Anamika 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 29th March 2013 Written Update

ano is in Jeet’s room. She feels something suspicious and walks towards the door but finds Jeet in the place. Then, Bebe and Jasleen enter and tell Jeet that he cannot sleep with Rano for that night. When Jeet, Bebe and Jasleen walk out of the room, Chiku enters. He starts barking and leads her outside the house.
Chiku leads her to the bushes where Rano’s hair gets entangled in the branches. Then, Anamika walks towards the bushes and collects that hair. She promises herself that one time she will surely defeat Rano and would snatch Jeet from her.
The next day, Rano is sleeping with Jasleen when she hears Jeet and also sees a glimpse of him. Jasleen is still asleep when Jeet enters. So, Rano and Jeet have some fun which disturbs Jasleen’s sleep. The three of them have another ‘time-passing’ moments.
Then we see Anamika laugh, holding Rano’s hair in her hand, & saying to herself that she knows what she is going to do next.
At the Saluja’s house, some Puja is going on which is attended by Jeet and Rano. Then Jeet and Rano take blessings from everybody. Jeet leaves for his exercise, forcing Rano to join the same, but Rano denies saying that she is the Saluja’s daughter –in- law first and then Jeet’s friend. Jeet is doing push-ups when somebody holds his hand. He thinks it’s Rano but is surprised to find the servant in her place.
In the kitchen Rano is making prashaad for the family in the kitchen. Bebe comes inside the kitchen and gives some advice. They both tell that she must cook proper meal the next day according to the traditions. Monty enters when Jasleen is busy removing the flour’s jar out of the shelf and so everything falls on her face leaving her into a heap of flour. Rano goes outside. Jasleen and Rano interchange places, so when Jeet walks inside the kitchen he assumes Jasleen to be Rano and therefore holds her in his arms.
In the forests, Anamika is standing before the fire and reciting some mantras or hymns .Then, she ties Rano’s hair around some stick.

Precap : Jeet and Rano are performing some puja when the ‘yadnya’ pot falls down and sets the whole carpet on fire.

Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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