voice: good night and yaa thanks for calling
Pre: bye !
Voice bye!
Scene 2
@ Rumya
Rudra goes in his room where already somya was sitting on bed and was waiting for his arrival …
Ru: you were sleeping na somya!?!?
Somo: yaa but when I saw no one is there in room I understood that you must have went to bade bhaiyya room to console him.
Ru: yaa somya I went..
Somya: so what happened ? Is he alright?
Ru: no but his trying his level best not to show his real feelings to us but we are connected with each other through hearts and we are are able to sense his pain which his hiding..
Somo ( keeps her hand on his shoulder) Rudra everything will be fine don’t worry if bade bhaiyya love is true so this marriage will halt ..
Ru: I know that bhaiyya loves anika and you too know it but this fact will not be able to halt the marriage until bhaiyya takes a step forward.. I know he will not!
Somo: no Rudra don’t lose hopes love is very powerful and if bade bhaiyya is unable to step forward and marry anika so we will help him.
Ru:yaa I too want to help him but how?
Suddenly a voice answered offo ! If shivaay loves anika and anika loves shivaay so kick that villain out of there lives..
Rumya at once said sahana tum !!
Saha: ha main taai how about if we kidnap that shivin..
Ru: good idea
Somo: what good idea huh Rudra we are not kidnappers OK and sahana tu pagal ho gai hai marriage koi game Nahi hai OK
Saha: but taai forceful loveless marriage se toh better hai na..
Ru: yaa somya she is right
Somo: I agree Rudra but yesi shaadi se toh aacha hai ki shaadi hi na karo now and you know I don’t want anika di to regret on this marriage like I am regretted now
Ru: what your regretting on our marriage?
Sahana in shock: ek minute aap dono ki shaadi kab or kesi hui . ( ek minute when and how did you marriage ?)
Rumya came to senses and was shocked that they revealed the truth..
Rumya: woh hum WO…

Sahana: taai how can you hide this from me I am your sister na ?
Somo: ho sahana I am sorry meri jaan
Sahana: oh please ( she dialled a number)
Ru: whom are calling sahana?
Sahana: aai ( badi maa)
Somo in haste snatched the phone and disconnected the line..
Sahana: taai (didi)!!?
Rumya starts to narrate their marriage…
Sahana: after knowing the truth she laughs
Rumya: please sahana until shivaay bhaiyya problem solves we can’t disclose our marriage as this somya denied to accept
Sahana; why? Taai my jiju is so cute?

Ru: dekho Somo your sister is far better than you at least she thinks I am cute and you think that I am a crybaby
Somo : yes you’re a crybaby and yaa your not cute in my view OK.
Saha: taai why?
Ru: my dear saali ( wife’s sister) because that rehaan is cute in her good books
Sahana: huh that cheapda..yuck..
Ru: wow saali sahiba they both give hi5
Somo: oh please you both rehaan is cute than Rudra

Sahana:??? yuck!!.
Rudra mobile rings it was rehaan and he said holding his phone showing to sahana we were talking about devil and here he comes..
Sahana lifts the call and puts it in speaker and Rudra said hello!
Rehaan: hello Rudra you know that romi is brain eater and I don’t accept that marriage and I hope you too feel the same
Rumya looks each other
Rehaan says hello hello !!
And Rudra disconnected the call in anger and thought I accept this marriage and I feel somya is my wife
Somo thought I can’t accept nor deny this marriage as it is done but not socially without elders blessings..
Sahana said waving her hand hello !! Shivaay anika ki shaadi remember ..
Rumya was like yaa ha..
Sahana said I have an idea more than kidnapping .Rumya what ?
Sahana says follow me she takes a diary and pen and says for performing the Punjabi marriage correctly for making shivaay bhaiyya groom we have to first know that what rituals takes place for bridegroom.. So that shivaay bhaiyya can take place of shivin in mandap
Rumya cupped their mouths..
Ru: where are we going?
Sahana: dadi room to know about marriage in details.. Om was walking in tension for shivaay and saw rumyahana going to dadi room he too joined unknowingly

