Anamika 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 8th April 2013 Written Update

Rano is puzzled at what Jasleen told her.. She is confused,shocked doesnot know what to do.She calls up Jeet and tells her that she doesnot remember her dance and is scared. Sh wants to meet the doc to ascertain if her medical condition is causing the problem.
At the doc she wants to know if this her condition has worsened. Doc assures her that it is not such a big issue.. tells her to take medication regularly,destress and suggests increasing the dosage of medication.
Rano is very worried, she feels guilty in spoiling Jeet’s life. Even says Nani was correct in pointing out that the marraige should not go thro and that she had run away because of it.
Jeet consoles her and reassures they will manage to defeat the illness. Both decide to not tell the family that Rao’s illness is advancing.
Next is the Pagphera rasam at Rano’s house. As jeet is about to leave Rano tries to stop him as she is feeling scared.Rano’s mom is happy to see the pair among the two.
At Saluja residence we see Jeet’s sir has an offer for Jeet to go to Delhi for a boxing competition which might give him a berth for state selections.Jeet is worried about leaving Rano in this condition.
Bebe and all the family convince him to go.Swapnaji considers Rano to be a lucky charm for Jeet.
Rano also tells him to go.

Anamika and chandralekha converse.Chandralekha tells her that it is poornima tonight and Anamika needs to be with Jeet but he is leaving for Delhi without Rano.
We also get to know that Amaika has no powers during the day and she gets her power only in the night when she enters Rano’s body.Anamika can have Jeet only through Rano. She has 29 days to enjoy life with Jeet.

Chadralekha also tells Anamika that on purnima she needs blood. Anamika tells her not to worry as soon night will fall and that no one can seperate her and Jeet and gives out a creepy laugh.

Precap- Rano/Anamimika stops Jeets car on the road and drives away with him. Balraj is pursuing them to stop Rano. Anamika is smiling. .

Update Credit to: sunshine

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