Analysis of Serials by Me

OK I just wanted to analysis the current serials
Let’s start by the star plus
mere agne mein : I stopped watching the show since long. Was not the show supposed to be riya making the house independent. But it has become worst.
Meri durga : a refreshing concept. But was the leap needed? .
Saath nibhaya saathiya : the first serial which I watched in Hindi but stopped watching it after giaa left the show. Finally a farewell sathiya.
Debo was good but giaa had the innocence and sweetness . Rucha was gone so saathiya ended for me honestly.
Yhm: oh god my once favorite show after arshi ishra had a chemistry to touch the hearts. A good story line. I had to stop watching this also because of alia adi drama. For god sake ishra are the main leads not shagun. I will re-watch it if the main focus goes to ishra back.
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon : a good story line. Barun is amazing. Started watching it recently so can’t comment more.
Chandra nandini : ekta tried to recreate jodha Akbar success but unfortunately Taj Mahal is only one so is jodha Akbar. The leads have good chemistry but the story line is not good so much illogical. I know all the serials are illogical this is historic serial please.
Naamkaran : honestly naamkaran was so boring before leap but after leap it is truly amazing. And the last week episodes just proved the nayi soch of star plus. The leads have a good characterization and amazing chemistry and CVS knows what sells.
Yrkkh : I watched the show after kaira entered and the love that the show does not have much negativity. I could relate to the show. People may find show dragging but the beauty of the show is that it explores the beauty of relationship very well. I could really relate to naira and fell her during the marriage time. The show best thing is the family members are not evil they may be bad especially Dadi but she never planned to kill or separate kaira so the characters are grey. The issues raised by the shows are good especially the domestic violence one. Karthik is a dream guy rarely comes around and naira is awesome and strong. Kaira gives perfect relationship goals.
Ishqbaaz : I used to love this show so much not that I don’t love it anymore but that first wala love is lost. I had watched the show because of bromance and Rumya. I just hated how gul spoiled Rumya seriously she did not find chemistry between Rumya. Mansi is the worst replacement to neha. OK fine no one remembers soumya for god sake she shared a amazing bond with everyone it hurts so badly. Obros are the other reason to watch the show so I just watch it hotstar for only their scenes and rikara scenes I mostly skip other scenes of the show thanks to the hotstar.
Arambh : I think it is a good show Bahubali writers wrote it.

Zee TV
Sethji : the promos were so impressive but sorry show dissapointed me.
Aise deewangi : same thing the show only shows hatred where is the passion.
Zhm : I used to watch the show so badly but the writers spoiled the character of shaurya being arrogant is different and mistreating a woman is different . Mehak seriously don’t have any self respect. Writers I am not going to buy this show anymore even though the actors are amazing.
Piya albela : I was not impressed with the promos but when I started to watch this show I understood it was so different and beautiful. Naren character is written differently and even Pooja. Narja relationship is so pure. I love the twist of the shows.
Kukum bhagya : lol people want the show to end because of over dragging but why do they make it no one show and shower love and trp to the show till bash it. I can’t resist myself to watch kb repeats. Abhigya runs the show by chemistry and I love them.
Kundali bhagya : same thing no one was excited to the show but look the show is the slot leader in nine thirty. It has got a amazing opening and top 5 shows kb is top 3 and kundali is top 5. 2.6 trps so much love received by the fans by starting of the show only. I love shraddha arya so at least I may watch this show for her as I watched all her previous shows.
Woh apna sa : I don’t watch it. I love disha she just brings positivity. And shows trps are increasing.

Savitri Devi and hospital : OK I love vk so I watch the show. I like sanveer.
Thapki pyaar ki : disappointed me a lot at end.
Devanshi : I like pre leap of deevanshi. Helly rocks but I don’t want Devan at end seriously no.
Sasural simar ka : I never watched the show if I did it was for roshid.
Shakti aastiva ki ehsaan : a awesome show at least now days. Kudos to Rubina for choosing a unconventional role so even Viven. Viven does the shows which is only unconventional be it pyaar ki ek kahaani or madhubala. His roles always unique. Haya proves love is not physical it is a beautiful feeling. The golden letters of television shakti will be remembered so the couple.
Udaan : nothing against chakor please concentrate on ur carrier. I had loved Aditya for chakor but sukor I am not buying it .
Shani : I watched it starting not Now but it is a good show and has a nice story. People who love mythology so much will love it.
Swabhiman : it is amazing. I love nairan. Meghna is my favorite and is flawed that’s what makes the character loved. The siblings bond is beautiful to witness. No character is spoiled to glorify another.
Dil se dil Tak : I loved to Teni till she fell in love with parth. Amni looks good. Parth is awesome character who understands everyone. I love parvi.
Kasam : it was amazing before leap not anymore. Tanshi have a amazing chemistry.
Chandrakanth : I hate this serial. I better watch

Life OK one.