Scene 3
At dadi room
Dadi was looking at her Mobile when she heard omru somya sounds they were discussing that dadi must be sleeping how can we disturb her
Dadi opened the door and asked whom not to disturb
Rumyahana asked dadi you’re awake
Dadi : yaa but why ?
They all get in the room and sahana says dadi actually na I got a college assignment about Punjabi weddings and you know na that I am Marathi and this internet is also not catching signals so..
Dadi: so you want me to explain rituals of wedding OK then sit
All sat on sofa
Dadi starts narrating but asked omru that why they are here go sleep Rudra said no dadi your explanation will help us in bhaiyya shaadi
Dadi : what bhaiyya ki shaadi
Omrumya and sahana: ?? Rudra rephrased o ki shaadi and om was like kya meri shaadi
Ru: ha om Ishana ke saath shaadi karoge na
Om shying said shut up Rudra
Dadi says oh so you also sit..
1. Roka ( pre- engagement)
It is an unofficial engagement ceremony where the grooms family and friends comes gives presents money and blessings to the bride..
( Rudra was happy because unknowingly he made janvi do this ritual one day both Rudra and janvi was shopping and she purchased many gifts for karwachaut and some of it she gave to anika like that karwachaut attire and jewelry)

2. Mangai/ shagun ( engagement)
Here the brides family comes to grooms family with gifts to confirm the engagement.
( somya messaged not worry I will say aao to send some gifts to oberois as anika di is also my sister everyone was happy)

3. Finally Sagai ( ring exchange)
This function is held just before a week to marriage where the bride family brings shagun like sliver tray sliver bowl with saffron 14 dried dates wrapped in sliver foil and a coconut wrapped in gold leaf foil and the bride family performs tikka to would be son in law and in return grooms family gives basket of 7 dried fruits to the bride family… And then the same is done by the grooms side for the bride in which they drap bride head with chunni ( stole) does tikka presents jewels money and put a tiny dot of mehandi on her hand for good luck and finally the function is sealed with ring exchange.
( oh no we have missed it all thought)

4. Sangeet – here both the families dance sing enjoy and tease the bride and groom with chessy songs
( omrumya remembered shitia sangeet in which SHIVIKA danced they were like cool we did it)

5. Mehandhi – its a major function which is performed before marriage where bride and all other females enjoy and this mehandi is sent from groom side..
( omrumya thought done Dana done and remembered the incident when by mistaken instead of shivin name shivaay name was printed on anika hand)
They thought dil me joh lakiro me woh ( the name wrote on heart that same name wrote on destiny)
Dadi continues she says after this function another function is also done named
6. Chura – where the oldest maternal uncle aunty plays an important role here they made wear a set of traditional red and cream bangles to the bride and the bride in not allowed to see it until she gets ready for marriage in attire.
( all were thinking ki ab yeh kese kare when dadi thought I have done it I sent a chura set to Preksha from oberoi mansion as both shivin and shivaay are my grandchildren and anika is now also wearing that chura)
7. Seventh function is much like mehandi but not for bride but for others..
( cut off this no need all thought)

8. Vatna/ haldi ( skip it)
9. Ghara gharoli – its a simple function in which bridegroom at there sides after haldi has to take ganga sanaan ( holy bath).
( oh ho panibaazi ho jayega omru thought)
10. Sehra – ( all thought most important)
11. Ghodi chadna ( skip it)
Jaimala saath phere sindoor Dan mangal sutra joothe chori vidaai

Night passes in this talks …
Shaadi day .
@ 5 pm
SHIVIKA wakes up at there rooms and with sad faces went to take shower . omkara Rudra was watching shivaay entering bathroom and Rudra gesture somya to switch the waterline with holy water (gangajal ) whereas omkara calls Ishana for same so at the same time both places the shower on and SHIVIKA takes holy bath

Ishkara and Rumya was like ye yippie done
Om says on call to Ishana that now you make anika ready and we will make shivaay
As omru entered they saw dadi with sherwani and she convinced shivaay to look like groom
And omru somya sahana was shocked they said dadi…
Dadi: kya tum log hi SHIVIKA ki chahte ho main Nahi … They all hugged making a circle and shivaay poked in his head and asked India – Pakistan match hone wala hai kya..
Omru was like no ..
Shivaay asks dadi why you made me wear sherwani
Rudra said excitingly said : shaadi ke liye
Shivaay was like what?
Dadi covers she says aaj him sab anika ki shaadi attend karege
Shivaay made face??? why ??
Dadi says I said na that’s enough

