Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 41

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Recap: Abir rescues Mishti with the help of Poulomi!!! Priya gets to know about Kunal and Kuhu. Kuhu’s pregnancy cravings gets started!!! Mini – Neil’s wedding reception!!!! Shubam cancels the wedding talks!!! Naina gets the part time job in Sushi Meetal’s office!!!!

Epsiode 41

Scene 1

Anand, Bela, Taiji, Tauji, Rakesh, Shanti and Poonam come to their home.

Anand: Shubam is really a good boy.

Bela: But his mom?

Beena: I have decided something.

She calls Naina and Preethi who are at Sameer’s home.

All the kids come.

Beena: Naina, Preethi, me and your tauji are sorry for pressurizing you for the wedding. You both study hard and make us proud. Till you stand on your own legs, we are not going to talk about the wedding.

Naina and Preethi are happy. Anand, Bela and Rakesh are emotional hearing her.

Tauji: Anand, book tickets. Let’s leave. We came here to fix one daughter’s wedding but got to know about rather.

All smiles.

Anand: Bhai, I have already booked tickets for today’s night.

Preethi: Papa, what? Are you going today itself?

Anand: Yes beta. I do have some important work in Ahmedabad.

Bela: And also, I’m worried about Arjun and Paralay. They might be eating hotel food for a week.

Beena: Yes, you are right. We’ll leave today.

Naina and Preethi hug Bela and Beena.

They all pack bags and prepare to leave. Bela and Beena advice Naina and Preethi to take care.

Tauji: Rakesh, do you need any money. Keep this money, rest I’ll send you.

Rakesh: No bhai, we don’t need any money.

Naina: Yes tauji, we don’t need any money. I got part time job at Sushi Meetal’s office as a writer.

Anand: Wow Naina, congrats. I’m happy and proud of you.

All congratulate her and leave. They talk with Sameer and Shanti while leaving. Rakesh goes down to send them off.

The next day!!!

Swathi: Naina, wake up. Today is your first day.

Naina: Swathi, today is Saturday. College is holiday.

Preethi: Arey Naina, college is holiday but today is your first day at office.

Naina suddenly wakes up.

Naina: Oh my god, I slept for so long.

Swathi: Relax relax. Go and bath. We have sorted all your dress and accessories. Uncle and Shanti mam has done breakfast and Sameer is waiting for you to drop you in his car.

Naina: Car?

Swathi: Yes, it came today morning only. That is his car in Ahmedabad.

Naina smiles. She gets ready. Preethi and Swathi help her.

Shanti feeds her.

Rakesh: Eat slowly.

Naina: Papa, it’s late.

Shanti: It’s not late. You have time still.

She pampers Naina and makes her eat fully.

She waves bye to everyone and leave with Sameer.

Sameer: Are you nervous?

Naina: Yes.

Sameer holds her hands and assures her everything will be ok.

Naina hugs him and leaves into the office.

She meets Sushi and greets her.

Sushi: Welcome Naina.

Naina: Good morning mam.

Sushi: Well, Naina, your first assignment is to interview a fellow fresher from ABC FM.

Naina: But mam, I do have many interesting ideas to write articles about.

Sushi: Naina, I’m your boss. So, it’s better you go for this interview. I’m giving this assignment to you because you and him are freshers. So, you both will have good understanding. And remember one thing, in Scarlet productions, no fresher have the privilege to write on their first day itself.

Naina gets disappointed.

Naina: Mam, I’ll try my best to prove myself.

Sushi: All the best. He is waiting at the conference room.

Naina goes to the room and is shocked!!!!

Scene 2

Neil gets ready as chef.

Mini comes there.

Mini: Oh, you got ready?

Neil: Yes, where did you go?

Mini: I was playing with Kia and Arya. Due to their school holidays, they are enjoying.

Neil: Mini, I was about to talk Kia’s school admission.

Mini: Don’t worry, I got application from the school. We just need to fill it and submit.

Neil: Mini, are you sure? Are we not going from here?

Mini: Neil, babes need me at this time. She can’t focus on restaurant and her health at the same time.

Neil: I understand.

Mini nods and leaves.

Mini: I’ll wait for you down.

After sometime, Neil and Mini come to the restaurant. They see it all decorated.

Geetha, Simpy, Kurusheed and Babita welcome them.

They both are surprised and happy.

Mini: Babes, what’s all this?

Babita: Our head chef got married, so we are welcoming him.

Neil smiles.

Neil: Thanks aunty, but now you need to take rest. So, please go home.

Mini: Yes babes.

Babita then goes home.

The customers start to come.

Neil and others go to work.

Mini sits at the counter. Both Mini and Neil look at each other and sight each other!!!!

(Un Vizhigalil Vilunda naan elugiren plays)

Just then Mini sees an old register and is shocked!!!!

Scene 3

Kuhu and Kunal come to hospital. They see Priya having breakfast.

Kunal: Priya, how are you feeling?

Priya: Good.

Kunal: Kuhu, why are you standing? Sit here.

He makes her sit and gives her water. Priya fumes seeing their closeness. She makes a plan.

Priya: Kunal, even I need water.

Kunal gives her water.

Priya: Kunal, can you make me drink. I couldn’t drink myself.

He makes her drink water by holding her. Priya smiles and eyes cunningly. Kuhu feels strange seeing her and then leaves it.

Priya’s mom: Kuhu, how is your baby doing?

Kuhu: Fine aunty.

Kunal: Aunty, her pregnancy cravings has started. From yesterday night she is asking for strawberry icecream. We didn’t had stock. Thanks to Parul, she made milkshake.

Kuhu: But you didn’t give me?

Kunal: You slept. So, I had it.

Kuhu: You cheater. You should have waked me.

Kunal makes funny pose. Kuhu beats him with pillows. Priya gets angry seeing all these. She thinks of her and Kunal’s romantic moments and gets sad.

After sometime,

Kunal: Ok Priya, we’ll leave now.

Priya holds his hand.

Priya: Kunal, please stay for some time.

Kunal sees Kuhu talking to Priya’s mom and dad outside the room.

Kunal: I wish, but Kuhu can’t stay out for so long time. She needs rest. Take care, I’ll come tomorrow.

Priya smiles and looks angrily at Kuhu.

Priya: Kuhu, you snatched my love from me. I won’t leave you.

She gets angry on both Kunal and Kuhu.

Scene 4

Abir have a bath and come out. He is surprised to see the decorated room.

Mishti comes from behind and hugs him.

Abir: What is this?

Mishti: A surprise.

Abir: Lovely.

Mishti smiles and hugs him.

They both dance for tum hi ho.

They cut a cake and feed each other.

Then he lifts her and makes her lie on the bed. He kiss her all over and they both consummate!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!

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  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Loved Mishti’s surprise to Abir. Happy that Minnie stay with Babita during her pregnancy time. Beena and Naresh understanding Preeti’s passion and decides not to seek groom was nice. Naina-Sushi Mittal scene seems interesting. Oho! Priya is developing jealousy towards Kunal-Kuhu. Hope Priya understand soon.

    1. Supriya_r

      She will understand!!!!

  2. Jasminerahul

    wonder who will be the person naina will interview. mineil smiling at each other n winking was romantic. What did she see in the old register?all mishbir scenes were so romantic.priya is so jealous n she even made kunal feed her water to get him closer.this is so bad of her.hope she changes soon.

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