Anamika 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 24th June 2013 Written Update

Ritu begs Jeet to stop Chhavi. But he does not move. As Chhavi is about to exit from the gate, Guddi suddenly speaks up and asks her to stop. Everyone is amazed that she started speaking. Chhavi refuses to stop so Guddi goes and drags Jeet and places his hand over hers, but he removes it and Chhavi leaves. Jeet is confused about Anamika as what answer he shall give to his family. Anamika is desperate to meet Jeet. She asks if she cannot even talk to Jeet, but Chandralekha refuses as that will make Jeet come here and take her out, and she can’t go out in this condition. (honestly, never seen anyone as dumb and stupid as Chandralekha. Anamika could have made just about any excuse, but no)

Jeet runs to bus stand to stop Chhavi and stops her. while Patalika also asks Anamika to wait, but Anamika is getting impatient. Jeet says that he is requesting her to stay for his family’s sake and to listen to her if she considers him as a friend. Chhavi agrees to stay.

Anamika is missing Jeet and is sure that he must be missing her too, but there Jeet decides to give into his family pressure and marry Chhavi. Bebe is very happy with Jeet’s decision but Jeet says that he is doing it only for the family sake and not because he loves her. But Bebe says he will fall in love with Chhavi just like in arranged marriages (seriously I just cannot fathom to what extent Bebe can be selfish)

Jeet tells her how he fell in love with the other girl but probably she did not feel that way for him, so he agreed to marry the one his family wanted and Bebe is happy again and says that Chhavi is the right girl for her. (I officially hate Bebe now.) Bebe leaves and Jeet is still confused if his decision is right or not (of course, such confusions are most often the recipe of disastrous marriages. )

Anamika is getting ready to meet Jeet and Patalika comes and informs her that yes the time has come for her wait to be over.

Precap: Jeet-Chhavi getting married while Guddi sees his phone ringing and proceeds to hand the phone to him.

Update Credit to: Dishu

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