Anamika 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 12th September 2013 Written Update

Balraj places Jeet’s body alongside Chhavi’s and Shalaka ties both their hands with a thread. Bebe asks what she is doing, and Shalaka explains this is so that they can protect each other. She goes on to say that there are three knots which would open one by one if they are in danger and if all three knots open, then they would never return, but then she reassures them asking them to trust Mata Rani.
Chhavi reaches a place with moving pillars. She recalls Shalaka telling her that this would be her test of intelligence as she would have to reach Shaitaan’s statue placed in the centre and then extract out Trishul after breaking the statue. She wonders how to reach the centre as the pillars are standing over molten Lava. She picks up few stones and starts playing stappoo with them LOL landing on the pillar which remains still once a stone lands on it. This way she crosses over and reaches Shaitaan’s statue. Shalaka is worried as Chhavi has only 20 minutes to cross the second stage. Chhavi tries to take Shaitaan’s statue but it’s too hot, she almost misses balance but manages to steady herself and holds on to a bone placed near the statue. With one swift move, she throws off the statue and a trishul comes out. Chhavi recalls Shalaka telling her that this trishul will help her destroying Anamika. Chhavi tries to take Trishul but the whole Pataal lok shakes and all the paths of Pataal Lok close.
Anamika invites help for making Jeet like herself and forever hers. Chhavi manages to grab the Trishul and while all other pathways close down, a new path emerges between the lava. Chhavi starts moving over that path. Shalaka prays to Mata Rani to give Chhavi courage to fight Anamika.
Chhavi reaches the third world and finds Jeet there and asks him to come with her. But Jeet does not go. Anamika comes calling out for Jeet and asks if someone was here. She then asks Jeet to come with her for the last step towards his immortality. After which he would be just like her and then noone would be able to separate them and they both will live here forever. Shalaka realizes that Jeet is in danger and starts doing some rituals. She says only 15 minutes are left now.
Anamika brings Jeet to a place and asks him to lie down which he does. She then sits beside him and puts him to sleep and start doing some rituals. She calls out to Shaitaan to grant him a new body and identity through his powers. She then holds out some sand and says that with this Pataal lok mud, his new body will be created and after this he too will become like hers. She sprays that mud over Jeet and at Saluja House, Jeet’s body starts turning red. Chhavi comes out and stops Anamika. Anamika is at first furious to see her there. Chhavi comes to hit her with trishul, but just then Jeet gets up and holds her hand and one of the knot opens. Chhavi asks Jeet to leave her hand but he does not. Anamika says this is not her Earth, but her world. While she admires her courage to come here, but she would not be able to take away Jeet as this Jeet is no longer like Chhavi, but like herself now.

Precap: Anamika asking Jeet to finish off Chhavi

Update Credit to: Bournville

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  1. Why it doesn’t come on tv anymore since last whole weak

  2. Anamika ended yesterday but I don’t know why they are not posting last episode update
    I am waiting since yesterday please please post it

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