Pehredaar piya ki : the show is receiving a lot of criticism for what reason? OK even balika vadhu had a social cause so they had married the female lead to show the effects of it. The production house nor the channel is stupid to show a serial like that. Give a chance to the show than bashing it.
Beyadh : I may hate the show but it was a bold and a revolution in industry and Jennifer has proved that she is the queen of acting. Maya can never be possible without Jennifer.
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi : a practical show yes has some loop holes but it is more practical compared to the others. I love devakshi. I hope ishwari never turns negative again. it had explored the shades of love very well.

Edv : it has been more than one year it is off air but I had loved the show sharman so much. It was different and namik nailed sharvan quite well so did Nikita as Suman.

  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey here I was randomly checking this page and I found this analysis frankly speaking once upon a time I used to watch all the show , but then all the shows lose track so I lost hope in Hindi serials though I don’t watch most of the shows now I agree with ur analysis and I know about some since my friends and Cousin watch them so I have some idea. Well currently I only watch savitri Devi and just love veer’s character there ??? He’s my fav currently for the pairs I don’t mind any one of them. And thank you so much for adding EDKV in ur analysis ??? that’s my all time fav show and none can replace it. Namik and Nikita I just ship them like anything.

  2. Nivika

    Savitri devi is the best show…..i luv sanveer
    And abt yhm ..i m loving this track…bcz now old yhm is back…
    Piya albela is soo unquie show naaren and pooja are doing there best…
    I m missing soumya soo much of ishqbazz…her acting was superbbb???
    She was perfect pair of rudra…
    Rumuya Rocks??

  3. I did not see all serials, I see only naamkaran, Omkara-Gauri and rudra senes in Ishqbaaz. kumkum bhagya, I never liked. This is so much boring. Why people like it, strange and double strange to see its TRP.

  4. I like piya albela so much thnx for providing the lovely analysis……

  5. Sneharnav

    I disagree with you for aisi deewangi. It’s a great serial. But yes everyone has their own point of view, but for me it’s awesome and for those who like these types of plot.
    I do agree with you in piya ablela. Not impressed by promo, but then turned out to be great.

    1. I agree aisi deewangi is indeed a powerful show
      and yes piya albela is also turning out to be good as pooja and naren are nailing it with their performance
      Abt Krpkeb , yes it is the most practical show , no unnecessary dramas or scenes but still has so potential.

  6. Darshana

    Oh my god! watch so many serials …i just watch a few..and now one or two…analysis was superb ???…

  7. You missed sadda haq channel V! It’s off air now, but it was one of the best! Sanyu and randhir <3 and not to forget ARYAN! <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. Fenil

    Thank u so much for Adding EDKV all time favourite,evergreen show.missing SharMan and Nikita-Naimik.

    Yrkkh is always rocking ,i m watching from start.yaa Dadi Goenka is lil much annoying.

    Naamkaran totally superb before and after leap and AvNeil rocks.Sad that they are making Ali negative.

    Meri Durga awesome and leap already introduce.

    LKHI ,KQHAK,DKP is worth watching Awesome performance.

    IPKKND-03 is nice.

    Saathiya i stopped watching after Rashi’s death.


    Swabhiman ,SDH&C and Mahakali Awesome

    Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman ,Beyahad,Ppk,,KRPKAB superb.

    Chupke chupke amazing

  9. Fenil

    Woh Apna Sa is also nice.
    IB loos its charm many loopholes.IshKara and RuMya missing them.
    Dil se dil tak mast comic hain Teni and love PARVI.
    CID,Crime petrol and Savdhaan India superb as alway.

