And the end will be (three shot) Part 2

Moving all day through the VR house,,she was really frustrated,
Riddhima: Never imagined this day would come, whole day,my birthday,how I used to stay in cakes,and today,
Glaring angrily at Vansh ,he started eating making sounds,
She threw a pillow at him,
He got much more active,started eating more heartily,she finally started throwing all cushions ,one after other,and when he still didn’t stop she held up the vase,he finally dropped the pastry,and she finally left room frustrated,
And when it was late night
Stars made the sky shine
All in the search of moon
She was there besides him,all adorned in gold toned red embroidered saree,he just couldn’t stop glancing at her,incessantly,
She was trying her best to not look at him,it was her first birthday after marriage,on karwachaut occasion itself,and how for the whole day he was enjoying cakes and chocolates in front of her,
Riddhima: If you will keep on staring me like this,see neighbours are looking…
Vansh: So? My eyes…who are they?
Finally a beam of light fell upon them, forgetting everything they were just lost in finding moon
Finallyyyyyyy Vansh saw it,but she couldn’t as the side house were high.
Dadi: Wait for some more time it will rise high
Vansh couldn’t wait anymore,how he had controlled himself seeing her starving whole day,only he knew that pain he felt seeing her sacrificing.
Lifting her up ,high enough that she could see moon,her blushing cheeks were adorable In Moonlight.
Well the rituals performed and downstairs the decoration he did for he birthday,telling her that he ate cake so that she could join him and stop starving,
All they could was thanking God for making them meet.

###All credited to Unnati didi ,yeh unhi ka concept h.

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