Anamika 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 4th June 2013 Written Update

Family discussing how Chhavi set things right and then starts wondering where Jeet is, Ritu says she is worried how he will lead his life and so we should get him married to which Chhavi starts coughing. (ok till yesterday, she didn’t want to see his face and now Ritu is concerned for him, strange)

The family says that we should look for a Rano like girl for Jeet and Chhavi is day dreaming about Jeet and wasting the water (madam, water is precious, stop wasting it )

Bebe comes and tease her. (pls Bebe iss baar zabardasti ki shaadi nahin )

Jeet is dreaming about Anamika’s call for help and wakes up suddenly. Just then Anamika calls him up and says that she was feeling suffocated at her home so was out on drive, but her car has broken down. She says she will walk down as her house is near, but she is scared as she heard someone’s crying sound in the jungle. Jeet gets worried and tells her to wait there only and not to go alone. She is seen waiting at the same spot. She gets tired of waiting and comes out to check what’s wrong with her car, and suddenly Jeet comes there and she gets scared. Jeet comes and starts checking her car, and Anamika while trying to help places her hand on Jeet’s shoulder and they both share an eye lock again.

Chhavi is again day dreaming about Jeet; while he and Anamika are busy checking her car out. and accidentally brushing hands. After a while Jeet gives up and says they will have to call a mechanic. They hear some sound from the Jungle and Jeet says that he would drop her home, but Anamika says that we should check out what kind of sound is there.

Anamika goes towards the jungle and finds nothing there, she turns back and there is no sign of Jeet anywhere. She gets scared and starts looking for him. Suddenly Jeet pops up from his hiding place and teases her. Suddenly they hear a noise which seems to be coming from Anamika’s car, but Anamika says there is nothing inside her car. Jeet opens her car and two bats fly out scaring Anamika who hugs Jeet in fear. When she realizes what she is doing, she moves back and asks Jeet how come there were bats in her car. Jeet says that they both should move from here and they both leave.

Pratap asks Bebe if they are serious about Jeet’s marriage, and Jasleen says that we should talk to him at least once, Pushpa suggests that we should let Jeet look for his own choice (the most sensible thing she ever said) , but Jeet comes and says that he is not interested in second marriage which upsets Chhavi. He starts moving but Pratap says that life’s decisions are not to be taken in hurry and we should think practically. But Jeet says that he does not want to take the decision of marriage under pressure and Pratap says that they won’t pressurize him but leave the decision to him.

Precap: Anamika hugging Jeet in her house and telling him that someone from the nether world is calling her making her feel scared.…

Update Credit to: dishu

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