  10. Don’t take me otherwise but I think you watch shows which are from big banners, which have big names or stars..You analyesd only those which have popular faces,but not so great actors..!!! You missed out shows like Kya qusoor hai amla ka,Ek astha from star plus,Ye Moh moh ke dhage ,Peshwa Bajirao from Sony which are So different from all this craps you mentioned..I agree some of the show WAS good but now they have nothing..I mean In YHM raman and ishita are now black haired Saas Sasur..!!!! and so on..! Frankly your analysis was Biased..!!

  11. Khushilovesroumya

    One of my favourite analysis.Yoight that KB and KKB have so many haters but it has some of the gretest fans.I watch Kundali Bhagya.It very nice show.You are right Ishqbaaz is not going great and I don’t wa it anymore.Itch naamkaran it is very interesting.I also watch TMKOC and SSK.YRKKH is great and t has anothermarriage coming up as well.

  12. nowadays I use to watch aisi deewangi, Pehredar piya ki, beyhad and piya albela and so u hadn’t include & tv shows . Tpk is waste of time and it disappointing thahaan was magical but cvs ruin it fully kundli and kumkum bhagya is amazing I love the leads . Thank u for analysis

  13. Fab like anything i can totally relate to ur writing #Naamkaran is the best i have watch in my opinion and ur analysis only shows to us the true way of grabbing trp techniques by serials but yet the concept of piya alvela naamkaran shakti are amazing im lovin it . Superb yaar

  14. Do update 24 July aisi deewangi……….pls

    1. Sneharnav

      Yes please do.

  15. Hi actually last yr I used to watch colors all most all shows but nowadays I found them too boring but I watch savitri devi only for VK but other shows like swabhavani and dil se dil tak are good other wise other sèrial I found them boring in zee piya albela is good even I was not impressed with the promos but it is good and last ìn star plus Ipkkd3 nd naamkaran ishqbaaz are super

  16. Aarti32

    Good listen to my rant ?

    Star Plus

    KYA QUSOOR HAI AMLA KA- very good going..good storyline n pace..great actors..I watch it regularly
    TU SOORAJ MAIN SAANJH PIYAJI- nice show, refreshing..but very slow pace, let’s see wat it does in d 7pm slot..
    EK AASTHA AISI BHI- it’s a good show wid different concept, but doesn’t get much trp..
    DHAI KILO PREM- different storyline..but I don’t like how dat guy piyush treats’s so not done..
    LOVE KA HAI INTEZAAR- I thought it would be nice, but it totally destroyed my expectations..I don’t find anything logical in dis show..
    MERE ANGNE MEIN- y on earth did they hv to kill Riya!? D show abt Riya”liberating” d so-called Shanti Sadan, if I’m not wrong!! Moreover, every lady in dis show is complete opposite of their name, be it Shanti Devi (d sole reason of all d Ashanti) Khusiya (who’s nvr khush) Sarla (who isn’t saral at all) Rani (nvr treated like one) or Preeti (she has d most hatred filled in her) I only like nimmi in dis show..
    MERI DURGA- although it has an inspiring story, I find it interesting post leap..moreover, I like d leads of d show..
    SAATH NIBHANA SAATHIYA- finally, by God’s grace, it has ended..8 yrs is too long!! I watched it almost regularly till Rashi was there..after Rashi’s death, it was on-off watching..watched d last 10 episodes..
    YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN- it was such a great show..but Ekta Kapoor can’t digest her food without spoiling d dis show everyone is everyone’s kid..n y are they so mahaan to keep shagun wid them!!
    IS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON- ASR is taking d show to great heights..till now d show is superb, but Gul Khan is unpredictable..she’s no less than Ekta Kapoor in spoiling shows..
    CHANDRA NANDINI- Ekta Kapoor show..illogical melodrama is expected..n dats wat we got..but it’s better than dat kumkum bhagya..
    NAAMKARAN- ditto your was so boring before d leap..but post leap it has become very of my favorites..
    YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI- Frankly, I luvd it till akshara n d old naitik were there..I was very disappointed by Tara’s exit..but after naitik, akshara n old Naksh’s exit, I don’t find anything watchable in d show..Maheshwaris n Singhanias were d best relatable..I believe in old is gold theory..old families r replaced by new families..old leads by new ones..but replacements r replacements!!
    ISHQBAAAZ- I was so excited after d promos..d story of three brothers..story of bromance..but they divided d brothers itself..Ishana n Saumya’s exit was d worst decision ever by Gul Khan..moreover, d qubool hai clan entering d show one by one, it makes me cringe!! Ruvya..big NO for them..
    AARAMBH- dis show is out of d world..not even 1% of bahubali in it..

