Anshi Os Takarar Ya Pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 19 and 20) by shama

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Author’s Note : My Dear Readers and the most lovable audience and friends today I will not give you long thank you speeches but today I will thank all those readers who write down their doubts regarding my track instead of appreciation which gives a clear vision on the last episode @ richrichie I guess was confused with the new entries …
@ Introduction of old and new characters :
Arora Family : is very close relatives of oberois Megha Arora ( by profession a social worker holding many NGOs and heart care or special hospitals who takes special care of disabled ,orphans, special kids) she is the Canada wali mausi of oberoi family .

Shreya Arora { elder daughter} – A joyful girl with a beautiful soul and heart and smile she is very talkative by profession she is a freelance author who wrote several hit novels has a dark past within her .

Naina Arora { younger daughter of Megha}: A girl who dreams not for her but others happiness she wants to be the reason behind their happiness by nature she is cute ,talkative silly at times by good at heart she is the youngest daughter in arora family and was much pampered kid she is a collegemate of Priyanka Singh Oberoi .
@ Tendulkar Family ( yet to come in few episodes more).
This is a ajab gajab family which belongs to somya tendulkar/oberoi this family also is like arora family which represent girls more

Sarla tendulkar : the nani of somya and a childhood friend of kalyani devi oberoi (dadi) .
Sahana : The cousin sister of somya who came down to this family after her parents accident Somya and she shares a sister bond.
Somo mom: A caterer by profession who took care of somya sahana and her mother in law all alone after the death of her husband and son. She is like all other mother’s sharing caring and much tensed for her both daughters marriage.
Oberoi Family introduction is not needed I guess ..
@ Tulsi Mehta – A friend of Shreya Arora by Canada same profession as shreya she is calm composed by nature and beautiful but at times irritating because of her long lectures.. ( irritation only for shreya) naina used to enjoy her bakbak .
At doubts … Ranveer Singh Ranjhawa shivin and Preksha are all positive characters and not negative but due to some bad memories they are negative now gradually will turn positive.
Hope you all are clear now…
Present Episode : ( Part 19 begins)
Scene :1
Oberoi Mansion entrance door..
As shivin announced his sudden marriage with anika all were shocked especially shivaay as shivin said the marriage word and holded anika hand tightly shivaay was fuming this was noticed by ishkara omkara comes forward and gives support to shivaay Rudra to did the same..

Shivaay was in mixed emotions he thought that I am so damn lucky to have such brothers and family apart from this I am so unlucky that I can’t win a ladylove love ..
Shivaay heart ?
” Shivaay don’t be negative but be cautious as this Xerox copy shivin is trying to snatch your anika from you and remember you’re SSO who never lose any battle doesn’t matter life or love battle are you an idiot to think anika will be happy with shivin as you too know that you are the one who could keep world under her feet on her one order ( shivaay and his mind agrees to heart) heart continued to say see into anika eyes does she look happy with this decision

Shivaay sees anika looking down with tears and understood that she is unhappy..
Suddenly from somewhere a question raised what will make her smile again ? I am dying to see that mesmerizing smile on her face again ?what should I do heart ? The heart replied shivaay just keep her loving and mind said shivaay snatch her from that shivin…
Shivaay nodes hmmm.. And omru stand beside him was confused ..
Shivin turned anika to his side ( face to face) and wiped her tears and shivaay closed his fist in anger ??and shivin said anika ( lifting her chin keeping his hands on her shoulder) shivin says let’s go from here shivin gives deadly glances to oberoi brothers…
Omru was like aa shivin anika hume de anika sirf aur sirf shivaay/ bhaiyya ki hai .. Somo and ishu scanned omru minds and nodes their heads and says yes of course ..
Om looks at ishu
Om says ishu don’t read my thoughts please I am angry on this idiot shivin feeling like killing him..

