My Angry Bird (Swasan TS) Intro

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Hey everyone I know I should b here with my ff or ss but have this concept in mind and I can’t concentrate either on my ff or ss cause of this so m penning it down

Here we go

A mansion was shown where a girl was shouting n yelling at all the servants
Whereas the servants were standing with their heads bowed down

One servant whispered to another: Such a rude girl she is… She has so fiery temper, don’t know how you all r tolerating her

another servant: You r new here , gradually you will get into a habit of this…She is like this only better shut or mouth or she’ll throw u out

The girl turned towards them and yelled :What the hell r u whisipering? Go and get me cup of coffee ,it should b perfect according to my taste Swara gadodia doesn’t like mistakes and u make my room clean….

She stormed towards the study muttering useless fellows


Next day

A big office was shown

It was a multi storeyed building , named ‘The Vogue’

Just then a car arrived and a lady came out of the car… She marched towards the reception

All the employees stood up and wished her with bowed heads , she without giving them a look straight away went to her cabin

An hour later

Swara:What r u doing here? I told u 30 seconds ago that you r fired …. Now get lost from my sight

Employee:Ma’am m really sorry , this wouldn’t b repeated… Pls ma’am it would spoil my career…

Swara:R u going or shud I call security, I told u na that I want everything perfect, now get out at once


A man in his late forties was seen standing, he was giving a pitiful look to other man

First man was Swara’s father, Shekhar Gadodia

Shekhar:Swara beta wat is this? What have u done ?

Swara:Dad(yells) U r asking me , he was the (pointing towards other man) who found fault in my work… So I just Poured a glass of juice on his head, there was no vase near by otherwise I would have banged it on his head…. And don’t shout at me m not a kid
She went from their

Shekhar:M sorry Mr Mathur

Mr Mathur: It’s oky Mr Gadodia but ur daughter is too ungovernable

Saying this he left


Other side a court room was shown

A man was dressed in a lawyer’s attire

Man:Thus, my lord Mr kapoor is guilty, he should b sentenced to life imprisonment

Judge:As Mr Maheshwari said, Mr Raj kapoor Is proved guilty on the basis of all evidences , he is sentenced to life imprisonment on account of xyz law
The court is dismissed


Outside the court all were congratulating the man

One man: Mr Maheshwari u again won the case, really must say u r blessed with extraordinary intellect

He smiled and excused himself


Swara Gadodia: A very rude and arrogant person… She can humiliate anyone in public…. A very ungovernable spirit and short tempered… She is well known was her uncertain behavior in society
A fashion designer by profession

Shekhar Gadodia : Father of Swara, he is a very gentle person and loves his daughters …. Loves Swara a little more than his second daughter , and thus pampers her too much.. He is worried for her marriage as know one in society is ready to marry her cause of her behavior
He is rejecting all the alliances and proposals that r coming for his second daughter as he vowed to marry Swara first
A very big businessman

Ragini Gadodia: second Daughter of shekhar… A perfect girl with no flaws… Loves her dad and sister a lot but sometimes irritated with Swara’s behavior

Swaragini’s mother is no more


Sanskar Maheshwari: A very wise person… He is a well known lawyer… He is very calm and doesn’t get angry easily … He is a bachelor and is finding a perfect girl for him… Wants a extraordinary girl… His parents r no more but have left good fortune for him


So here i complete this update… I have adopted this concept from ‘The taming of the shrew by Shakespeare’ with changes ….
And one more thing Do inform me through ur comments if u read any such story cause I don’t want to copy anyone’s idea… According to me I never read this concept…

Coming to the ts it will b maximum three shots and quite funny… Hope u all will like it and pls tell through comments whether to continue or not….


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  1. Rabia

    Awesomeee shreeeyu and i dont think soo that i read this type of concept if yess bhi naa then also i want this ??

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew Di… Hehe I’ll give u Di… No worries

  2. Osm dear
    I have also not read this type of concept till yet

  3. Simin

    Superb shona

  4. Rosey

    well intresting1 i am totlly suprised plllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soneer

  5. Mumpi

    interesting concept continue it… i loved it.

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr?

  6. awesome dr i also love dat book

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr.. It’s a nice book

  7. Abirsha

    Amazing sweeto…. I haven’t read this type of story…. I loved it

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew Didoo?

  8. Hey, story seems to be like taming the shrew its my fav novel

    1. Shreeyu

      Yes… As I said, it is adopted from it only

  9. Ifza

    Loved it

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr?

  10. Divyanshri

    hai…itni fast….. kiya baat hai… shreeyu Mata…. post soon the epi eagerly waiting… for the epis…… awsome starting……

    1. Shreeyu

      Humari toh baat hi Kuch aur hai Divyu ji… Will b posting soon Dr but first will give MSL??

