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* * * AbhiGya’s Room * * *

Pragya was sitting on the bed, busy in marking exam papers, when Abhi came.

Abhi: *standing at the door* “Can I come in?”

Pragya: *looked up, smiling* “Why not. After all, it’s your room too.”

A: “Are you sure?” *He showed her his guitar which he had hid behind himself* “You won’t get disturbed?”

P: “You wanna practice here?”

A: “Yeah. I got bored in the music room so I came here.”

P: *looking surprised* “You got bored while practicing music?”

A: “No. Without you.”

P: *smiled, blushing slightly* “Are you gonna come inside or would you rather have the whole conversation standing there?”

A: *came inside and sat on the couch ready to play the guitar* “You sure you won’t get disturbed?” *pointing towards the papers sprawled in front of her*

P: *looked at the papers then, at him* “No, it’s okay. You can practice here.”

A: *smiled* “Okay, then.” *started to strum the guitar*

P: “Wait!”

A: *stopped what he was doing, his eyebrows raised questioningly*

P: “This room isn’t sound proof like your music room. The noise will disturb others who —”

A: “Relax. Relax. Firstly, it’s called music not noise and secondly Dadi and Dasi have gone out of city for a few days and you know it already and Raj Bhaiyya have gone out for dinner with his family so, they won’t be back soon.”

P: “Okay. Music. But it’s already 9:15. They must be coming back.”

A: “What do you think? That they will have dinner and then immediately come back home? Don’t you know Mitali Bhabhi? They won’t be back until they have visited the whole city.” *laughed*

P: *shook her head* “Are you even serious?”

A: “Yes, I am. Now can I?” *gestured towards the guitar*

P: “What about Aliya?”

A: “What about her?”

P: “She also lives here. In this house.”

A: “Oh. Don’t worry. She won’t be sleeping anyway. Instead she will be awake thinking different plots to separate Purab and Disha or maybe us. No, separating us is Tanu’s job.” *made a face* “Anyway, at least my music will help Aliya think positively.”

P: *looking amused* “Really? Your music can bring positivity in her?”

A: “You never know.”

P: *shrugged her shoulders and was about to say something*

A: “Before you ask about Robin and other workers, let me tell you that they are in their quarters away from this house and they won’t hear the sound from my guitar.”

P: *laughed* “Okay okay. Now practice.”

Abhi started to play the guitar and Pragya, after watching him play for a minute or two, got back to her work.

* * *

After almost one and a half hour, Pragya had finished marking one set of papers. She looked towards the couch and saw Abhi’s guitar lying there. She looked around the room but didn’t see him. Then, as if by instinct, she went downstairs towards the kitchen. As she had expected, Abhi was there standing in front of the stove trying to make something. As she entered the kitchen her eyes fell on the counter that looked like a mess: cups, mugs, spoons, bottles of coffee powder and tea along with various bottles of spices, without their lids, were lying here and there in the water spilled on the counter.

P: *cleared her throat*

A: *looked up and then saw her. Looked back at the mess that he had created and then again looked at Pragya with an I-didn’t-do-it-intentionally expression on his face*

P: *smiled thinking her husband can be this cute at times* “What are you doing here? And what’s this?” *pointed at the bottles lying on the counter*

A: “I came here to make coffee for myself but I couldn’t find coffee powder so I took all these bottles out and checked one by one.”

P: *looking amused* “Have you ever made coffee before?” *Abhi shook his head sideways* “You could have asked me.”

A: “You were busy marking papers and I didn’t want to disturb you. You were so engrossed in your work that you didn’t even notice when I stopped playing the guitar and went out of the room.”

P: “Yeah, you are right but still you could have . . . what’s in this mug?” *pointed at one of the mugs placed on the counter*

A: “That’s coffee.”

P: “Coffee? Then what are you making in that?” *pointed at the pot placed on the stove*

A: “It’s tea. For you. Or should I make cold coffee?”

P: *thinking how much he cares for her* “Tea’s fine. You move aside. I will make it.” *Pushed him slightly, away from the stove*

A: “Hey! I am trying to be nice here.” *pretended to be annoyed*

P: “I appreciate what you were trying to do but do you want the whole kitchen to become a mess?”

A: *shook his head negatively* “But I can -”

P: “Good. So let me make it. And what about your coffee? Have you tasted it?”

A: “Not yet.” *picked up the coffee mug and took a sip* *made a face*

P: “How is it?” *knew already that it hasn’t tasted good by looking at his face*

A: “Umm . . . It’s good.”

P: “You sure?”

A: “Yes.” *tried to take another sip but couldn’t*

P: “Here. Give it to me.” *took the mug from him and placed it back on the counter* “I don’t think you can drink it.”

