Anamika 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 6th August 2013 Written Update

Everyone is shocked seeing Abhay Singh’s body which Anamika had earlier buried there. Chhavi breaks down seeing his dead body. She finds a ring in his hand which Jeet recollects to be that of Anamika’s. She goes to her room where she asks whom does he think killed Abhay Singh and Jeet replies that to whom this ring belongs and says that it belongs to Anamika. The Police asks if there is any clue and Chhavi replies that she had found a ring which is with Jeet. She then vows that she will find out his murderer, whereas Jeet questions Anamika how her ring reached Abhay Singh. She goes to her cupboard where there is a jewellery set. She changes the ring in that set to look like the ring found on Abhay Singh’s body and shows it to Jeet saying this is her ring and she has no idea whose ring Abhay Singh had. Jeet asks how can this be a coincidence for 2 rings to be alike and Anamika says this is a deliberate attempt to trap her and asks who handed this ring to him, was it Police and Jeet thinks it was Chhavi’s.

Jasleen comes to call Jeet and Anamika downstairs where the Police is trying to fit the ring on each woman’s fingers (kyun ladke ring nahin pehen sakte kya?) to see whom it fits. Pratap tries to object, but Bebe asks to let them do their duty. The lady police officer checks all the fingers and Anamika again bewitches the ring so that. it does not fit her. But the bewitched ring firs Chhavi perfectly. Everyone is shocked. Chhavi tries to tell the Police that the ring is not hers, but the Police insists that the ring has fit her perfectly. Chhavi says that Abhay Singh was her brother, then Police asks that if that was case, how come she never tried to find him when he had been missing for so many days. Anamika then asks Chhavi that she has said na that Abhay Singh had talked to her, and that he had said that he was out for a case, but the Police officer replies, but Abhay Singh had not reported to office or gone out on a case for many days now. Jeet tries to intervene and say that it’s not possible for Chhavi to be the murderer of her brother, but Police says that the ring points towards her, but Jeet says that the ring does not prove anything. The police leaves saying that they will look for more clues. Anamika is furious that her plan to make Jeet away from her failed and Jeet instead tried to save her only. Patalika says that you cannot get Jeet with just one move, she has to make moves after moves to win in the end. Anamika then says that she will create circumstances which will make the family feel that Chhavi is a bad omen and they will throw her out of their lives.

Chhavi is sitting in her room recalling the day’s incidents when she hears some noise, she goes downstairs to find Monty playing with ball. She asks why is he still awake, and he says he won’t sleep till he gets a Pizza. Chhavi tries to tell that she would get him a pizza in the morning, but he does not listen. Chhavi then scares him saying if he remembers what happened with the gift that came along with Pizza last time. Monty gets scared and leaves from there. Chhavi then finds the main door open. She goes to close it and Anamika says it’s time for her second move.

Precap: The doll again scaring Monty

Update Credit to: Bournville

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