Anamika 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 28th June 2013 Written Update

Chavi is congratulated at the office on being Mrs.Saluja. Whereas Jeet is in his cabin getting all tensed to tell the truth to Chhavi. He declares that he is in love with Anamika. At the same time, Anamika arrives inside the cabin and hears that. Anamika cheers him up and has come to greet him a happy married life. Anamika also advices to be happy forever. Anamika tells Jeet that he should never tell Chhavi the secret for his entire the life and go with the flow.

She then asks Jeet to open the gift. In which Jeet finds a chunni. Anamika asks Jeet to gift the same to Chhavi as she doesn’t want to remember any of the evidences which indicate their relationship. Then Chhavi walks in and finds Anamika inside. Anamika wishes Chhavi with excitement. Balraj comes in asks why Anamika withdrew her decision to model for their product. Chhavi has brought a tiffin with her.

Anamika is her voice when she hears some noise and reckons it to be of Jeet. But its actually Chhavi who is finding her way in Anamika’s house. Chhavi finds a sobbing Anamika sitting on the floor with a bottle. Chhavi handles her while Anamika sheds crocodile tears revealing the whole secret to Chhavi. Jeet to arrives at her house to console her. But in it’s place, Jeet finds of all places- Chhavi. Anamika confronts Jeet and says that she has told everything to Chhavi. Chavvi shows her caring behavior to Anamika. While Anamika says that she need not be so caring otherwise Nazar lag jayegi. And then confronts the cam saying – Kuch nazarein uttaari nahi utar ti. The episode shuts here itself.

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