A: *nodded, making a sad face*

P: “Don’t worry. I will prepare another one for you, okay?”

A: “Thanks.” *smiled broadly* “In the meanwhile, I will clean the counter.” *trying to find a cloth*

P: *putting water in another pot* “Suniye, what are you doing? You don’t need to do this. I will do it myself after preparing —”

A: “Fuggi, why don’t you let me do anything? I can do this, okay?” *carried the cups and spoons from the counter and placed them in the sink*

P: *watching him turn the tap on* “Now don’t start —”

A: “Pragya. Don’t.”

* * *

Abhi was already done cleaning by the time Pragya prepared tea and coffee.

P: *handing the mug to Abhi*

A: “Delicious!”

P: *laughing* “Take a sip, atleast.”

A: “I know without tasting that this” ­­­— *raised his mug* — “is the world’s best coffee.” *wrapped his left arm around her shoulder* *took a sip from his mug* “Best!” *gave a peck on her cheek* “Let’s go.”

It was 11:25 p.m. when they came back into the room from the kitchen.

P: “Are you done with your practice?”

A: “Yeah.” *sat on the sofa and held Pragya’s hand* “Sit here. With me.” *moved the guitar aside*

P: *sat on the sofa beside Abhi* *drank some tea* “You have practiced so much for this concert. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.”

A: “Yeah, hopefully” *flashed her a smile* *after a pause* “Do you want me to sing one of the songs for you that I am gonna sing tomorrow?”

P: “Umm . . . no need. You —”

A: *excited* “So this means you will come to the concert?”

P: “I didn’t say that.”

A: “But you said that you don’t want me to sing for you. It means . . . it means that you are coming, right?” *sounded hopeful*

P: “No, no. You got it all wrong. I said that because I know you must be feeling tired and should rest now.”

A: “But you told me the other day that you would come.”

P: “I said I will try to come.” *enjoying the look on his face*

A: “But . . . but . . .”

P: *raised her eyebrows looking amused*

A: “You told me you will come and now you are saying that you will try. You know very well how I will feel if you won’t come to my concert. It will remind me of that night when —” *stopped abruptly*

P: *knitted her eyebrows* “What? What were you saying?”

A: *stood up* “N-nothing . . . I . . .” *his back facing her*

P: “Why did you stop? You were saying something about some night.” *standing up, putting her mug on the sofa* “Which night?”

A: *stood silently as if he has been frozen*

P: “Look at me.” *turned him towards herself* “What were you talki . . . were you . . . about . . . about that night? That mms . . .” *her voice trailed*

A: *looked at her*

P: *looked at him not knowing what to say*

A: “I-I . . . I just wanted to say that I didn’t allow you to come to my concert that day and then all that happened because of me. I am just not able to forget all that. I feel guilty. I should have taken you with me.”

P: *still looking at him disbelievingly*

Suddenly, she remembered something. It was only last night that she had dreamt about Abhi, accusing her of spending the night with another man and throwing her out his house and his life. She had completely forgotten about this dream in the morning. Now that she remembered, his words started to rang in her ears.

‘I had never thought that you could do this to me. I had trusted you but you broke my trust. Now I have realized that you had made a complete fool of me. Go to your lover. I don’t want to see your face. You have no place in my heart nor in my life. Get out of this house and never ever show me your face again. . . .’

Her chain of thoughts broke when she heard Abhi’s voice. She came back to reality.

A: “. . . went through all that only because of me. That’s why whenever you say that you won’t come to my concert, I feel guilty. I . . . I remember that night when I left you alone. I should have taken you with me then all that . . .”

P: “What . . . what do you mean?” *interrupted him* “Why do you feel guilty?” *not having listened to him properly while she had been in her own thoughts*

A: “I —”

P: “Are you trying to say that . . . wait. Now I get it. You keep insisting me everytime to come to every concert of yours because you don’t trust me. You fear that if you leave me in the house I will call some —”

A: “Pragya!” *his voice raised* “Don’t you dare say —”

P: “What? Why are you shouting?” *her tone matching his* “Why only concerts? Take me where ever you go.” *paused for a while* “Don’t you know me? How can you even think about me like that? I thought you know me . . . trust me . . . love me.” *sounding hurt* “But no . . . you feel guilty. I will tell you why. You are guilty because now you feel that you shouldn’t have trusted me . . . helped me.”

A: “You are saying anything that’s coming into your mind. You aren’t realizing what you are saying. You are getting it all wrong. Have you even listened to what I was telling you? Don’t you know me? Why would I think about you like that? What I am trying to say is —”

P: “Don’t say another word.”

A: “Prag —”

P: “Don’t.”

