Anamika 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 6th June 2013 Written Update

The doorbell rings late at night from which Ana is frightened. She requests Jeet not to open the door. Jeet reassures Ana and tells her not be scared as he is with her. Jeet takes Anamika’s hand and opens the door. They see a blur of mist outside the house. Ana is confused and says that there is nobody outside, so it’s peculiar that the door bell rung. Among the mist, Ana sees the silhouette of a person. She gets scared and hides in Jeet’s arm. Eventually, as the mist clears out JeeKa see Chavi appearing from the darkness. Jeet lets go of Ana and she steps back, feeling awkward that Chavi is there. Jeet questions why Chavi is here so suddenly and at this late hour. He asks whether she had rung the doorbell and left. Chavi explains that she had rung the doorbell but nobody opened the door hence, she

was looking for another door. Chavi goes on to say that he wasn’t picking up his phone and everyone at home was concerned about his whereabouts; hence, came to double check whether he was okay or not. Jeet assures that everything is okay and that he was just here to support Anamika as someone has been harassing her.

Jeet is about to inform the police about the issue but Chavi stops him by saying that Ana is a celebrity and if the police our informed then the media will cover the news which will prove to be detrimental for Anamika. Anamika agrees to this and says she doesn’t want a lot of people to know about the situation. Chavi convinces Jeet to come home as everyone is concerned. Anamika encourages him to go home. Chavi tells Ana to take care and Ana thanks her. Jeet request Anamika to call him if anything goes wrong.

The next morning Ritu is asking Chavi about where Jeet was last night and how she found him. Chavi explains the situation and asks her not to worry. Ritu seems to be thinking about Chavi and Jeet’s relationship hence ends up asking her how she finds Jeet as a person. Chavi says that Jeet is intelligent, focused, sincere and a good boss. Ritu is pleased and asks Chavi whether she likes Jeet. Chavi feels embarrassed and agrees that he is nice person, but is curious as to why she is being asked all this. Ritu says that the first time she saw Chavi she saw Rano in her and still does. Ritu explains that she will be immensely happy if Chavi takes the position of Rano in Jeet’s life. Chavi is shocked. Ritu assures that Chavi can take her time to respond to this.

In the kitchen, all the ladies agree that they have to talk carefully to Jeet about the entire idea of his re-marriage. Bebe calls out to Jeet when he arrives home and asks him where he was. Jeet says that Anamika was in a problem hence, he went to help her. Bebe asks Jeet to have breakfast but Jeet refuses saying that he has to go to work. Pushpa tries to convince him to eat something, but Jeet doesn’t agree and leaves.

In the office Chavi is thinking about all that Ritu said to her. Jeet calls Chavi to the conference room. Jeet is viewing pictures of Anamika’s photoshoot. Chavi comes in and Jeet asks to ensure that the qualities of the photos are the same when they are printed. Jeet gets a call from a real estate agent asking whether he can collect the keys Ana left behind at his office. Jeet is confused re this. The agent explains that Anamika wanted to leave as her work was finished and this is all he knows. Jeet remembers all the moments he spent with Ana and is concerned about her leaving. Jeet suddenly exits the cabin leaving Chavi confused. Bebe calls Chavi asking her to come home as it is something important.

Bebe asks Ritu why she asked Chavi about marriage in such a rush but Ritu says she couldn’t help herself. The family is curious about how to make Jeet agree. Chavi comes in and Ritu, Bebe and Pushpa try to dob each other into telling Chavi what they wish to say. The ladies ask Chavi whether she is ready to be the family’s bahu. Nani shouts, ‘nahi,’ and the entire family are left shocked.

Jeet drives to Ana’s house and asks himself why he is so concerned about Anamika despite the fact that she didn’t even inform him that she was leaving.

At the Saluja house Nani says that Chavi won’t be the bahu, rather the beti of the house… Everyone smiles and Nani says that Chavi’s smile and eyes are telling her that she is ready to marry Jeet. Chavi feels shy and leaves the room. The family are very happy but Bebe is curious about how to make Jeet agree for the marriage.

Jeet goes into Ana’s house and asks her why she was leaving without telling anyone. Jeet asks Ana how she didn’t find it important to tell him that she was leaving. Ana says she sent an official email to his staff re her leave. Moreover, since her work is over there should be no problems. Jeet is about to admit that he has a problem but stops midway in his sentence. Anamika asks him what the problem is. Jeet is left speechless.

Precap: JeeKa are in the rain. Jeet walks towards Anamika who is smiling!

Update Credit to: Kriti

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