Anamika 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 19th March 2013 Written Update

Anamika walking besides Jeet but gets a jolt of shock at Saluja House’s doorstep. Mata Rani’s statue is shown and it is implied that Anamika cannot enter the house through main gate due to Mata Rani’s presence. Anamika is feeling sad.

Jeet enters the house and nani asks about Rano. Jeet replies irritably that she was behaving irrationally in front of all friends. Nani voices her concern to Pushpa that Rano’s behaviour is not good for their relationship, but Pushpa brushes the worry aside.

Jeet enters his room and is waiting for Rano’s call. He opens the window in a bad mood, where Anamika is waiting for him. She has a longing expression on her face and wants to touch Jeet, but just then Rano calls and asks him to say sorry Jeet says so, which Anamika does not like. Jeet asks Rano to say I love you and gets busy talking to her, which makes Anamika cry

Nani is worried that Rano is suffering from some mental illness, and so is not the right bride for Jeet and they should call the marriage off. But Pushpa refuses. Nani says that they should not ruin Jeet’s life and they should not tie Rano to Jeet till she gets well. But Pushpa says that Rano has already accepted Jeet as her husband, and that they have got their son back only because of Rano and she is like their daughter, so she should not say so to anyone, especially Jeet’s father. Anamika overhears everything and gives a wicked smile.

Nani (actually Anamika disguised as Nani) goes to Rano’s house and asks for Rano. She tells Rano that she is not well and hands her report to her telling her that she is not normal and so she should leave Jeet. She tells that not just her, but the whole family feels that this marriage cannot happen as it will ruin Jeet’s life. And so, if she truly loves Jeet, she should leave him forever.

At Saluja House, Bebe goes to meet Nani as Pushpa has informed the family that she is upset and that’s why is not having her dinner and finds her sitting quietly in a corner. She assures her that everything will be alright.

Meanwhile, Rano’s mom informs Jeet’s father about Nani’s visit and Pratap gets angry and informs Pushpa that Biji visited Rano and asked her to call off the marriage. Pushpa tries to calm him down, but Pratap is extremely angry and asks her if she knew about Biji’s visit to Rano, but Pushpa denies. Pratap decides to talk to Nani immediately, but Pushpa stops him saying that Jeet is at home and this can create problems.

Ritu tries to assure Rano that everything will be alright but Rano is worried that her mental condition will create problems. Ritu assures her that no report or Nani can decide the fate of her and Jeet’s relationship, only she herself can. She assures her that they will get married definitely and leaves asking Rano to take rest. Rano remembers everything that has been happening with her in the last few days and Nani’s words.

Precap: Rano is waving to someone in the car and Anamika is watching. She murmurs what did Jeet see in this girl that he wants to make her his second wife. But she won’t let this happen.

Update Credit to: Dishu

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