All gathered in hall in pretty attires janvi in floral white bead bordered saree pinky in pink suit with matching jewelry omru in cream sherwani with shawl tej and shakti in grey black kurtas…
@ anika room
Ishana in white floral lenhanga and golden blouse was making anika ready as bride necklace nosering maang tikka bindhi chura ,back gold kamarbandh ,anklets rings etc… Red lehanga with golden blouse red beads net stole
All females were looking ravishing..
All were departing to the venue shivin was also ready in black sherwani and was about to go when Preksha entered with sweet curd in her hand.
Shivin: mom cheeni curd I am not going to give exam na so
Pre: no shivin its for good luck for happy married life..
Shivin : smiled and ate all
Preksha said sorry beta…
Shivin said sorry why mooom he holded his head he was feeling drowsy he said mom and falls on bed … .
Preksha was teared eyes but she said no this is for his good she took a sleeping dose injection and injected in his body for safety suppose if the tablets would work so…
She calls dadi and comes out of room and says I have done my work now its your turn
Dadi said OK when all were in the car…
Shiv: said who was it dadi?
Dadi : Preksha…
Shiv: stopped the car in shocked and dadi said shivin will be in our custody and you have to marry anika…
Shiv: what no…
Omru : why ? Dekh shivaay you also know that anika will be happy with you
Shiv : are you all mad huh I can’t cheat her
Dadi: OK then let her marry shivin and let her live a forceful loveless marriage daily she will Miss you but she has to love shivin and not you…
Om: her soul will be yours but she will name it to shivin
Ru: shaadi me ishq hona zaruri hai love is important..
Somo: yes bade bhaiyya and I know that anika di loves only shivaay
Sahana: and not any shivin….
( this all emotional blackmail started its work on shivaay he was melting and his intense love was flourishing )
At last shivaay agrees
@ anika in car
Anika was trying her level best to accept that today is her wedding and from now onwards she will be Mrs.shivin her heart was crying no…please.. No I want shivaay anika said shut up … And tears escaped her eyes but she controlled…
They all reach the venue….
Shaadi mandap….
Pandit made shivaay sit… Shivaay was in sehra and pinky was searching his Hera beta when shakti stopped her he said an excuse that how can shivaay attend this function he left in between from car itself (he lies to pinky)
and in room omru and dadi made shivin lie on carpet and rolled in and picked it and made him out Ishana driven him to Preksha farmhouse and left him there …
And started again to the venue…..
Pandit says vadhu ( bride ) ko bolaiye…
The media turned on anika arrival she was looking just gorgeous that shivaay eyes were stuck on her ????
Anika and shivaay sat in mandap and their heartbeats raised….?????
Dhak dhak dhak dhak anika was confused that shivaay is not close to me than why my heart is beating so hard…..
Shivaay thinks I am always close to you make panika….
Pandit says jaimala ke liye khade ho jaaye they both stood up…
Rumya ishkara was ?? dancing in mind
As shivaay stretched his hand to make anika wear Garland sahana somya Ishana and some other girls lifted anika up…
And all were like Arrey ab shivin ko kyon pick karega… Omru was excited but they have to wait until someone offers them to lift shivaay…
And janvi said omru go lift him and they lifted shivaay ……

And for making footage media also claimed tables and heights…
As shivaay again tries Ishana shakes anika and anika head steps back and Ishana says kya hua om …?somo also says Rudra kya hua biceps ka..
And omru somehow makes shivaay forward and shivaay made anika wear the Garland…
And now same thing repeated when anika tried to make him wear Garland … And somehow with lot of fun jaimala ritual ends..
Somya mom and nani was also invited to this marriage.. And Rumya sahana took their blessings …
Pandit says now it’s time for kanya Dan
And someone in the crowd says anika is orphan who will perform this ritual and Rumya asked Somo mom and nani to perform it and anika was teared eyes that today I got a mother and nani she thought thanks somya and she understood and thought that no problem didi…
Kanyadan ends…. And pandit says gathajod ( alliance) ke liye dulhe ki behan aaye ( for alliance please come forward) and all thinks who will do it ) sahana comes forward as somya was from anika side now and does it all were missing prinku

then pandit says 7 pheru ke liye khade ho jaaye… And SHIVIKA stoodup ….

