Anamika 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 8th August 2013 Written Update

Anamika is looking for Jeet and Chhavi when she sees Pushpa returning back and Jeet carrying her bags. Pushpa hands some gifts to Jasleen and Chhavi. Chhavi’s gift is a Mata Rani locket which Pushpa asks Jeet to put around Chhavi’s neck which makes Anamika upset. She then asks Jeet to also get some gift for Chhavi. Pushpa then gives Sargi to both of them but Jasleen does not sit with Chhavi. Chhavi goes to the kitchen where Anamika makes a container fall down. As she busies in cleaning it up, Anamika mixes something in Chhavi’s Sargi. Chhavi starts vomiting after eating it. She also develops fever and Jeet calls a doctor. Doctor comes and says that she has got food poisoning but Chhavi refuses to take medicine as she is fasting for Karva Chauth. Anamika then asks Jeet to make her take medicine as she will fall ill. Bebe calls Jeet and Anamika for breakfast, but Anamika refuses saying that she has also kept fast for someone special. Jeet asks why she is doing all this. Anamika tries to hug him, but Jeet backs off saying that today Chhavi has kept fast for him, to which Anamika replies, that she has also kept a fast and today he will have to decide whose fast he will break, hers or Chhavi’s.

As Chhavi sits down for Mehendi, Anamika mixes something in the water used to dissolve Mehendi which burns Chhavi’s skin, The mehendi wali says she won’t put the mehendi if she is allergic, but Chhavi insists that she put on Jeet’s name. Nani and Bebe insist that Anamika also put Mehendi, but as the Mehendi wali starts moving towards her, Anamika makes the Mehendi bowl fall down.

During the Puja Chhavi tries to talk to Jasleen, but she avoids her. Nani asks Anamika to sit in the Puja with everyone. Anamika then makes excuse that she is feeling dizzy because of fast and Nani after joking about dieting.

Precap: Jeet coming to Anamika’s room for breaking her fast and Chhavi seeing them.

Update Credit to: ..Bournville..

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