Anamika 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 11th September 2013 Written Update

Shalaka warns Chhavi that this fight is very tough. She then said that she will have to give exams of will power, goodness and karma, and only then she will be able to reach her goals. She then tells that she has to achieve all this before New Moon night else Jeet would never return. She then performs some rituals and Chhavi’s soul gets separated from her body and only Shalaka can see her. Chhavi worships in front of Mata Rani to take her blessings. After that the Saluja family along with Shalaka leave Bebe and Nani in charge of Chhavi’s body and go in search of Jeet’s body.

In Pataal Lok Jeet is looking for Anamika who comes and hugs him and tells him that time has come for their union and now no one can separate them. Jeet says she can do anything she wants, he is just happy that he could save his family who loves him. Anamika says that he may be angry with her at the moment, but soon he will realize her love. She makes Jeet unconscious and when he gains consciousness, Anamika and Jeet are in the different beautiful green world. Anamika tells him that she has waited for 350 years to come in this world – the teesra lok. She asks him if he is ready to live with her in this world and Jeet says yes.

Chhavi reaches Pataal lok and sees Anamika there. She tells her that she might have reached here, but she would never be able to leave from here. She scares Chhavi by multiplying herself in 5 Anamikas who all start approaching her. Chhavi breaka a mirror and tries attacking Anamika with broken glass shreds, but she ends up getting hurt herself. Anamika says that no one can hurt her here as she is not seeing her but her own fear and anger which no human can conquer. Chhavi remembers Shalaka telling her that in order to conquer the exam of will power, she would have to control her anger and kill it as anger makes one mad. Chhavi starts meditating and the Anamikas start disappearing one by one and finally a main mirror breaks opening up a gateway. Chhavi enters inside.

Meanwhile Anamika and Jeet are lying side by side in the beautiful third world having a romantic time. Shalaka and Saluja family reach Anamika house to search for Jeet’s body but are misled because of heavy smog. When the smog subsides, Anamika’s house has disappeared. Shalaka says, Anamika may have hidden her house, but she cannot take Jeet with her in her world, and so they should focus on finding his body. Chhavi reaches a place and hears the strange noises of Pataal Lok and wonders if Jeet is there.

The Salujas keep searching for Jeet’s body when Balraj gets a call from Chheku’s hospital telling him that Cheeku has run from his hospital. Just then Shalaka hears his barking and Salujas are shocked to see him there. Shalaka says that Mata Rani has sent him for their help as only he can help them find Jeet’s body. Cheeku runs deep inside the forest and stops at a particular point. They start digging at that point and soon are able to retrieve Jeet’s body. Shalaka asks them to take him to home where she will perform some rituals to protect his and Chhavi’s souls.

Anamika gets up and thanks Jeet for fulfilling her mission. She touches her belly and then goes and informs Chandaal that she has now succeeded in getting Jeet’s part inside her. Chandaal is happy and says he will wait for their child to be born in this world. Anamika says that she wants to keep Jeet’s soul forever with her and Chandaal says it’s possible if she manages to make Shaitaan happy on the New Moon night. Anamika says she will surely do that as she does not want to let all her efforts in getting Jeet go waste.

Precap: Shalaka tying Jeet and Chhavi’s hands and telling the family that this is for their protection.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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