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Abhi was rushing there was nearly 1 min to save his bro.he was running like a maniac,freaking hell.his heart was aching like an hell,he can’t afford to lose his bro…..

He saw arjun standing near bar counter n hugged him n said bhai come let’s go there’s threat for ur life,ur okay na?????arjun said shhhh how many questions u would ask at once. I’m fine, if u have this much love for me then why do u hurt me??

Abhi jerked who said I love u ,I hate you so much just I was scared arjun asked why scared???if I’m nothing to u na ?? Why RU tearing ??why what if I die next sec abhi hugged him saying bhai pls don’t speak like this I love u so much,just papa said if I talk with u n ranveer bhai ull go away as mom went.I was scared to lose u both so only I n started to weep like a child. Arjun hugged him.there came ranveer with a stick n beat both of them with that stick, abhi said ranveer bhai stop it, why r u beating me???

Ranveer said do u know how I missed both of you stupid OK abhi has got a point, he didn’t speak to us ,arjun why the hell u were not speaking to us.

Bhai u were not believing me na,soo only.ranveer said bhudu I believed u but acted bcos ur life was at threat.I was away from you ,as to save you.

All got threatening calls ,messages n some little accidents too happened……one day after abhi parted from Bros by saying he hates all n framing them for dads behaviour with him,as they want their dad n doesn’t want to share with him n manipulated him.

Arjun n ranveer tried consoling but on vain,he didn’t listen.then abhis aunt daughter came n blamed arjun for stealing her money.both ranveer n abhi acted as believing it bcos of others safety.after this none spoke to other……

Pragya came n said I’m very happy that at last all the bros have joined ,I’m so happy.abhi saw her confused how come u here, arjun explained this was pragyas plan she asked me to give one chance to see ur truth n ranveer bhai how u came,ranveer said pragya called me.all thanked her.
That veiled lady was pragya.

All were laughing then a chapppppp,abhi slapped pragya.pragya was holding her cheeks n tears were forming on her eyes thin layer,they fell down as pearls. Arjun n ranveer were shocked.abhi said maybe they both could talk to u ,I won’t, u said that arjun bhai life was in danger,how scared I was u know.always hurt others feeling,do u know value of relationships,no…
…..pragya said stoppp,Mr abhi u don’t have rights to speak a word more.yes it was mistake to interfere in ur lives I’m sorry.I’m going n went.ranveer said abhi what have u done???arjun said bhai u tk care of pragya n I’ll come with abhi.ranveer went with pragya n was consoling her.pragya said bhai I’m not on angry on him,but he must bear consequence of hurting me.ranveer said choti did u really forgive him????pragya said yep bhai,we must forgive all,as its only one life.

Pragya went home n was talking with Krishna.abhi came near her,she went.ranveer said arjun pragya forgave abhi.both were amazed to see an angel in such days.pragya was ignoring him.abhi said pls forgive me.I’m really sorry for hurting you.I don’t know what I spoke .I spoke it all in angry.pls forgive me. Pragya said I’ll forgive u on one condition that’s u must get me two icrcreams now….abhi said OK madam so why not renew our friendship.abhi extended his hands n she too n said friends.pragya leg tripped,when she was about to fall,abhi caught her.piya was growing more n more angry.

Abhi went out.pragya was going towards saiyyam n Krishna.when piya kept her leg intentionuously.pragya said it n moved aside. Arjun n ranveer saw piya n said here came abhis piya n showed funny faces.pragya went to Ishitha n said bhabhi do u know where’s dadi.Ishitha friends asked who’s she,ishu said none just my dewars wife,why RU out fashioned like this. Piya too came they all started saying behanji boring more……arjun n ranveer who passes saw this n came,ishu said girls stop she’s like my sis,so don’t talk like this with her.she maybe like this but she has more heart.piya said ishu r u supporting for this stupid,fashion senseless woman.ishu shouted piyaaaa stoppp.pragya said didi leave it na,I’ll go,ishu hold her hand n went to stage,she announced that there’s going to a fashion show tmrw n her sis is going to take part in it all cheered.abhi who just came was shocked to hear announcement. He thought what n went near arjun n ranveer who were stunned tooo,when he asked both explained. None expected Ishitha to support pragya…..

Why did Ishitha support pragya?? Will pragya win in contest?? What going to happen

Precap: abhiarjveer to celebrate their bonding,abhi stunned to see pragya in modern dress.piyas plan to make abhigya separate.

Guys I know it’s a lame epi but trust me na sure I’ll make it interesting.
Pragya forgiving abhi easily was real scene witnessed by me.I wondered how that lady forgave her Hus,she just said life’s only once why to waste it by fighting.

So guys life’s only once life it to the fullest, forgive quickly,spread happiness.see u all with another epi.

Maya di I too miss u so much I’m fine di how r u???di.missed u a lot boss.guys pls tell me if this is boring suggest ur opinions too bye.thanks for all who commented on previous epi.

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