Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 7

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Lucky seven….Yay….!!Not possible without your love and support…And your wonderful comments….
Everyone in this fandom is so warming, write so very good stories that you guys exhaust all my ideas…(Wink..Wink..)Joking….Please drop in your comments and the moment everyone is awaiting is coming but in the next epi.…..

The evening was the most calming time of the day. Especially, when your new dish worked out and the whole hotel was full for most of the day. She lay on the sofa, completely exhausted,completely pleased.
Annika POV :
My life was not this way always. It was a sob fest most of the time,but for no second till now do I regret doing what I had to or any decision I took .Except for loving him. Something I’d always regret to the end of your life.There is a clear distinction between enemy and friend.
An Enemy is someone who has a reason,cause or neither to be a pain or poison in your life.
A Friend is someone who has no reason,cause to be in your life or have your back; other than the fact that they are your friend.
There’s no good friend or bad friend. A friend is always the good one.
But the same case doesn’t apply to an enemy.
An enemy can be a good or bad one-depending on the depths he/she can stoop and the cause /reason they are against you for.
How true that was…Tia, of all people, had helped me in unexpected ways.

Shivaay: Will you marry me?
Tia: Yes, Shivaay Baby
Pinky: Oh my Mata! I am going to see my kanji-eyed grandchildren very soon!
I stood there, transfixed by all that had transpired.
Tia: Annika, this is for you. Solitaire diamonds. I falsely accused you of having designs on Shivaay but you were actually saving him…”
Annika: Sorry Tia,I cannot take this.
Pinky: Take it Annika, I would even take the jewellery if its fake. And you are this way…(Thrusting it in her hands)
Annika(Over phone): Daadi,please I need your help. Please don’t think I’m being opportunistic and taking advantage of your good nature.
Daadi: Tell me dear,what is this number you are calling from?Is this your personal number?
Annika: Please tell me the most trustworthy jeweller in this city.I believe Sourav da,the jeweller in the next street does some sort of fraud for every jewel he values.
Daadi: Here note the number down.
Annika: Thank you ,Daadi! It was nice hearing your voice after a long time.
Shivaay heard this with a shocked expression.

After 10-20 minutes of pondering,
Daadi: Will you still stand for another 10 minutes or speak something,Billu?
Shivaay: Daadi….Were you..umm..talking to Annika??
Daadi: Yes,puttar..The very same one you sent out of the house.
Shivaay: Daadi,she called you in the phone,right???(Taking out his phone)Khanna, I need the contact numbers of all calls made to this phone today.Be quick!
If the number was traced,he could do whatever was in his power to bring her back,he thought.
He found the number and the location of the call.
My wife loves playing hide and seek with me,he thought.
Daadi: Where is she , puttar??
Shivaay: The Tonico Café,Bandra.
Daadi: Go,find her Billu…
Shivaay: She planned this , Daadi.This café is really closeby .She went there to eat something,and make this particular call. She must have made her way back by now. Why the hell do you not want me to find you,Annika?

That diamond,stood at a jaw dropping 60 lakhs. She repaid Sahil’s 50 lakh loan and invested 10 lakhs in buying land for her hotel,taking care to not establish it in the Oberoi stronghold,which was particularly hard,since they owned atleast close to half of Mumbai.She had won a cooking competition,by virtue of the cooking recipes in the antique,musty old book,inherited from the Oberoi Mansion,the prize of which was a compact,cozy apartment,home in Thane.Walking down memory lane,she marvelled at how the chain of thoughts had completely occupied her.
Annika: If only you hadn’t done what you did,Shivaay,my life would’ve been complete today.(Loudly)
She brushed away all her thoughts and then sleep took over.

Akira walked in,her trademark white shirt and black pant oozing a professional air. She was late again. This time for dinner.She decided she would be more punctual from tomorrow.
Hah! You are assuring yourself that way since eternity ,the irritating voice in her mind said. Managing a full blown smile , she decided to wish them.
Akira: Good evening everyone! Sorry I’m late..
She munched on the food, of course very lady like. She then remembered something.
Akira: Daadi, I have an event tomorrow. Actually, its for the girls’ home that I support and fund.There is a function to adopt the girls and to thank all the philanthropists. People who are giving donations will also come tomorrow.So I will be late and……
Daadi: Oh wow,dear….You have a golden heart.And???
Akira: No Daadi, I have the one same as others.I just want to help them and will you come to the function,daadi??Please,daadi???Soumya and Prinku are coming too….
Priyanka: We are???
Soumya: We are Prinku,We are…..
Daadi: Yes puttar,I will come.I don’t want my name mentioned anywhere. That’s all..I think my grandsons will also come with you..
Rudra: Did you just say girl’s home,didi??Why are you asking people to adopt them,didi??They are already in their home,no??
Om: Shut up Rudra!!Well,I’m sure Mumbai is not going to get rain for a year..
Rudra: Om,atleast sometime try to become smart like me.Atleast,don’t make me ashamed in front of an intelligent elder sister..Mumbai not getting rain for a year can never happen.
Om: Ofcourse, it can.When Devi Toofani can take decisions with her heart,shed her lies and speak the truth for one cause it can…Infact, I think there’s going to a be a drought soon.