    Zee TV
    BIN KUCH KAHE, SETHJI, AISI DEEWANGI DEKHI NAHI KAHIN, ZINDAGI KI MEHEK- they started wid gud stories.. I don’t watch I can’t comment much..
    PIYA ALBELA- unique show..d promos were rilli boring, but d show turned out to be so interesting..
    KUMKUM BHAGYA- d slowest show ever..d story hasn’t moved even a bit..going round n round n round!! Gosh!!
    KUNDALI BHAGYA- suddenly we get to know our darling pragya has two sisters..I mean don’t u think we’re dumb enough to watch dis show..daughter show of kkb in all means..
    WOH APNA SA- rilli interesting show..I luv it’s concept..

    Life OK
    I don’t watch any show on Life OK..I only know abt one show
    GHULAAM- good storyline..but don’t like d actors..
    CHANDRAKAANTA- no comments!!

    SAVITRI DEVI COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL- luv Varun Kapoor..but still confused abt who’s Saanchi’s pair.. interesting show..
    SASURAL SIMAR KA- did show, I tell u, has d record of showing worst tracks..they’ve showed all kinds of animals..ghosts..finally after d leap, they’re back to humans.. Rohan mehra brought some interesting track in d show..
    SHAKTI ASTITVA KE EHSAAS KI- d most unique show on Indian television..hats off to d makers to take up dis concept n kudos to Rubina for her confident acting..
    UDAAN- started wid a great plot..but now where’s dat plot?? Where is d athlete Chakor??
    KARMAFALDATA SHANI- good mythological show..
    EK SHRINGAAR SWABHIMAAN- very good of d best shows by Barjatyas, I’m their biiiiiig fan..I luv their way if showing marwari culture..
    KASAM TERE PYAAR KI- again Ekta Kapoor show..d rebirth drama was at least bearable, but it’s become unbearably boring post leap..
    BHAAG BAKOOL BHAAG- good comedy show..
    DEVANSHI- I don’t understand wats going on in dis show!!
    CHANDRAKAANTA- y did Ekta Kapoor hv to launch it when already another chandrakaanta was airing on Life OK..I mean y!?

    Sony TV
    YEH MOH MOH KE DHAAGE- did show is rilli interesting..perfect unnecessary drama
    PESHWA BAJIRAO- good show..has become more interesting post leap..but don’t u think Mastani’s entry is quite early!!
    SANKATMOCHAN MAHABALI HANUMAN- no comments, coz I nvr watch it
    PEHREDAR PIYA KI- unique concept..but it wud be too early to judge it..
    BEYHADH- wat a show man!! Brilliant actors.. Maya is so fierce..but Arjun n Saanjh r no less now..n Samay’s re-entry has spiced it up..
    KUCH RANG PYAAR KE AISE BHI- d most logical n interesting over-exaggerating personal’s nvr disappointed me..

    It’s become too long!!?? Sorry for dat

    1. Manasvi

      Arrey Marwaran, (thik hai, mai bhi marwari hi hu?) par itne serial dekhti ho????
      Mai sirf 3 serial dekhti hu inme se, aur aap??? How you manage watching them together?? “Gujarat wants to know”??

    2. Aarti32

      Pagal chhe tu!! Main sare nhi dekhti..itte serial dekhungi, mujhe koi kaam nhi h kya!!??
      Ye wo serials h which I know dat they do exist..inme se sirf 5 regularly dekhti hu.. Life OK aur Zee TV se to lena dena hi nhi h mera.. colors bhi bohot kam..mostly Star Plus n Sony TV

  17. Manasvi

    Well, I love VK so I am watching Savitri devi.. But VK and Neha a.k.a Veer and Pragya makes a more adorable pair compared to Sanchi and Veer (no offense)..

    And about Devanshi, Helly Shah is slaying as Kalki Shah but the mid Devdaan scenes are worst.. I usually skip them (thnks to voot?) I am loving this show but I don’t want devanshi to settle with Vardaan again?

    And Naamkaran, it is one of my fav show after Swaragini..? Like Zain?, he is slaying man?, but yeah,Naamkaran is a really nice show, but Ali is irritating? (No offense again?)