Bgm mantra plays??
Sarav- magala- maangalye
Shive sarvaartha- saadhike
Sharannye triambake gauri naaraayani namostute

Saptapadi phere1 :
Pandit says repeat my words bridegroom

grooms vow no.1
“Om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathaman”

[ meaning: I will love,cherish and provide you and our kids you will support me and offer me food]

Bride vow no. 1
” Dhanam dhanyam pade vadet ”
[ meaning : I will honor you. I take upon myself the responsibilities of house and kids]
Anika and shivaay thinks I will honor you at any condition / you will get all respect from me which you deserve.. Rudra was dancing billu ki ho rahi hai…
Saptapadi phera 2

Grooms vow no. 2
” om oorje jara dastayaha”

[ meaning: the groom promises to support his wifewife forever together we will defend our family and home.]

Brides vow no.2
” kutumburn rakshayish yammi sa aravindharam ”
[ meaning: bride promises that she will stand side by side with her husband in protecting the family and house]
Anika: I promise you today that I will be your and your family shield in tough times

Shivaay thinks I am already great wall of SSO but today I promise you that till I am alive no problem can touch you.
Saptapadi Phera 3.

Grooms vow no.3
” om rayassantu joradastayaha ”

[ meaning: the groom promises to walk for the prosperity of his family and the groom also promises to be faithful to his wife and lead a spiritual life]

Brides vow no. 3
” tava bhakti as vaded vachachan”

[ meaning: the bride promises to be faithful to her husband and support him]
Shivika says in mind that from now onwards with this round ( phera) in my mind ,heart ,and soul only your name will be there and no one else…
Saptapadi phera 4 : pandit says anika to step forward and the groom will follow her

Anika comes forward and holded shivaay hand and felt shivaay and was shocked but continued…

Grooms vow no.4
” om mayo bhavyas jara dastayo ha”

[ meaning: the grooms declared his good fortune at marrying his wife the groom prays for a happy life and good children]

Brides vow no. 4
” lalayami cha pade vadet ”
[ meaning: the bride affirms that she will do the best to please her husband]
Shivaay in mind said ki I am lucky to have you and today I also promise you that I will never ask you your bloodline surname family name as from now onwards you will be known by name … My name and life is joining your I am lucky…

Anika says from today onwards my soul breathes is your I am yours I promise you that I will be all yours..
Saptapadi phera 5

Grooms vow no.5
” om prajabhyaha santu jaradastayaha”

[ meaning: prays for the happiness and wellbeing of our family may we have righteous and obedient children]
Shivin gets consciousness and was shocked to find himself in farmhouse he was terribly angry he thrown his mobile and the TV switched on and he was shocked as news was showing SHIVIKA marriage and he rushed out
Brides vow no.5
” Arte arba sapade vadet”
[ meaning : I will trust and honor you. I will be with you always.]
Shivin runs on road in search of cab as his phone also broke… He was like yeh marriage Nahi ho sakti hai … He stood in the middle on this road and a car stopped it was shreya and tulsi shivin got in the car
Saptapadi phera 6

Grooms vow no. 6
May we be happy together

Brides vows
” yajne home shashthe vacho vadet ”
[ meaning : I will always be by your side in your endeavors]
Shivin reached halfway ..

Saptapadi phera: 7
Aakhri phera…

Grooms vow no. 7
” om sakhi jara dastayahga”

[ with the last phera we forever belong to each other ]

Brides vow no. 7
” attramshe sakshino vadet pade ”

[ meaning: I am delight to be yours or your wife may we be be together forever ]
Saptapadi phere ends….
After which pandit gives sindoor to fill her maang …
Bgm mantra plays…..

And then dadi gives magalsutra and shivaay makes anika wear it and pandit says shaadi sampan hui …. And the very moment shivin entered and shouted shivaay …..
Anika was shocked to see that shivin coming from outside and she just married shivaay….
Tulsi and shreya entered …..
And om was shocked……………
Episode ends…
Sorry for pakau one I know it don’t have couple scenes or friends scenes sorry…
But please do comment….

Why om was shocked?
What will shivin do ?
No precap…
Thanks for reading this pakau episode

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    1. Thanks nishi dear I am successful in this marriage part I wanted to make it detailed so that you all know what are Punjabi marriage known for…
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    1. Thanks SHIVIKA I was willing to show the wedding part in detailed manner so that you all can feel that you were attending it and I guess I am successful…
      Why I felt that this episode is pakau because it was lengthy and bore why I am saying so because I felt it when I was writing I was thinking that I am sounding like a pandit more than an author??

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