Anamika 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 7th June 2013 Written Update

Ana explains that since her work is over there should be no problem in her leaving. Jeet is about to admit that he has a problem but stops midway in his sentence. Anamika asks him what the problem is. Jeet is left speechless. After a short pause Ana says that she wanted to leave without meeting Jeet, but wasn’t able to. Jeet says that sometimes he can’t understand Anamika at all. Suddenly, Jeet sees a guitar lying on the stand in a room (Anand Kumar’s guitar). He walks towards it, runs his fingers over it and gets a strange sensation. Jeet ponders as to why he feels that he has seen the same guitar before. He asks Ana where she bought the guitar from to which she replies that the guitar belongs to Anand Kumar and had been in this house since before she came. Ana requests Jeet to play the guitar for

him. Jeet plays the tune that was the BG music for Anamika when she was a chudail. He closes his eyes and very faintly remembers some moments when he played the guitar for Anamika in the past; however, his memory is weak. Suddenly, Jeet comes out of his chain of thoughts with a pain throbbing in his head. Jeet assures to Ana that he is okay when she asks.

Ana seems happy that rain is about to come and she is certain about it. Jeet begins to say that he wants to talk to Ana but when he turns around she has vanished from the room. Jeet sees Ana twirling in the rain through the window and smiles.

Chavi is recalling the words of the Saluja family about marriage. She turns to see a picture of Rano which she picks up. Chavi remembers Rano telling her that Jeet will have no problems if Chavi is in his life.

Jeet comes outside into the rain. Jadu hai nasha hai is playing in the BG. JeeKa are looking at each other as Jeet walks towards Ana. After looking at each other for a while, Jeet suddenly hugs Anamika passionately. Ana hugs him back. Jeet requests Ana not to leave… Ana feels uncomfortable and breaks the hug. Ana begins to walk away but Jeet stops her. Ana requests Jeet to loosen his grip on her as it is paining her. Instead, Jeet pulls her closer to him. Jeet asks Ana why he always comes to her, what is going on? Jeet says he feels restless when Ana isn’t with him and whenever he meets her his heart rate increases. He is always thinking about Ana and when she is with him he feels happy. Jeet says that everything about Ana tempts him. Jeet finally goes on to admit that he is in love with Anamika. Jeet begins to walk away, but this time Ana stops him and hugs him, reciprocating to his love passionately and positively.

In her room, Chavi gets tensed because of the sudden storm thinking that something is wrong.

Bebe asks Pratap to communicate his thoughts of Jeet and Chavi’s relationship to Jeet. Pratap refuses explaining that he doesn’t want to pressure Jeet and wants Jeet to make his own decision about re-marriage. Nani says that the Saluja family should give Jeet the courage to carry on with his life in the same way as when Rano was alive. Bebe agrees and tries to convince Pratap to talk to Jeet. Pratap then agrees.

In Ana’s house, Anamika is drying her hair. Jeet can’t take his eyes off her. Aa zara is playing in the BG. Ana begins drying Jeet’s hair. Jeet is looking at her passionately. After a while, Ana says that Jeet should return home as it is quite late. Jeet says he doesn’t want to leave. Ana says his family will be worrying about him hence, he should leave. Jeet puts his arms either side of Ana and entraps her. Jeet explains that he will make his family understand the situation. Ana acts as if someone is behind Jeet. Jeet turns around and Ana shyly walks away. Ana encourages Jeet to go home. Jeet says that people should not ask guests to leave. Ana says that guests should not stay so long either. Jeet takes Ana’s hand and kisses it.

Precap: Anamika is in her house. She sees the silhouette of a person, feels extremely frightened and runs away. Everywhere she runs she finds the same silhouette. Ana is horrified.:

Update Credit to: Kriti

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