Anamika 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 17th April 2013 Written Update

Rano possessed by Anamika is threatening Guddi that inspite of her warning not to reveal the truth that she never stopped…first it was only you who knew the truth now even Rano knows it and soon it will spread to everyone in the family….so who is responsible for all this bit Guddi! She turns to see that Guddi has escaped…Guddi is running to the door and is shocked to see Anamika standing there before her..she again changes into Rano… and catches hold off Guddi…the knife from the kitchen flies into Rano’s hand and she is about to stab Guddi when Jeet comes in the right time and shouts out to Rano. He snatches the knife and Guddi faints. He carries Guddi to the room and tries to wake her up..when Rano hits him on the head with a wooden bar. He is shocked to see this but falls down unconscious. Anamika is super glad that she has made Rano do the unbelievable and now nobody will believe Rano and its about time Rano leaves this house.

Anamika is apologising to Guddi that she had to hurt her as she came ib betn her and Rano. The family return bhabhi just then smells something unusual and finds the gas open…and is surprised and is more shocked to see Rano in the kitchen sitting down stunned. They hear bebe shouting about Jeet and run to the room to find Guddi and Jeet unconscious.

Jeet and Guddi gets conscious and everyone asks Jeet who did this…and Jeet tells them that it was Rano who attacked Guddi first and then him…everyone is shocked. When Shankar comes running and tells them that Rano ran out of the house….Jeet runs out followed by everyone..they ask the watchman where is Rano when he points out to the terrace where Rano is about to jump off.

Jeet and everyone asks her to get down…Rano denies and tells Jeet that she cant live with her disease and she wants to die…Jeet rushes up and somehow manages to save Rano.

The doctor who was treating Rano is reaching home in the car and is wondering about Rano’s reports….she gets down the car and is walking to the door when the car automatically starts moving…she gets suspicious and turns around but sees a stalled car. She enters the door and locks it …but it gets opened by itself…she then sees aflying flower vase about to hit her and she ducks it. Lights start flickering…doors get locked..she is terrifified and runs into the bedroom and sits on the bed…when the flower vase breaks down and a glass piece starts flying towards her which hits the pillow which she is holding against. She starts shouting as to who is it?
Suddenly the bed starts shaking and is liften up and she falls down on the bed and feels strangulated. She then suddenly sees a doll with a knife and blood dripping and on the mirror its written “if you want to survive pronounce that Rano is pagal” Just then doctor receives call from Jeet and she leaves…here we see a victoriously smiling Anamika.

Precap: Rano wakes up on the hospital bed and she finds herself tied up in the hands and legs to the bed. She calls out to Jeet to save her..

Update Credit to:zuzana

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