Anamika 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 27th March 2013 Written Update

Jeet and Rano listening to Ehasah while Jeet takes Rano to the side and tells that they need to inform the family about their whereabouts. They both decide to reveal their marriage secret at later date to their families. Jeet calls Pratap and tells him they are fine and would return after celebrating holi in Jaipur with Aradhya. Rano tries to put colour on Jeet but he stops her and at the same time the dancing troops come in. they start performing and Jeet seems to be very interested in dance which does not go unnoticed by Rano. Jeet tries to look the face of the dancer which is covered by the veil who is apparently Anamika. While dancing Anamika throws colour at Jeet but Rano pulls him and starts whining about him staring at the dancer while Jeet refuses and tells her that he won’t let her put colour on him. Rano then determines to put him colour by the end of the holi.

Jeet grumbling to himself about Rano and while looking around sees Anamika standing facing her back on him. He then walks to her and strikes conversation on her being a fab dancer. Anamika again tries to throw the colour on Jeet but to her dismay Jeet is again with Rano talking about Aradhya and Ehasah performance. Anamika then tells that since Rano has not let her put colour on Jeet she would not let Rano put colour on Jeet either. Jeet and Rano chasing each other while Rano trying hard to put colour on Jeet as it’s their first holi as a married couple. On seeing water Jeet hides and tries to push Rano on it while Anamika through her powers makes it like electrical current. But all her effort fails and Rano and Jeet fall on the ground. Again chasing each other they come near the pool, Anamika still trying hard for Rano to get electrical shock by putting naked wires in the pool through her powers whilst at the same time Jeet carries Rano to throw her in the pool but stops midway and Rano boasting about herself that it won’t matter if he does not play holi with her. Rano on seeing mud in her hands tries to clean with the water but is stopped by Aradhya and both Jeet and Rano thanks her. Rano tells Aradhya they are the most unmatched couple and tries to put colour on Jeet again but he runs away. All this is watched by Anamika.

Jeet again finds Anamika and asks her about her troops while apologising on Rano’s behaviour. He then asks her about playing holi while Anamika replies none wants to play with her and Jeet says he is ready to play. Anamika then throws colour on him and right after that Rano shoots water gun to Jeet saying only her colour should be on Jeet. They both chase around. Anamika then tells she has done what she wanted and on due time she will take all the rights away from Rano as it only belongs to her.

Rano and Jeet then perform their dance and Rano bids good bye to Aradhya and leaves with Jeet. Anamika on the other hand tells that Jeet only belongs to her and she will take Jeet away despite off all the puja’s and prayers she will have done. Episode ends.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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