  18. Kriti249

    OK so let’s start with the serials I watch:
    Ishqbaaaz: The show have always been my favorite. I love how the three brothers bond. Unlike, you I find Rikara better than Ishkara. No offense to Ishkara fans. I have absolutely no problem with Mansi/Bhavya. I find ruvya quite cute and about soumya she was good but no problem with replacement.

    Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi: One of my favorites. This show so simple yet realistic. I absolutely adore devakshi. They make me go aw… Though the negative Ishwari was very irritating but she’s very good now. I love how their each track is so realistic and how they explain each concept.

    Beyhadh: Oh Maya! I love your character and I love you jennifer. You’re acting as Maya mehrotra is commendable. This is the only serial who has never got off the track. It had always been about extremeness. Extreme love, extreme hate etc.

    Shows I used to watch:
    Yeh hai mohabbatein: Ok so there was a time when I used to love this show. The start of this show was amazing, how Ishita and Raman fell in love.

    Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai: I started to watch this show when the leads changed. It was good.

    Ek duje ke vaate: It was awesome but the show went off air.

    Pardes mein hai mera dil: The show started off ell but turned into a crap. Oh ekta kapoor !

    I don’t remember any of the other serials I watched recently.

  19. TUFreindsForever

    I watch only one show now that is Ishqbaaz.Thoygh I loved Omkara the most I really love the way nakul acts.So I like Shivaay more now n of course Shivika more as I loved ishkara n rumya n now it is not in the show.I some how accepted rikara no Ruvya if they bring back Soumya I would really move it.Loke Ruvya is about to get married and then soumya makes an entry and says I am his wife who R u to marry him?? That would be really greatttttttt.Literally Ishqbaaz was a little off when IB n DBO were running now the one hour epi’s are just awesome I love it but though there is logic hole I can’t just stop watching it

    N I was Ek shringar swaabhimaan before n I like the concept n I like the both the couples equally

    YRKKH I watched this show in middle when naitik n Amhara were in love n those thing.I liked Naksh charater the most.I like all three naksh(the small one,Rohan n rishi) I left this show in middle due to my studies n when I started watching again I found a completely different story.As Arthi said replacements are only replacements(no offense plsss)

    N SSK no words to coent a about this world epic show litterally don’t the writer have eyes.Dint they watch the show?? How could they write more??

    Naamkaran I watched it for Zain imam ??????I like his acting.Yep before leap it was boring but i watched before too but I love the show more after the leap

    Ek aastha aise bhi Hmm good concept but don’t know why it’s lacks TRP

    KKB the show which I loved once but it’s almost more than one year since I left watching it

    Piya albela good one I love the tune nana re

    ZKM I watched once not now

    I watch show only for a month when I lose interest I don’t watch

    So it’s my opinion Pls no offense

  20. Neptune

    hey the analysis was awesome.. but i guess you didn’t include the shows of sab tv in it.. like nowadays they are running some good shows likte TMKOC AND TR.. tmkoc is the best show i have evr watched and i have loved it a lot….

    it has done a commendable job in displaying so many common and social disputes…..

    all the other shows are also good..
    i do watch savitri devi sometimes for vk but i don’t find sanveer making a good chemistry[no offense] like saanchi and veer are too good individually but not as a pair…

    i do watch devanshi sometimes but yes i am not satisfied with the screenplay and storyline the show had a lots of potential from its storyline… hope helly gets a better show….

    naamkaran is awesome and i really love neel in it.. really hope they don’t make ali negative…

    thanks for the awesome analysis..

  21. luved to find a sandhir fan here, mastaangi & d4 all from channel v……….coming to zee tv, aisi deewangi somehow has turned out to be a tashan waala show….kundali bhagya is doing good now, lets see till how much time ekta doesn’t spoil the show with her irritating concepts……… in sony,kuch rang is a practical show,the characters’ portrayal seems so much realistic………….now in star plus,aarambh, don’t know what the makers r thinking, they killed the leads & now they hv taken rebirth,wow….u guys i mean what to say……haha, both died at the same time now both born at the same time… colors, savitri devi,initially stopped watching as i’m a kanchi fan & i can’t bear to see sanveer together….i couldn’t imagine varun with anyone other than helly,luved swasan a lot……
    anyways i feel dance+, saregama,khatron ke khiladi,comedy shows, they r the best to watch,no drama,no twist & turns………….

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