Today’s episode starts with Sampoorna goes towards Sumati.
Sampoorna- Pisi….. They… I mean…
Thakuma- I have called them.
Ksj- But why? I don’t want anyone’s bad sight to fall on my son and daughter in law.
Bondita- Kaka sasur ji when we start a new relationship, we should forget about all the bitterness of old relations. That’s why Thakuma have called them. Am I right thakuma? (She said looking at Thakuma)
Thakuma- Haa Bondita…I….
Sampoorna- But who doesn’t know the meaning of relations, why to call them as relative Bondita?
Ksj- I am totally agree with Sampoorna Bahu. They don’t deserve your goodness Bondita Bahu.
Sampoorna- See Bondita, today RC family has accepted me because I left them. So I don’t want anyone to break my house again.
Bondita- Sampoorna maa RC family did not expect you because you left them. They expect you because you got the goodness back.
Sampoorna- But Bondita….
Bondita- Please (she said holding sampoorna’s hand)
Sampoorna nods….
Bondita goes near her mother and those guests…
Bondita- Mami, you bought Rosogolla for me? Or you have hidden them for kaka?
Mami- Bondita…(she cried).. My own daughter is disowning me so obviously I don’t deserve your forgiveness but if you…(she folds her hands)
Bondita- I will forgive you but in one condition (she crossed her arms and told)
Mami- Condition…? You and your conditions (she laughs)
Bondita- Yes Mami all is because of Conditions. You know I am not angry with you. Because of your plans I met Sakha babu. (She laughs) But my condition for you is you have to hug me and have to feed kheer by your own hands but not will sleeping pills this time…(she laughs louder, everyone laugh… except Ksj… Bondita noticed it)
Bondita goes near Ksj.
Bondita- Ksj what happened? Why you are not happy?
Ksj- Your heart is pure but not everyone has the same. I am just concerned about you.
Bondita- Kaka you believe me right?
Ksj- Believe and you? (He said with a confusion expression)
Bondita- Ksj….( She said by keeping her hands in waist and with a fake anger)
Ksj- (He laughed) I believe you, I believe your honesty.
Bondita- Then believe that everything will be fine.
Ksj- But don’t you think you should have asked Anirudh once? I mean he is going to be your husband…
Bondita- Ksj he is my Sakha babu, I know him very well. You don’t worry. You please forget all these and bless me.
Thakuma- So can you start the rituals now?
Ksj nods…
They all proceed for ritual….
Pandit ji does some puja….
Bondita sits on wooden seat, Ksj keeps husked rice and scutch grass on her head, feeds her Rosogolla and curd, gifts her gold necklace and blesses her. Bondita touches his feet.
Sampoorna does the same…. Being mother in law she gives her the wedding costume and jewelleries. And a gold ring.
She gifts gold bangles to her.
Some more elders from groom side blessed Bondita and gift her.
Thakuma- Good here the ritual is completed . Now it’s our turn to visit your place to bless our Jamaibabu. What you say Samdhi ji?
Ksj- Still one thing is not done samdhan ji. Without it how can the ritual be completed?
Thakuma- One more thing….(She thinks)
Ksj- Sampoorna bahu hand over the ancestral necklace to our elder bahu. Elder Bahu of family deserves this only.
Bondita- Kaka why only elder bahu? What about other bahus? They too have right on ancestral necklace.
Ksj- Bondita, this is rule.
Bondita- And who made this rule?
Sampoorna- Bondita…(she indicates Bondita to stay silent)
Bondita- No Sampoorna didi, rules and rituals that are illogical should not be followed. Som dada and Batuk’s wife can have problem, they can ask why they don’t get the necklace…
Seeing the situation Tapur thinks to call Anirudh and inform him…she walks to go towards call exactly the same time Som walks to Bondita to say…And they two coilide…Tapur was about to fall, Somnath holds her and get mesmerized seeing her…
My wife will not ask anything about it Boudi… He replied to Bondita looking at Tapur’s eyes….
Tapur felt awkward and balanced herself and stand away from Som… Somnath also felt the same.
Som said sorry and Tapur said thank you at same time…
Bondita- But Som dada how can you say that your wife…
Ksj- Ok, I know I can’t win arguments infront of Bondita’s logic…so I am declaring that I will hand over the ancestral necklace to my that bahu who will deserve it. But at the same time I know who is going to get it….(He smiled looking at Bondita)
Bondita- Thank you ksj.
Ksj- But you will take your mother-in-laws some jewellery considering it as her blessings right?
Bondita- For sure…
Ksj- (becomes happy) Sampoorna bahu, bring Shubhra sister’s jewellery that she made for her elder bahu.
Sampoorna gives them to Bondita….
Ksj-So now the ritual is completed. (He said with a satisfaction in his heart)
Bondita- Kaka still one thing is incomplete… Will not to rectify your mistake you did with the daughter in law of RC haveli?
Sumati ma- Bondita is this a way to talk with you ksj?
Bondita- Maa I just want him to rectify his mistake. And anyone can do mistakes unknowingly even elders too. And its our duty to say them about it.
Ksj- What mistake I did bahu?
Bondita- You did wrong with Sampoorna maa…
(Sampoorna gets shock hearing her name, Ksj astonished and others wonder what Bondita is talking about)…
ASHIRWAD RITUAL- This ritual depicts that Elders except the groom and bride to his/her in laws family with blessings. They start to consider them as their new family member.
First the eldest member of groom’s / bride’s family blesses the bride and groom and then father in law and mother in law. Mother in law gives wedding costumes and jewelleries. She keeps the wedding saree on daughter in laws head and it depicts that from now on the daughter in law will keep in mind about her new house’s respect.
This ritual starts with feeding curd as curd is considered as good luck and with sweets because they say the new relations will be full of sweetness.
I hope you guys like today’s episode. Keep showering love.
Stay happy and positive always.
Much love…

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