Another Era (kanchi OS) by-TRISHA

Hello guys …trisha here !
This OS is not as good as previous one I guess but yes you guys can take this clearly as a compensation for not being able to post previous five days…here is just a little simple OS …so let’s start nd yes of course after this as soon as I would get the choices of you guys I will start writing story regularly as soon as luck supports !

Everything was going on perfectly and silently in SDCH when someone seemed new entered …with high wedges; jeans and crop top …with a perfect combination of high ponytail and long metal earings with light make up …but yes see ….she’s not unknown at all …yes she’s Saachi …our senior doctor …yeah Sachi kapoor…! But what today ? OMG ? she’s never late ! Not possible …but look it’s 10:30 am nd she’s 2 hrs late …no doubts she’s gone today by ofcourse dr Kabeer even after being a senior dr Kabeer will always be our senior …but she’s his wife ? Then what ! He is khduus like always …yeah yeah was a bit …just a bit romantic when he had no other option expect to propose her …what then ? He could have denied ! Fine …then must had let go of his love ! A doctor nd his perfect love story …! No no no remember today Kabeer is out of station nd will come tomoroww …thankgod she’s safe today but yeah see there …did you saw something ? No ? I did ! A heavy spark on her face like she won the lottery ? Huh no ! Or may be she had her wedding

! How foolish is me ? She’s already mrrd then what ! Let’s see …
“Hey Saachi !”
She replied “hello Isha ” !
“Whts up Saachi ?”
“Nothing serious ”
“Really don’t joke miss golgappa we know you well”
Nd in return she didn’t said anything just smiled but lot of blush ; nd definitely this is the first time she blushed without the presence of our jiju !
The reason must be huge !

Saachis’ POV ;

Omg wht to say to them even I don’t know what to do …now just count down when he’ll come nd I will tell him first then everyone else …!
But if he got late ! Not to worry Saachi he’ll pay for that …after all he’s going to get biggest surprise of his life how could he do a mistake !

Time skips to kabeers arrival in his office nd Saachi rushed to his cabin …

She just stood at the half opened door of his cabin with a wide smile –

Kabeer – what ? I am not going to put a golgappa in ur mouth or shut that ; else some mosquito will find his perfect place for holiday !

Saachi- yuk ! Can’t u say something sweet ?

Kabeer- really I am sorry but I can’t see having my dear wife ; diabetes ! So no !

Saachi- hitler forever !

Kabeer- did u Said anything ?

Saachi- never (wd a smirk )
Actually I was asking do u need some …something …somebody ?

Kabeer – of course call veer nd garv I hv lots of work to distribute !

Saachi-(patting her forehead)… just hope my baby won’t be khduus like him !

Kabeer- baby ? Who’s baby !

Saachi- who’s baby ? By the way u remember that movie we watched …”baby”!

Kabeer- of course too romantic but work first !

Saachi- fine nd that bed no 50 patient ms Singhania ; their new born baby !

Kabeer- r u ok ? I mean literally u r fine na ! It’s their baby I don’t seem I am going to put his name so stop bothering me Saachi !

Saachi- for god sake stupid understand what I am saying !

Kabeer- never I hv my work so I will talk to you later !

Saying this he left for a ward !
She too followed her …
He reached the ward examining one of the patients …
Saachi- Kabeer ! Listen to me Na !

Kabeer turned towards her nd said -“ok say ” !

Saachi- you like playing right ?

Kabeer- of course chess !

Saachi- (she said in one sigh) how would a baby play chess …can’t he play something else !

Kabeer- again baby ! I can play wd you !

Saachi- understand kbeer understand ! Games play little children !

Kabeer after thinking for a while nd then …

Kabeer- oh got it !

Saachi- thankyou nd tell me …

Kabeer- u could have told me straightly if u wanna take part in chess tournament !

Saachi-(murmured)- syppaa !

Kabeer- what ?

Saachi just put her fingers in her ears and shouted being irritated…”I am pregnant Kabeer ”

Kabeer just said in a continuing tone -“then what ?”
Nd then he realised what she just said ; he just had a wide smile on his face nd hugged her immediately ….saying “what ! Omg! Couldn’t u have told me earlier …omg thankyou so much …I love you ”

After few seconds nd minutes of excitement they got in senses nd looked around them just to find patients nurses wardboys even Isha pragya veer all looking at them in shock…Nd in no seconds they burst out clapping !

At first kanchi felt little embarrassed but then felt normal !

Time skips to

At night
Kanchi in their room wd Saachi in front of mirrror nd Kabeer wd his laptop !

Saachi- Kabeer don’t u think I am getting fat …omg I have to follow diet charts exercise dieting after delivery !

Kabeer just looked at her wd a disbelieving look nd burst out laughing …

Kabeer- Saachi ! That’s just one month ok so chillax !

AFTER 7 months and 24 DAYS –

Her labour pain has already started nd Kabeer wd other doctors nd nurses are carrying her on stretcher towards the OT…she’s crying in pain while Kabeer is consoling her !

Saachi- Kabeer what is this u could have told me this pains that much !

Kabeer- really u were pregnant u stopped me to research nd now stop blaming me !

Saachi-(shouted “khduus” all the way to the OT)

@in OT…

Kabeer was there with saachi nd doctors !

