Anirudh Is Confused, But He Has Got The Spirit

As the show Barrister Babu has taken a leap, viewers are disheartened by the cold Anirudh and are eager to get back the cheerful Anirufh.

This has led to some of them showing anger about his character. Fans have said that Anirudh is taking a long time to accept his love for Bondita and is not acting on it when he should. He did not stand for her when she chose to become a Sanyasini and he did not say anything in Bondita’s favor, which could have prevented her from taking this step.

However, we must understand the underlying complexities of the situation.

Societal pressure ties Anirudh into not speaking up for Bondita. He is torn apart. His heart knows that Bondita cannot do anything wrong, but at the same time, his family and the villagers influence his decisions. He cannot openly support Bondita because of the rift between the two villages. Every time he tries to shift to her side, Trilochan Kaka reminds him of the orphans whose houses Krishnagar’s people burnt and reminded him of whose parents they killed. He is reminded of his dad, Binoy, who has suffered so much at the hands of Chandrachur. He has been living this way of 8 years and such a drastic shift would cause conflict, which is present in Anirudh.

It isn’t that Anirudh has stopped caring about Bondita.

Anirudh needs a cataclysm which will bring the drastic shift of leaving behind his enmity. Bondita is that cataclysm.

Through the Vayjanti and Sanyasini track, Bondita is slowly bringing the shift to Anirudh’s life. She is bringing back what he lost 8 years ago.

We are seeing the change in Anirudh too. He is going against his Trilochan Kaka’s wishes and kidnapping Bondita to send her off to Krishnagar. He is taking a stand now. An open stand. From wishing Bondita would refuse to become a Sanyasini in his head to pleading to Bondita to go back to actively taking an open stand for her against his family, Anirudh is returning to his character.

Once that comes full-circle, they will reunite and hopefully, we will get to see more of the Revolutionary Anirudh, Happy Anirudh, and Sakha Babu Anirudh.

  1. Riya _ queen

    U are absolutely right sis……I will support ani no matter what…..and yep he is tied up the promise he made to his family and his village…..once the true culprit behind these issues is revealed and once all truth comes all will go back to its old colourful state……and I believe our BB ….it will sure be a delight with such twist and turns in the upcoming episodes. …eagerly waiting for those edge seat moments…..

    1. Myrtle

      I mean, as we should. Supporting Anirudh is so important because he’s going through this internal conflict.

  2. I agree with you! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ’• This shows that Vaijyanti and Sanyasini track do have an importance, makers didn’t add these tracks unnecessarily… πŸ’—I am excited how Chanachur gets revealed to AniDita!

    1. Myrtle

      Yes, it’s funny to assume they didn’t have any importance, but the truth is the two tracks did the characters a lot of justice. And I am excited to see Chandrachur get exposed too.

  3. Anushi

    all your analysis are so meaningful sis, nice workπŸ‘

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