Ishu to om : calm down om please control your anger and shivaay bhaiyya is there na to handle this just support him.
Ishana smiled at om and he too nodes and smiled OK ishu
Rudra in thoughts… I wish I could kick shivin out of bhaiyya life or else I would ask Somo to sit on him as she is Somo wrestler he will surely become flat papad Somo scanned his mind and was like ? crybaby I wish I could make you a papad instead of him Rudra sees somya and was?oh this Somo scanned my mind like a typical wife does…
Somya jaw dropped and she thought I am not your wife OK… Rudra also thought ok
Shivaay coughs in anger and anika leaves shivin hand and goes outside in haste..
Scene 2
Naina place
Tulsi and Shreya entered the home like very exhausted and slow manner they thrown themselves on sofa rested their heads looking at the sealing they were shifting their positions in every 5 minutes .. Tulsi and shreya were in bodypain due to journey and shreya mom understood this …
Both were touching/ pressing their neck hands legs.. Tulsi said in an exhausted tone aaaaaa… My legs are paining ouch why I came with you shreya to India for book launch see now my whole body is breaking down in pain..

Shreya: Arrey what did I do tulsi ? I am also facing the same aaaaaa my neck …. Look tulsi I am exhausted and having no power left to fight with you OK…
Both looking at sealing closed their eyes and shreya mom arrived with something in bowl and pats them come on get up girls and sit on stairs of first floor tulsi stamps her legs in anger like kid who is sleepy and shreya makes sounds and turned her neck left right but at last they got up and as directed sat on stairs… Tulsi on the beginning …shreya a step ahead to her and at last shreya mom and shreya mom opened their hairs and gave oil and started going message to shreya.. Shreya to tulsi they both were enjoying ahhhh.. Wah…wah…
Shreya mom said you both are impossible when you were in pain you were making sounds and when you are relaxed you’re making sounds stop this sounds and take hot water showers and later join me at dinner and yaa you both are going to stay in a room .. They were yeeeee yippie maza aayega..

They got up from stairs and as kissed shreya mom cheeks and said thank you and gone for shower they unpacked their bags and arranged the cupboard and went in shower…
Scene :3
Naina prinku ranveer in one army jeep and other girls with army soldiers in other vehicle.. Ranveer was driving prinku on front seat naina on back naina on behalf of prinku thanked ranveer and he smiled back and naina said whispers in prinku ears what a smile yaar ? prinku said to naina really !?if he smile again na so I will break his teeth rude person uses cheap tricks for any case. This was heard by ranveer he suddenly stopped the jeep with jerk and holded prinku hand to take her in side to talk prinku said leave my hand ACP

Naina pokes in between and was staring at hand in hand and coughs and ranveer leaves her hand and said that case was not a simple one the girl killed in that was my sister prinku and naina was shocked .. They both were constantly looking at ranveer.. Ranveer with blurred eyes started the jeep wore the gloves and for changing mood he started FM it plays dushman mera from don2 naina sensed that priveer was angry and she quickly changed the track and a car was heading towards their jeep from the opposition side in speed and for saving the ladies ranveer quickly turned the jeep and prinku straightly goes in his arms and naina falls from her seat with remote and by mistaken bhige hoot tere pyaas dil mera played… Naina was peeping from between the 2 seats ? oh ooooo so cute …
And priveer came back to senses and said please stop that song naina said I did it 15 minutes earlier itself but you both were lost in each other in a such way that you didn’t even notice wow!! Ranveer and priyanka composed themselves and driven too Indian army camp … In between priyanka asked why there ? We can go in our camp na ? Ranveer replied priyanka ji your bus is damaged and in sent in repair and your camp site is 100 kms more so it is common sense that you all have to stay for one or two nights at IAC ( Indian army camp).. Naina said please prinku chal na and she agreed
Scene 4
Outside the entrance
Anika was still out shivaay saw her alone there and was heading towards her shivin was also present and was about to leave or witness this when sahana understands thar shivin is coming between shivika and gets an idea ? ting tong… She saw the kumkum there in temple and goes there to pray and slowly spreads kumkum in her hands properly and says somya that di one second my hands are so dirty I should clean them she goes beside shivin intensionally blown the kumkum in his eyes in such a way which was not noticeable by anyone but ishkara and Rumya noticeable ..
Shivin asked what is happening kya ho raha hai I can’t see anything… He repeated it 5 times….
Om was curiously looking at Anshi and Rudra said to shivin Arrey kya kya ho raha ha ? Om bal bada raha hai ( om is growing hair ) main phool uga raha hu ( I am planting flower) om ke balo me lagane ke liye… ( for om hair)…
Sahana somya Ishana ??
Om pats Rudra chest to look at shivaay…
Ishkara Rumya and sahana looks on they thought that today shivaay will propose her and stop this marriage shivaay goes to anika and stands beside her and anika sensed him and turned he immediately stopped looking at her and looked at his watch…. Ishkara and Rumya hits their foreheads ki inka kuch Nahi ho sakta ? om to ishu uff Ishana yeh shivaay na you know he can crack any deal but when it comes to anika he is ….. I also don’t know
Ishana says I know they both feel for each other but if this marriage happened na so both will be unhappy… You know whom you love to core and somewhere you feel that she or he too loves you so you should snatch her or his love at any cost
Omkara nodes looking at Ishana hmmm.. Whom you love the most you should keep her close at any cost na… She nodes in yes and slowly om interlocked his fingers in her and both looked at their hands and then shared an eye lock..
Rumya was looking at both of them Anshi and ishkara and Rudra said looking at ishkara that waaah wah yaha toh ishqbaazi chal rahi hai aur waha ( looking at Anshi ) uff bhaiyya propose karne me itne slow ho toh choti ma ki wish kese poori karoge..

