An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -5

The episode starts with Elena entering in dev’s room and which gets devakshi back to their sense

Elena: sona good you are here massi send breakfast for you and dev ………hi Vicky and how are you feeling dev?

Dev: I am feeling good but you are

Vicky: oh bhai she is sona’s cousin sister Elena and your saali saiba in relation ( he says that teasingly to dev and dev give a angry look to him)………..waise bhabhi actually buaji also send breakfast for you too.

Sona: (sona gets shock to hear that from Vicky and dev also give a shocking look to him)bhabhi ……

Vicky: yeah as you would be getting married to bhai na so in that relation you would be my bhabhi

Elena: yeah sona you will get used to it and well in that case I should also start calling dev jiju

Sona and dev: actually it’s no need

Elena and Vicky hearing that laughs

Elena: wah what a chemistry ……..

Sona: ele………don’t you think you are speaking too much today and waise I can’t have breakfast now it’s my working hours plus dev needs rest

Elena: ohoo you already started caring for him as a wife how sweet

Sona: ele………

Elena: by the way I ask the nurse that you are taking 30 mins break so you can have it here and dev jiju needs rest but needs to eat first na, Vicky too brought breakfast for him na and also said that aunty has send for you too.

Sona: okay fine

Elena:I think the food will get cold if we don’t hurry up and by the way Vicky since we have so much food why don’t you also join

Vicky: in that case you can join too

Elena: ok sure give me I’ll unpack

( well where Elena and Vicky are talking to each other like school friends and here dev and sona are feeling awkward as it’s too much at time for them to digest…………Elena unpack everything and Vicky helps dev to walk till sofa and they are done with breakfast and Elena wind ups everything afterwards)

Elena: OMG sona I totally forgot ishwari aunty gave a necklace for you yesterday and when she got to know dev jiju and you are here she called in the morning saying she wanted dev jiju to make you wear it

Sona: but elena he is sick na I can just wear that myself

Dev: yeah she is right

Elena: she know you guys would say this that’s why she wanted me to take pics of you guys and send it to her

(and finally they both agrees to it dev and sona awkwardly sit near each other and dev makes her wear it, after which sona escapes saying that it’s working hours and she has to go now)

the episode ends here the next episode will be uploaded in few hours as i can’t post tomorrow. hope u guys loved it say me in the comments below .

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode.

  2. Sai07

    Very good episode. Loved the way every character is so positive regarding Devakshi

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