  11. Nagamanasa

    Awesome Shreeyu dear…swara is so arrogant…New concept..loved next one soon kiddo

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew Manasa Di…?☺

  12. New concept..plz post

  13. superb…!! loved it…!! It’s soo interesting…!! waiting for next part…!!

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew so much Dr☺

  14. Simi

    Sanskar is rude n arrogant in few ffs..
    Now Swara is rude ?
    Interesting.. C
    Plz continue

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr☺

  15. awesome n different concept ever

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr☺

    1. Shreeyu


  16. Deeksha

    Frankly speaking…. Well I didn’t expect u shreeyu….!!!!!!!!! Don’t know when my choti has improved this much…..!!!!!! Well loved it dear…..!!!!!do continue soon….!!!!!

    1. Shreeyu

      Awwww Thnkew so much deekshu…. M really glad u liked it☺

  17. SNY

    Outstanding Shreeyu ……
    Plz nxt one soon….

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr☺☺☺☺…. Will try to post soon ?

  18. Anurta

    Awesome Amazing Superb Fabulous Mind blowing……..Lovable ???????
    Loved it 2 core…..
    Post next part soon waiting eagerly for it……..????
    Waiting for it…..

    1. Shreeyu

      Awwww thnkew so much Dr…. ????

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew Arshaanya di

  19. Mica

    waaaa… i love it.. weelll how swasan mix the character aawww

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew Micu…?

  20. Swarmayi

    Doll its really amazing..
    I liked this concept.. very different concept.. post next soon..

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkewww Sammy …. ??????

  21. Outstanding….loved it

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr☺☺☺

  22. Srusti

    Awesome, continue soon dear

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr☺?

  23. Radhika..

    Awesome one shreeyu…. The story seems interesting and I don’t read any concept like this…..and new avatar of swara as no one till now show her like this its quite interesting to see how the story will go….
    Loved it ??

    1. Shreeyu

      Omg….. Thnkew so much radhu Dr?????

  24. Vyshu10

    Awesome bacha….i like taming of shrew….update soon

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew Vyshu Di… Yeah it’s a nice play… Hehe Shakespeare’s works r always fab

  25. awesome .excited for the next part.

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr?

  26. Scooby

    Shreeyu first same pinch and hifi i too had same idea but later i droped them due to my mood.. but im so ecxited seeing u writing such awesime concept.. loved it.. do continue….

    1. Shreeyu

      HiFi Navi…. But now m little tensed Dr… Don’t know whether I’ll b able to write it well or not cause I know if u were to write it na it must have been superb… ??? Thnku dr

      1. Scooby

        Shree dr ur doing marvellous wrk… do continue without fear.. and im not perfect writer… i love ur works so im impatient … ;-*

      2. Shreeyu

        Well Navi… M not with u this tym… U r a perfect writer and I love ur writings… ??? So let’s do one thing that Is ending this discussion here only ??

  27. Loved it dear… ???????

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew Dr?

  28. Shifa96


    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew dr☺

  29. Anniya

    Awsm one Shreeyu, I didn’t read this type of story. So you have to continue it.

    1. Shreeyu

      Thnkew di.. Yeah sure

  30. Adishu

    his name is all enough to say that story must be very interesting….
    but my dear shreeyu please post
    love hurts… love heals…
    u know here my love for ur FF is just hurting not healing…. so please try to post fast….

    1. Shreeyu

      I was planning to post in on Sunday… Cause m having a holiday today so I’ll write MSL today but I promise you Adishu that I’ll give a biggggggg wala part on Sunday positively… Thnkew so much for liking my story dear… And I know you like my ff a lot but wat to do yar tym is not permitting me to write… Its just because of winters here that my schedule had became so hectic… M not even reading ffs much only few which I can’t leave… Once again sorry for the delay … Hope to receive a reply from u?

  31. Kakali

    Lovely intro Cutieeee !! somehow diff than others.. well i would love to read ur further parts.. update soon.. !! Loved it.. live u… Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Shreeyu

      Awww thnkew di… ??

  32. AngelTara

    My my what an intro dear?
    Loved the concept!❤ Never read anything like this one and i soooooo wna read this one?
    Waiting anxiously for further parts .. so when you gna post??

    1. Shreeyu

      Awwww thnkew sweetheart??? m glad u liked it… Ummm abt next part toh I really don’t know cause I have also not started writing yet like u.. HiFi???

    2. AngelTara


  33. NDSG

    Aww soo cute ???… Angry bird?

    1. Shreeyu

      Are wah…. Angry Bird cute lagi??? thnk u Dr?

      1. NDSG

        My friends all calls me angry bird…

      2. NDSG

        My friends also calls me angry bird…

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