Sahana and Somo : wish ??? What???
Rudra says Arrey chote billu ya maybe panika ki…
All smiled…. Rudra in mind thought everyone is in ishqbaazi mode and me at silent mode? Somo I hate you….
Anika turned and asked kya ??
Shivaay in cracking tone woh time time Dekh raha tha… You tell me your haal chaal
Anika said I am OK ……..
Shivaay said in her language yeh kya I am OK ka pathar utaya or hit kar diya haal chal MATLAB is your mood fine? Subha se kitne paise kamye ? ( from morning how much money you earned) …
She raised her eyebrows as shivaay just now repeated her sentence ….
At flashback… Hall [ From real Ishqbaaz]
Anika says Good Morning !!
Shivaay was silent
Anika says aapne mujhe good kaha toh aapko bhi good morning aur kese hai aap subha se kitne paise kamaye yese poocha jata hai haal chal aapki tarah Nahi ki good morning ka pathar uthaya aur mar diya good morning!!
Wase aapne ab tak Nahi bataya kya haal chaal ??
Shivaay turned and said I am fine omru jaw dropped ..janvi smiled.. Somya make a cute wala face
Anika says aaj ke hisaab se thik hai kal smile? ke saath kahiyega good morning
Flashback ends
Omru Isomo jaw dropped …
Anika replied nothing I was upset…
Shivaay said OK aaj ke hisaab se thik hai from tomorrow answer me with a smile..
Rudra hits om shoulder and says repeat telecast wow ….
Om ? smile and shivin says uff Rudra your watching repeat telecast of the match .. .
Rudra stretched his hands to kill him but somya stopped him by holding him from back … Rudra to somya : iss shivin named irritation machine ko get out karo…
Aur oberoi mansion per ek board lagao..
Somya makes a face ….
Sahana was like jaha dekho ishqbaazi so sweet !!
[ priveer naina and all others get down from vehicles as camp was in front of them somewhere between the forest where vehicles can’t go as the path is full of trees and is narrow]
Naina was like??????? abhi Aur chal na hai… Mummy didu….
Scene 5
Again naina place
All were not that much fresh but still tired tulsi and shreya in jammies ( night wear) with tight long ponny / clutched hair..
Took their seats …
The food was in front of their sight and tulsi said the food is smelling delicious aunty.
Shreya mom ; it is delicious and it’s all our favorite dishes palak paneer / roti/curd/ papad/salad / kheer
Shreya and tulsi ? suneme hi kitna yummy hai … They took their tongues …
And shreya mom served them and shreya took a bit in her hand and was about to eat when suddenly shreya stopped…
Tulsi and Megha asked : what happened?
Shreya said naina ne kuch Nahi kaha hoga! How can I eat she must be hungry….
Tulsi said haa … And she can’t tolerant her hunger she is impatient she needs food at the time…
Megha says not to worry when she is hungry na she herself starts searching or haunting food you both eat
She feeds them the first bite…
Scene changes
Scene 6
Naina was walking in the forest ?? with priveer grabbing her empty stomach..
Prinku was finding difficulty in walking on rough surface more over on pebbles she disbalance and was about to fall when ranveer holded her and she took his hands off from her arms and said I don’t need it thanks but no thanks… She walks with attitude..
And ranveer calls her miss.zeedi oberoi and walked behind her….
And suddenly a sound come guuuuuud guuuuud …. And priveer was like this sound from where it is coming they ran their torches here and there…
Again that sound comes…. And they were like from where its coming…
Naina grabbing her stomach ?with a sad expression says looking at her stomach from here its coming…. I am hungry I need food mummy didu…?and this path is not ending …
I guess I will faint without food…prinku says holding her ever you fasted huh please naina look just more ten minutes… Please control…
Naina was like 10 more minutes you know 10 minutes has 600 seconds omg…?
Prinku hits her head
Scene 7
Anika walked to shivin and asked what happened why you’re standing with closed eyes?… Shivin said anika I guess something went in my eyes… Omish Rumya looks at each other and sahana and sahana coughs and leaves with a silly excuse that I am thirsty..
