Anamika 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 13th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rano and her mom consulting with the Doctor. The doc asks Rano to take a good rest and not worry about stuffs. At Saluja’s home a concerned mother shares her worries about Rano to Bebe and Jeet’s mom. They all seemed to be worried for Rano. Jeet teasing Rano on going lunatic in his love while Rano shares her worries with Jeet. Jeet and Rano sharing emotional scene where Jeet promises Rano to be by her side forever. Chiku then decides to disturb them by barking. Jeet then asks Rano to feed him. Guddi playing with rubix cube which falls on the floor, Rano picks up and gives to Guddi when she does not take it she leaves it on the table. Bebe and Nani on competition regarding whose ladoo is better. Jeet telling Rano,s mother not to worry asbout her as he will take care of Rano from now onwards.

Scene shifts, Chiku running away from Rano and barking at the main gate while Rano tells that there’s no one there and he better starts eating his food. Suddenly a gust of wind blows away Rano’s hair and Anamika is shown behind Rano holding her wrist. (Must admit Anamika looks super gorgeous here and I loved her Animal print saree, u see I got a thing for animal prints Ok back on update).Anamika then drags Rano with her where she makes Rano hold a sickle and go back to Chiku while he keeps on barking. (Awww poor Chiku, My heart actually went out for him during this scene). The whole thing between Anamika and Rano is being watched by Guddi and she screams when Rano tries to hurt Chiku. The whole family then rushes out hearing her scream while Rano on her jinxed condition is trying to hurt Chiku by the sickle only to be stopped by Jeet. Everyone questioning Rano about her action while she keeps on crying loud in Jeet’s embrace not figuring out what has actually happened. Anamika seems to smirk evilly watching all this.

Inside the house, Rano telling everyone that she does not remember anything until Jeet holds her hand. Rano’s mother gets annoyed with her for not taking care of herself while Bebe again speaks for Rano. Nani trying to say about the evil only to be cut off by Pratap and he consoles Rano sweetly. Rano and her family leaves for their home. On reaching home, Rano cries her heart out in her room. Jeet calls her but she ignores it and later receives the call and defends herself in whole Jeet fiasco. Then Anamika tells her from the other side that she knows she can’t kill anyone but can surely kill herself. This is when Rano realizes the battery of the phone is on the floor. She is shown shocked and scared to her wits.

On the other and Jeet is shown standing near the window in his room thinking about the whole Rano and Chiku incident while he notices sudden wind. He then closes the window. Anamika is shown in the window reflection holding a box of sindoor which she puts in her maang smirking while Jeet has her back turned towards her. Episode then ends on Anamika smirking face.

Precap: Rano running in the middle of night toward s the jungle when she hears the footsteps and turns around.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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