Anamika 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 3rd September 2013 Written Update

As Jeet apologizes to Shalaka, but he forgives him saying that nothing is in his control. Jeet says that his wife and entire family are in danger because of him and is there a way out to get out of this mess and Shalaka says that the only way for others to be saved from Anamika is for Jeet to die. Jeet says that if his death can ensure his family’s safety, then he is willing to die. Chhavi protests but Shalaka says to behave rationally. Jeet tries to say that it’s all his doing, and so he is willing to die. Shalaka says that they really have no other choice and that it’s impossible to save Jeet. They come out of jail and Chhavi pleads with him to leave this madness as the family also needs him. and that she would stop Anamika but Jeet says that she had already done enough for

him though he does not deserve this. Chhavi says that she was only fulfilling her wife’s duties. Jeet returns home and everyone asks what new magic did Chhavi do on him. Nani tells him that noone slept whole night since Anamika told them that Chhavi had taken him somewhere. Just then Anamika comes and asks him where she had taken him. Jeet makes an excuse that he did not know and that it’s with great difficulty that he escaped. Anamika asks him to drop her home as she is scared of going alone. The family insists that noone would leave at this time of the night, but Jeet remembers Shalaka’s words that the only way to save his family is for him to die. He steels himself and takes everyone’s blessings and goes to his room. Anamika also goes to her room. Jeet calls Chhavi to inform her that Anamika is there only and Chhavi asks him to stay away from her. Anamika comes to find Jeet but finds him missing. She searches him everywhere and finds him sitting with whole family doing Hanuman Chalisa paath. Jasleen asks her to join them and tells her that this was Jeet’s idea only and that the paath would go on whole night. Anamika makes an excuse that she would join later and goes to her room. By the time the paath gets over, it’s morning. Chhavi calls Jeet asking if he is ok, and Jeet says that this is probably the last day of his life and that she has to be strong for him to defeat Anamika. 
Bebe asks Anamika why she did not come for the paath, and Anamika says that she wasn’t feeling well and Bebe asks if she had fever and Anamika uses her powers to increase her body temperature so that when Bebe touches her forehead, it’s extremely hot. Bebe calls Jeet and asks her to take her to doctor. Chhavi asks Jeet not to go anwhere with her, but Jeet realizes that now time has come and disconnects the phone. 

Precap: Chahvi trying to stop Jeet and in the tussle he falls down the cliff. 

Update Credit to: Bournville

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