Anamika 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 12th April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Anamika staring at Jeet’s photo…when Bhabhi brings tea and tells Rano to drink it and that she will be fine soon and not hesitate to ask anything if required. Bhabhi then asks Guddi to go and sit with Rano.. When Guddi goes to the door step of Rano..Anamika is seen polishing her toe nails and Guddi sees the reflection in the mirror that Rano’s legs are backwards..Guddi is terrified and she runs from there..on the way she knocks down a vase. Anamika comes there hearing the noise but Guddi is hiding so she leaves.

Guddi is running down the stairs while she crashes on Jeet…when he asks the reason for her fear….she points at Rano;s door. Jeet consoles her not to worry for Rano and that he will take care. Bhabhi comes there and takes away Guddi to let her sleep. Guddi is still

very terrififed.

Jeet enters the room calling out for Rano when Anamika hugs him. Jeet asks her well being as he had heard that she fainted. Rano tells him that since he is here she will be fine. Jeet is surprised that Rano didn’t even asks him abt her Mom. He makes her sit and tells her that she had an heart attack and that’s he is critical. She pretends to cry..Jeet consoles her. Rano forces him to look into her eyes and relax and forget everything. She hypnotises him and he falls down unconscious.
Guddi is making a drawing of a woman titled ‘bad woman’ and with feet in opposite direction. Just when Anamika tries to get close to an unconscious Jeet he gets a phone call from her bro and he wants to leave immediately for the hospital. Rano tries to stop him and asks him to go in the morning ..Jeet is shocked he asks her whats wrong instead of going with him why is she stopping him and he leaves.
Guddi comes running with the drawing but Jeet has left. Just then Rano comes there and Guddi in fear drops the book. When Rano is abt to pick up the book Bhabhi comes and takes Guddi away and Anamika returns the book.

Its morning and Rano wakes up with a heavy head…she wakes up to see Bhabhi and Mummyji on the bed. They tell her about her mums heart attack and she is shocked and feels miserable…and she doesn’t remember anything that Jeet had told her. She runs to the hospital and is in tears seeing her mum on the hospital bed. As she is passing by she hears Jeet talking to the doctor about Rano’s case and how she forgets things and that how she was not concerned abt her mums ill health. Doctor assures him that she will look into the matter and talk with senior doctors and find a solution.

Guddi enters Jeets room and places the drawing book open and hears Jeet’s car ..she rushes down. Bhabhi tells Jeet abt Ranos condition of how she had forgotten everything and Guddi wants to show Jeet and asking him to come with him and the episode ends with Guddi’s terrified face.


Update Credit to: zuzana

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