Omru was thinking their excuse Ishana said umm om I guess you’re much stressed out come take rest they also escapes….
Rudra was running his thinking horses when somya said oh shit history assignment Rudra….
Rudra confused he says history assignment
And Somo? and Rudra nodes yaa history oh no that professor what is his name haaa Mr junjun wala he is damn strict …
Somya says how do you know you never attend lectures he says I had a friend in his answer sheet he wrote something wrong maybe a spelling Columbus for which he made him stand on bench and said now sail imaginary boat and you know for one week…..
If I don’t submit na so don’t know ??what punishment I would get he holded somya hand and said come on miss intelligent use your brain and help me he dragged her….
Anika says to shivin let me see she tries and holds shivin collar which made shivaay ?they are coming close shivaay go something… Actually anika wanted to blow the dust out and shivaay saw fountain near by and took a bottle full of water and in haste pulled Anika towards him and thrown the water on shivin….
And whispered in anika ears don’t you dare to do it again panika…. Shivin opened his eyes and saw Anshi hand in hand and burned in anger and took anika from there
Omkara Room
They both in speed entered the room and locked it and Ishana says Baal Baal bache hum and { laughs} because that Baal Baal was hair and she was complimenting om hair…
Om understood her laughter as he scanned her thoughts and said heading towards her accha ishu and he disbalanced and Ishana holds him made him sit and said who will say you are sick… Please take rest I am leaving.. She turned to go…and om holds her hand and says tusi jaa raheho tusi mat jaao ( u are going u don’t go) he says this in a kiddish tone and Ishana melts like awwww…
And sits beside him he opened the bedside drawer it was having some passes
Ishana said passes !!!!?
Om said yup our date passes
Ishana raised her eyebrows date!?!?
Yup there is a book launch near by my arthub so I bought it… You know that book author is one of my favorite. She writes a novel story which connect hearts easily and this time she is writing with tulsi mehta she is also good …
Ishana says really then OK I will but first you sleep….
Scene changes
Shreya mom: shreya beta event arranged huh tomorrow is your book launch dress nicely don’t go and attend in pajamas …
Tulsi laughs and says OK aunty
Shreya was like yaa ….. All disperse saying good night!!
{ at last that 10 minutes finished and priveer naina and all others reached and naina was shouting as she enters khana khana… Bhugh lagi hai khana do… She searches everywhere under the table opened all tends she takes round of bonfire in search and prinku shouted naina food is here…}
Episode ends …..
Precap for sure Anshi shaadi and Ishana ki barbaadi sahana shocked……….
Om ……. Rudra….. Shivaay…

Next will be 21 yippie

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    But shivaay getting jealous and his final statement that don’t you dare do that again panika was superb
    And sahana scene was funny
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    1. Same here sat I don’t wanna leave you but you ended ff and left and didn’t even say that I will be back again but I would say it …. As this OS ends and my good bye episode arrive I will go but on hold and will for sure comeback 200% to irritate u all again with my thank you speech I don’t know when how on what date but as soon as I get a dhincek idea I will so not to worry but yaa u have to #wait…
      Thanks for commenting dear it means a lot and I respect ur decision n I will wait for ur arrival… Plz stay in touch like this

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  5. Cuteprincess

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    and coming to your ff it was awesome…shivaay’s dialogue was nice…and shivin’s anger seeing shivika close was superb…

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    Keep entertaining us
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    Love you so much..

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