Anamika 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 6th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rano’s mom telling everyone that the venue of the party is the same place where everything happened to Jeet and tells that Rano has confirmed to her that Jeet does not remember anything. Everyone in the family is worried and Nani starts talking about superstions. Balraj volunteers to go search them since there phone is out of reach but Pratp stops him and tells that they should be fine as they returned normal from the party yesterday. Nani then keeps on talking about the unlucky events happening (the milk boiling off the pot) and phones pundit ji to have a look over Jeet’s room before he arrives. Everyone agrees and is waiting for Pundit. He then comes and Nani tells him everything what has happened. Pundit then asks Jeet’s top that he as wore for the party while Jasleen goes to fetch it. (Seems like she as picked the wrong one as a white jumper is shown in the bed). Pundit then looks over the top and asks to go to Jeet’s room alone. Inside Jeet’s room the jumper which was on the bed is no more there. Pundit is standing where a ceiling fan is above him. He looks around the room and something is shown falling (in don’t know what it is) but it goes unnoticed by him. Suddenly the ceiling fan falls in front of him and hearing the noise everyone rushes to Jeet’s room. On inspection Balraj says that the screw of the fan was loose which has cause it to fall. Suddenly Jeet calls everyone and they all run down for Jeet. (WTH so why call the Pundit in the first place and ask what’s wrong). Pundit again telling to Mata Rani that nothing bad should happen in the Sangeet ceremony.

Everyone is shown in the sangeet ceremony happy. Jeet and Rano looking each other admiring and blushing. Nani then tells Rano that she is officially the Bahu of the house. Bebe and Nani congratulating and hugging each other whilst Jeet is flirting with Rano holding her hands after the roka. Everyone dancing and singing happily. Suddenly Rano sees the shadow and goes there only to find its none other than Jeet. Rano was about to fall but Jeet holds her and tells her she looks adorable and says he loves her and asks her to say the same. Rano then tells him that he need to make Papa Slauja dance in order to hear her confession. Jeet then agrees and tells Rano if he makes Papa Saluja dance then she needs to confess it in front of everyone. Both agree. Jeet asks help from his brother but he denies. Jeet then goes to his dad and tells him Rano wants him to dance (LOL he was stammering) while Rano denies. But again singing starts and to everyone surprise Mr. Saluja sings and dance. Jeet then announces that Rano has something to say to him in front of everyone. Episode ends.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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