Anamika 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 29th April 2013 Written Update

Shalaka traps Anamika with her Rudraksha necklace, while Rano is anxiously sitting in her room. She sees that the sun has already set, but she wasn’t possessed and understands that Shalaka must have captured the spirit. Meanwhile Shalaka starts spreading a red powder on the floor and to forcibly drag Anamika with her. She is screaming to leave her, the consequence won’t be good and she won’t spare her, but Shalak continues unperturbed.

Rano calls Shalaka to thank her who confirms that Anamika is indeed in her captive and Anamika is shown lying on her floor in visible distressed state. Rano is happy and Jeet is happy to see her happy. Rano says that she wants to enjoy tonight and have fun with Guddi and Monty. She rushes out of the room.

Meanwhile Shalaka is trying to

get to now about Anamika and tells her that she should leave Jeet as he is Rano’s husband, but Anamika screams back that he is not Rano’s husband but hers. In the Saluja house, Rano is seeking Bebe’s blessings and then playing with Cheeku. Pratap and the whole family is surprised to see Rano normal and happy.

Shalaka tells Anamika that she has to leave Jeet and this human world but Anamika says she won’t as Jeet is his true love. But Shalaka says that she is not just cheating others, but herself too by thinking that Jeet is her love. She then tells Anamika to come in her true form and then we will talk about who trapped whom. she goes to do some magic and Anamika transforms into the original Chandralekha – the dancer and Shalaka is shocked to see her that way.

Rano goes to Guddi’s room and Guddi gets scared seeing her. But Rano tells her that the bad spirit has left her now and that everything is ok now. Guddi sees her feet and seeing them normal goes and hugs her. Meanwhile Anamika is telling Shalaka her and Maharaj love story and how she wished to marry him.

Rano is happily getting ready for her SR wearing a saree, while Anamika is telling Shalaka how the Rani got her killed and cursed her. She told how she could not die despite dying, but Maharaj died in her pain. He tool 16 births and she married him in each birth as a human, but before they could consummate the marriage, he used to find her truth and leave her, and she was forced to kill him each time. Then finally she met Jeet, and now, if Jeet does not accept her, she will end up stuck between life and death forever as Jeet is Rajaji’s last birth.

Precap: Shalaka again tells Anamika that Jeet is Rano’s but Anamika says that Jeet is only hers, and if she cant get him, then she wont let him be anyone else’s too.

Update Credit to: dishu

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