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Gus I know I’m extremely late its all bcos of my stupid phone, my bro threw it in water. That’s why. I know all are angry on me pls pls forgive me.

Recap.abhigya n whole family to attend Krishna godhbarai n their enjoyments.

Pragya was feeling someone’s intense gaze on her,she was feeling somewhat odd,she turned to see her pati husband abhi oogling at her,she felt butterflies somersaulting in her stomach n were jumping high so at any moment they could come out.
She turned her face blushing hard.

Abhi realised that was staring his wife when saiyyam commented don’t stare as if ur going to eat her,she’s your wife bro,take a chill pill .abhi turned beet.

Saiyyam was talking with Krishna n pragya,when pragya said I’ll go to kitchen n come.they both sensed her nervousness n saw the direction she was stealing glances at it was abhi staring her. Today he was not able to move his eyes from her.

Saiyyam n Krishna saw them n smiled,when abhi left towards kitchen.

Pragya was thinking why was he staring me like this god I would have died of heart attack if I was there.she turned, when she saw abhi entering kitchen.he came close n closer.

Entry of villian in main hall…..
Villian tune plays…….
A lady of nearly 23 came in wearing a black one-piece dress with a diamond set n dazzlers.she was looking beautiful not more than our heroine okk.
Someone shouted welcome my friend it was Ishitha yes villian is friend of Ishitha…

Again to kitchen….
Abhigya were at closer proximity. Their breaths touching each other. Pragya started to go nuts.abhi came one more step closer no inch gap bye them abhi put his hands near pragya waist n ……. ……(guess what till then let us go villian).

Hai ishu,Ishitha introduced her as her friend piya dharma,daughter of leading businessman sharma.(character very arrogant but loves or obsessed with abhi from college long story yup so let’s go to kitchen.

Abhi opened fridge yes pragya was standing b4 fridge n abhi grabbed a water bottle while taking his hands brushed her waist it send tingling sensations to both.

Pragya immediately ran from there blushing hard…
Yeah ishq plays……

Abhi thought what were you going to do to her abhi u would have kissed her if u didn’t gain it senses.

Abhigya proximity was noyived by someone n recorded she smiled evilly hahahaaha.

Pragya came back n asked Krishna about these brothers.she said some fb muted.pragya went with a determined face.yes she went out to meet someone guess whom.

Meanwhile piya was searching for abhi in hall.abhi as soon as he saw piya he was hiding in room as he was afraid of her,as she was a clingy girl.ranveer passed by when piya asked did u see abhi anywhere, ranveer saw him in opp room bit said no maybe down in hall.abhi was wondering why his khadoos bhai was helping him,anyways that’s Kind of him.

someone went to a pool side party n saw arjun there, she went near him n asked him something …………yes,no no no ,pls do it, noooo, for ur bro.arjun nodded

Abhi got a message that arjun was going to be killed by someone at sharp 8 in pool .abhi panicked he went to place already time was 7:55 .abhi was driving car rashly…..

What’s going to happen will abhi save arjun? Who is one pragya going to meet? Who recorded abhigya closeness?whom was arjun talking to?….

To know this stay tuned.

Precap abhiranarj joined piya to make fun of pragya

Next update is probably tmrw.

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