Shivaay and Rudra looked at each other in Shock and disbelief.
Shivaay: Did you note what I noted,Rudra?
Rudra: Yes bhaiya,There’s another girl In Om’s life called Devi Toofani…And he never told us till now..
Shivaay: Duffer! Om’s fighting with someone , that too for no reason!!!
Rudra: NO big deal,bhaiya…You and Annika didi did it all the time.
Shivaay grew silent. Omira’s fighting broke their thoughts..
Akira :Oh Really….Baba Omkara,do you think that you always speak the truth?You are a complete ,absolute liar…Everything’s not just lie and truth ,sometimes,its truth,lie,their truth , your lie…
Om: I don’t think. I always speak the truth.Don’t you dare try proving me a liar…You are a liar…You live on lie , falsehood and you speak this way to hide it.(Tries walking of in a huff..)
Akira: Not so soon,darling…Lie is not always falsehood..(grabs his hand)
Om: It is..
Akira:In 5 minutes,I will prove that you are a liar…Challenge accepted???Or are you already afraid??
Rudra: Didi,don’t try it.You know, when we all first spoke,we said, Ma or Paapa…You know what he said”Truth”…He’s truth’s boyfriend for the last 25 years…
Akira: And I’m Lie’s Defence Lawyer.
OM: Challenge accepted Akira..
Akira: What time of the day is it,Om?
Om: You are mad,the moon,the white shining disc of light, in all its glory…
Akira: Shut up! I need the answer…
Om: Its night.
Akira: Liar…Its day…
Om: I have no time for your crazy talks. Everyone can see what I see..
Daadi: Om is right,Akira. Its night now..
Akira: No,Daadi,its night now,but only here,in our country.In the USA,it is day now..What Om sees as a truth,is actually a lie for the people there.
Om: I can only answer for myself.
Akira: You just proved my point.It is the truth only according to you. For people there, it is falsehood.It is their lie,your truth…As for the Universal truth,there is no day and night. Its just the Earth rotating the sun.There is truth,lie,their truth ,your lie in this world. You can only understand truth or lie from your point of view.What may be your truth,maybe a lie to someone else.Sometimes,lie may become delayed truth.You can judge only yourself.You can judge others as good or bad only after knowing their life and full situation,which is very ,very difficult.

All looked on shocked ,bewildered by her brilliance. Om was stumped.
Rudra: Bhaiya , I feel as if I’m sitting in a spirituality conference.Me coming to a temple is a big thing in itself and you brought me to this baba and devi wala conference…I’m going to the ICU very soon…God am I going to die at such a young age??I have not even been around girls yet..
ShiOm: Shut up Rudra!
Akira : Good night, everyone!!!
ShiRumyaPri,Daadi(IN unison): This Girl is of Om’s takkar….
Omkara: Let’s all go to sleep.
Akira POV:
How can someone be so ancient in this era??
Anyway, I proved him wrong..
OSO always spoils my moods…
Obsolete Singh Oberoi…
AN: Sorry guys,lot of thinking went into this episode.I wanted to bring shivika this episode itself,but the story needed continuity…Forgive me please…!Love you all..Kal hoga Annika ka entry….

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    Awesome !! ?
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      I’ll surely post soon,Mansi…I wanted the righteous, inflexible, lovable Om to get a reality check ????

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    Awsm yr…. I luvd Akira’s monologue…???????

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  11. I loved it. Especially that truth,lie,their truth, your truth. You explained it very well. I didn’t thought like this ever.
    You were just awesome.

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      Thank you shalini..Read a small sentence of this in a book.Was so moved,that I developed it and used it…!!

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  14. Mrunal

    hey what an brilliant explanation for lie & truth…
    omg omira r becoming like shivika..
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      To be honest Mrunal, I thought over it for half a day…Can you believe it???

      1. Mrunal

        Yep dea.. For sure i can believe it…
        As I’m also a author..
        And i know how much we think about it before presenting it here…
        And after all whatever output we give there is always a infinite input for which we Always hard worked..
        So i can understand ur point…
        But trust me…
        This was something totally unique… I never watched, read or listened to any expiation for lie like this..

        The way of ur thinking is really different.. & i really appreciate it…

      2. Mrunal

        Typo mistake

    2. Shubhadra

      Thank you so much Mrunal…My exams just got over….I didn’t read all ffs…. I’ll surely read yours now…..Tell me the link,please????

  15. Sairan

    Fantastic….She is truly lyk Anika ✌✌✌✌

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