Anamika 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 20th August 2013 Written Update

Ritu tells Chhavi about what happened and how Anamika is doing black magic on Jeet and has made him under her control. Ritu says that they did the same thing to Rano also. She then told them that that Rano kept saying that she wasn’t mad but noone believed her. She then told how she had seen an elongated hand of Rano and got a heart-attack and when she was in the hospital, Rano died. She then told that Shalaka was behind all this and that now she is in jail.
At home Bebe is still under shock that how could she have failed in understanding Chhavi’s reality but still says that maybe something good will happen with them soon.
Chhavi says that she will have to meet Shalaka but Ritu says no. Chhavi wonders how she can stop Anamika and Ritu suggests a Tantrik baba and they both go there.

Anamika and Patalika are again doing some black magic which is not working. Anamika says its because of Havan going on at the Saluja house. Patalika says that Jeet cannot come here as he would be too much under protection because of recent happenings, but she can go there and that now noone will suspect her too. Patalika also hands something to her which has all the powers. Anamika thanks her and leaves.
The tantrik hands over a lemon to Chhavi and asks to squeeze its juice in front of Anamika’s house and when the juice will turn black, her black magic will be cut off and also hands some flour to her and asks her to sprinkle it on Anamika, and if she does that, then Anamika would not be able to harm her at all. Then hands over another thing which is to be used as a last resort and will work only on the person doing the black magic.
Chhavi goes to Anamika’s house all alone and sends Ritu somewhere else. While Chhavi is squeezing that lemon juice, Patalika watches and makes the lemon juice evaporate. She then pushes Chhavi inside the house through black magic and locks her inside.
Anamika waits outside till the havan is over and then goes inside and says she came here as she was worried and Nani welcomes her. At her house, Patalika says that Chhavi has made a big mistake by coming here – at the death’s door herself. She told her that Anamika has already left to meet Jeet and now noone can stop her from uniting with Jeet. Anamika goes to Jeet’s room but he is not there. Jasleen tells her that he left the house as someone had called him. Chhavi tries to escape by using that Tantrik’s flour, but nothing works on Patalika and she says that tonight nothing can stop Anamika from uniting with Jeet.

Precap: Chhavi and Patalika in a tussle.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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