Anamika 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 14th March 2013 Written Update

Bebe wants the marriage to be postponed as Rano is unwell. Jeet’s mother and brother are not happy about it.
Rano is sitting feeling low in her room as she ponders over the previous incidents.
Jeet comes in and assures of his,love,support and friendship always.This cheers her up including Rituji,her mom.
Jeet’s dad talks with the doc who says a diagnosis can happen when the receive the test reports.
Jeet helps Rano to eat her medicine and leave. Rano is dreaming about the varioushadsa that happened with her.

Rano finally figures it out that Anamika is back and wakes up screaming.Her mom rushes in and is given the news before she can understand Gudiya comes in scared.Rano leaves the house to reach the Mandriva.. Anamika senses it and is smirking at the attempt. Rano runs towards the temple but is unable to say the Gayatri mantra properly.she stops for a breather and glimpses the temple while sensing a unwanted presence.

Rano experiences a nerve racking haunting where she sees a temple and a place of cremation.She keeps on chanting the Gaytri mantra .She tries to go from that place slips and injures herself.She heares noises too..Rano finally decides to tell the family that the buri atma is back and runs towards the Salujas house. Rituji spots her running while searching for her .She screams for Rano to stop but Rano doesnot.

Rano collides withJeet’s car. he is relived to see her safe and informs Rituji of the same.
He takes Rano inside the house where she blurts out that Anamika -the buri atma is back.Everyone is shocked and Jeet questions on who is buri a atma?. the family and Rano are suddenly aware that they have spilled the truth of Anamika to Jeet which had been hidden so far.

Precap- the family decides to rope in a new Panditji to guide them away from anamika.
A holy man is seeing praying in the jungle as an unhappy Anamika looks on from a distance.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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