Anamika 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 21st March 2013 Written Update

Haldi Ceremony function going on. Nani doesn’t look happy.
After the ceremony Rano goes to her room and gets a call from Jeet, asking her to come and meet him. Rano refuses saying she can’t after Haldi ceremony. But Jeet (actually Anamika disguised as Jeet) says, that she has to come else he will get angry with her. Rano gets to leave the house but is stopped by Ritu. Rano calls Jeet she cant come, but Anamika as Jeet tells her, that he will keep waiting for her.

Rano escaped somehow. Ritu is calling Rano, she does not picks phone. Ritu calls Jeet, asking him why he called Rano, but Jeet tells her that he is at home only. Both are worried now. Jeet decides to go in search of Rano.

Rano is going in the jungle and is wondering where is Jeet. She checks her call log and does not finds Jeet’s number in call log and she is reminded of Doctor’s words asking her if she has felt meeting someone but it turned out to be your imagination only. Rano going deep in the jungle asking for Jeet, A guy holding a knife is shown. Rano gets scared seeing it and go into hiding. She then sees that it’s Jeet and goes on to confront him. But Jeet takes the knife out and is having murderous look on his face. He is approaching Rano pointing the knife at her.

He throws the knife at her with force, but the knife gets stuck to tree instead. Rano runs away from there into the jungle and Jeet is following her. She falls down and sees Jeet standing in front of her with knife in his hand. Rano is running here and there. She comes to the road and collides with Jeet’s car. She gets scared thinking Jeet wants to kill her and runs away but sees another Jeet standing with knife in his hand.

Rano is confused seeing two Jeets. The real Jeet asks her what’s wrong with her and Rano is about to faint. Jeet holds her and asks what’s wrong. Rano points at the other Jeet, but since Jeet cant see anyone, he just takes Rano with him. After sitting in the car, Rano cannot see the other Jeet. She is extremely scared. Jeet drives away, and Anamika appears smiling devilishly

On the way, Jeet asks Rano what she was doing there. Rano remembers doctor’s words that she may feel someone is following her, trying to kill her, so she now speaks up that what doctor said, same thing is happening.

At Saluja house, Jasleen comes in Jeet’s room and does not find him there. She tells others Jeet is not in his room. Everyone is worried that he has gone out after Haldi ceremony.

Ritu is angry why Rano left home, Rano replies crying that Jeet had called her, but Ritu shows her that her phone has no call record. Balraj and Pratap calls Jeet, and overhears Ritu shouting at Rano, and Nani voices out that Rano must have done something wrong, that’s why Jeet had to go.

Saluja family comes to Rano’s house and ask what’s wrong and Nani asks if she once again behaved weirdly. Jeet tries to hush it up, but Ritu tells them the truth. Nani shows her unhappiness and says that she is also upset that such a lovely girl is suffering from such an illness at this tender age. Jeet loses his temper and says Rano is not ill. But Nani asks out that treatment should be more important for Rano right now than marriage. Jeet loses his cool completely and asks his father why he is quiet. But nani says that what she is saying is also true. I am not denying that Rano is the daughter of this house, but she needs treatment before marriage.

Rano is crying in her room and Anamika is watching.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: dishu

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