An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -1

(we see bose family(asha, bejoy, dadi, saurabh and Elena) and dixit family( ishwari, mami, nikki, mama, Vicky and riya) in a private hotel room having dinner and very one’s face look happy and tensed at the same time Elena and Vicky are looking at their phones in a tensed look )

Ishwari: asha if kids doesn’t have any problem and have lefts the decision to us they why not we exchange shagun

Asha: yeah it’s fine then (looks at bejoy and dadi who say yes by shaking their heads). Elena beta give me that plate

(ishwari and asha exchange shagun plates and ishwari and every one are seen happy)

Iswari: regarding engagement and marriage I’ll ask my panditji and would let u know. And also we want to give a small present to our would be daughter in law (she signs mamiji to give the box and Elena takes it smilingly)

(Scene changes to a girl who is wearing a white gown and stethoscope holding a phone which ringing and the phone screen shows Ele and a ward boy calls her)

Ward boy: doctor sonakshi the patient is here.

(Sonakshi keeps the phone is pocket and follows the ward boy. She sees a guy laying on the stretcher and goes to check on him, the lady with that person says)

Lady: I don’t know he was just fine few minutes ago but suddenly fall down

Sonakshi: it’s okay. Please wait outside the room

(sonakshi goes and checks on him and while she was checking suddenly the guy holds her hand half unconscious try to see her face but only reads her name on the batch DR.SONAKSHI BOSE and goes back to his unconscious state, sonakshi comes outside the room)

Lady: doctor! How is he?

Sonakshi: he is fine now. He fall down as he might be not taking proper meal and loss sleep too, you have to see on his health properly and he has to be under our observation for one day.

Lady: oh okay. Thank you so much doctor. Actually my boss always skip his meals and mostly drinks black coffee and he also has insomnia so…………. I’ll just go and inform his family thank you for your help.

(sonakshi goes to her cabin as the lady goes to inform her boss family. When sonakshi enter her cabin she sees her phone and gets shocked seeing 50 miscalled from ele )

Sonakshi: OMG! Maa aur ele toh will surely kill me today.

(She runs to a another doctor’s cabin and open the door where a lady sitting on her checking some files)

Sonakshi: doctor suman please can I take your nightshift

Suman: aaj kaise tumhae samaj seva karna ki iccha huvi

Sonakshi: first of all I am helping you as you just got married and before how many times I have taken your shifts whenever u asked me

Suman: sona first of all meri shaadi hoke ek saal hogaye hai and you always say this line whenever aunty is about to scold you as you can hide from her …………..wait aaj toh (She give a OMG expression and sona nods her heads worriedly)………haha you are dead sonakshi bose

Sonakshi: I came to ask favor so please don’t make fun of me at least

Suman: favor! Ab aayi tu line pe okay chal thik hai lele meri shift tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi

Sonakshi: thank you! You are the best.

(it’s around 10pm where sonakshi goes for round to check on patients she also to goes to that guy room and while she was checking on the patients a lady peeps in and goes away when she turns. The lady turns out to be ishwari. After sona goes from the room the lady who came with that guy sees ishwari)

Lady: Ma’am you are here!

Ishwari: tina, what happened to dev?

Tina: ma’am you know he never takes his meals on time nor sleeps properly, that’s why he fall down today, but the doctor said he is alright now and he has to be in observation for a day

Ishwari: okay! What’s the name of the doctor who was checking dev just now?

Tina: it’s doctor sonakshi bose ma’am.

Ishwari: you can go home now you must be tired too and give his phone to me

Tina: thank you ma’am. Good night (she handovers dev’s phone to ishwari and leaves)

I hope u guys loved the episode so please let me know in the comment below if u want me to continue or not.

  1. Shesha485

    Gladly, a Devakshi FF. So lovely and fabulous start. Surprisingly, the FF starts from Elena and Vicky’s marriage talks. Sonakshi’s entry is amazing. So, the patient she treated is Dev. Wow! Thats cool. But please write English subtitles for all Hindi dialogs as I could not understand it. Its a kind of request and even suggestion.

    1. Arshiya_princess

      Thank you so much and I’ll surely try to keep everything in English but some dialogues sound good in Hindi

  2. Bhuvaneshwari

    It’s an awesome start. Devakshi 😍😍❤️❤️. Pls do continue this FF.

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