Saachi-(still crying and shouting) Kabeer pls get a camera nd yes if you wanna shoot then my face will look best from right side…Nd yes get some hd ok ….aaaaaaa…tht pains …hey gauri maa pls help pls pls pkka I will keep fast god promise ….!

Kabeer-(murmuring)- never knew from when she became selfie queen from Jhansi ki rani ! No actually …selfie lover Jhansi ki rani !

After few minutes ; a cry could be heard of a little just born angel of two love birds !


“Hey Kabeer where r u lost look dr is calling us inside”

He got out of his thoughts nd replied…”yes nd whose it ”

“A granddaughter…finally our Kanchi now have a little bird with her”

He was overjoyed …”yes …”

Both of them went in the OT…!

Hitesh-(kanchis husband) here’s she maa papa…!

Another era of their love story started wd their grand daughter ❤️??

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  1. Hema69

    nice one dear

  2. Moonlight25

    Trisha….you rock…it was so cute the OS and Sanchi saying my face will look the best from the right side ??..loved it all through….Glad you came up with An OS u had been waiting…love you dear and start your story soon??

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much tania nd sure I will start writing that soon

  3. Negisanyukta

    Superrrrrr and Awesome.I totally loved it ????This is one of the best os i had ever read in my life.????
    This os is sweet and simple….Kabeer bhaiya is so khadoos haan,even he was not listening to my bhabhi and the way bhabhi was giving hints to bhaiya ia really appreciatable.????
    Keep writing dear.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much Sanyukta glad u like it
      That’s really sweet of u

  4. Nice one Trisha

  5. RuCh23

    Awesome dear and it was so funny how hard Sanchi tried to tell Kabir that she’s pregnant ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou ruwani
      Glad u like it sweetie

  6. awwww…… cute……….Trisha dear…………u r simply amazing………..u hv the ability of turning an ordinary concept to a special one…………luv u a lot my cutie pie………

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much riya…Nd I am so happy u liked it nd love u too chocopie

  7. Trisha it is amazing as usual dear nd I m now watching SDCH nd kanchi scenes r just fab sanchi holding kabir’s hand nd kabir consoling her I was just amazed…. nd love u for this one ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku dear
      Lots of love u too

  8. It was too cute and very nice

  9. Sweet and cosy story trisha but where is ablisha any guess

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku nd I guess she’s here

  10. Abhilasha

    Superrr se uparr……… Amazing yr loved it from bottom of my heart!!

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku abhilasha

  11. awesome trishna you always a great os writer and you rock it
    “Queen of OS”
    please forgive me for not giving previous comment on ff”

    1. Trisha139

      That’s absolutely ok sweetie
      Nd thanks for the honour

  12. Awwww it’s so amazing again u stole my words can’t describe. again u nailed it and grand salute to u and I loved it u know how to change my mood when I am sad I just read your ff or os it brings a wide smile on my face so thank you and love you

    1. Trisha139

      Awwww that’s so sweet of you ashnita …I am actually in love with your comments …Nd of course sweetie an author is known for this only …. atlast thanku frm my side nd wc for ur thanks nd love u too

  13. Neha7873

    It was fab … liked it but it could have been better … it was not good as your other os … i loved it

  14. Niyaaa

    Hey trisha u r an rextra ordinary person really how can u explain a simple thing in such a unique way when sanchi trying to say about her pregnancy n the most loving cutest funny part is selfie lover jhansi ki rani omgggg its toooooo gudd n i m little confused which os is my fav now this one or last bcoz ur os r simply amaz all n i m confused to choose one of them hey sorry i know the comment is sooo long and gives u little headache but kya krun tumhare bare mein likhate rhne ka mann krta rhta h lovvv u dear n a jadoo ki jhappi meri taraf se trishu…

    1. Niyaaa

      Hey trisha sorry for not commntng in ur ff kanchi forever n gunshot last part actually i dont know what happen but the update not shown in my phone when i read ur new ff then i knew u end ur previous ff so i checked all post n found n read then, thats amaz n i feel bad u finished ff so early but happy to know u start a new one lovvv u dear a lot come back soon

    2. Trisha139

      That’s absolutely ok niyaa…Nd sure I will be back soon with first chapter of my new ff

    3. Trisha139

      Awww no sweetie ur comment is never an hedache in fact this made my day totally I fell for this…love u too nd back jhappii nd lots of kisses ?????

  15. Trisha u r genius! ek baat toh hai whatever u r writing it seems to be outstanding… That’s why u r the queen of os…. I have become a fan of your writing… U, abhilasha, Annie, hema, moonlight, ruch23 …each of you are very good in writing.. Great going guys! Aap sabhi ke wajah se hum sab ko accha lagta hai especially sdch ke fan fiction and os… Serial ki kahani se bhi majedar lagta hai Aap sabhi ki stories….

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much tiya glad to know we authors r able to do something for u guys
      So a big thanks sweetie

  16. Awesome and great thoughts…

  17. nice..but could have been bettern

    1. Trisha139

      Sorry if u think so

  18. Verrry amazing os was mindblowing….sooo sweet to read sanchi and kabeer as grands with their cute little angel grand daughter…..u r always having lovely ideas because u r a lovely person and also a great writter…waiting very eagerly for ur new story…

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much vrushti I am so glad u liked this sweetie ?????

  19. Anee

    Really really amazing Trishu.



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      Thanku so much siya nd not a problem thi is ur speciality sweetie

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