A: *looked at her silently*

P: “I-I don’t want to talk to you.” *tears welled up in her eyes*

A: *put his mug down on the sofa* “Pragya. Why are you behaving like that? You know I love you.” *moved towards her*

P: “Stop.” *making Abhi stop in his tracks* “I don’t wanna hear anything.” *tears started to flow from her eyes*

A: “Look. You are taking the conversation in another direction. You are not like this. You are always calm . . . always ready to listen to what others have to say. You said whatever came to your mind. I never said anything about not trusting you.” *she tried to say something* “No. You said what you wanted to say. Now listen to me attentively.” *moved a bit closer to her* “I am sorry that my words made you think like that. I trust you and there is no doubt about it. It’s just that I don’t feel good when you are not with me during my concerts. Bad thoughts come into my mind. I . . . I couldn’t concentrate. I keep thinking about you. All events of that night start to play in my head. Instead of hearing cheers from my fans I hear people accusing you . . . hear myself accusing you. I keep thinking that you are in trouble.” *moved closer to her while she just stared at him* “This happened last time when you didn’t come with me. Only I know how I got through that concert. I don’t know why I feel like this. I have gone out of city several times without you but hadn’t ever felt like this. This happens only during my concert days. That’s why I always ask you to come to the concert with me. I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you.” *held her face with his both hands* “When you are in front of my eyes I feel relaxed. . . . Happy. You . . . you understand what I am trying to say?” *spoke softly, wiping her tears* “Pragya, I am really very sor —”

P: *hugged him, burying her face in his chest* *tears rolling down her cheeks*

A: “Shh . . . shh . . . I am here.” *wrapped his arm around her with his other hand on her head*

P: “I am so sorry.” *still crying*

A: “Shh. Calm down. . . . don’t cry.” *kissed the top of her head* “And why are you saying sorry?”

P: *looked at him* “Because I judged you without even thinking for a second. You were so disturbed but I blamed you. I don’t —”

A: “It’s okay. I can understand. I wasn’t clear in what I said”

P: “— I don’t know wh-what happened to me. Why I said all that. Maybe it’s because of that dream that I had yesterday —” *stopped crying*

A: “Dream?”

P: “Yes.” *she told him everything*

A: “Just because of this dream you behaved . . .”

P: “Yes, maybe and also because we never talked about that night so today when you started talking about it I thought that you don’t trust me. After everything that we have gone through in the past, maybe there was still some hidden fear inside me about losing you that came out when you talked about that night. And all this led to my sudden outburst.” *looked embarassed* “Please forgive me. I am sorry for whatever I said to you. I wasn’t in my right mind.” *eyes welled up with tears again* *looked at the floor*

A: *held her face* “Look at me. You don’t need to say sorry, okay?” *wiped her tears* *looked into her eyes* “I am always with you. I won’t ever leave you. I won’t ever let that dream come true.”

P: *after a pause* “But why do you feel guilty?”

A: “Because I was the one who didn’t allow you to come with me. Because I was the one who believed others and blamed you and also let others blame you. Because of me you have to go through all that insult, accusation and pain. Whenever I think about it I get furious at myself.”

P: “Don’t say like that. Don’t blame yourself. It was only you who proved my innocence.”

A: “But I had put you in that situation so I had to —”

P: “Don’t blame yourself. You know very well who was responsible for creating that situation.”

A: “But I have hurt you and treated you badly in the past. I am ashamed. Please forgive me.”

P: “You know very well that I have already forgiven you for everything you did in the past so please, don’t say sorry.”

A: *after a while* “So, everything’s fine now?” *still holding her in his arms*

P: “Yes. But why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

A: “I didn’t want to upset you.”

P: “But you should have told me. Taking stress all by yourself. It’s not good.”

A: “Sorry. Are you angry with me?”

P: *shook her head negatively* “Why would I? It’s you who should get angry.” *looked down again, unable to look at him*

A: “Hey!” *put his finger under her chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze* “How can I ever get angry with my beautiful wife?”

P: *smiled a little*

A: “We should sleep now. It’s late already.”

P: “Yeah.” *still looking a little tensed*

A: “You are still thinking about that dream?”

P: *nodded slightly*

A: “Let me tell you something. Dreams never come true so, don’t worry.”

P: “And how do you know this?”

A: “Because I experience this myself everyday.”

P: “Are you having bad dreams?” *looking concerned*

A: “Good dreams.”

P: “Then, why you said all that?”

A: “Because in my dreams you kiss me.” *grinned*

P: “I ki . . . what this has to do with dreams not coming true?”

A: “You don’t kiss me in real life.”

P: “Really? And when has this ever happened?”

A: “It happens everyday.”

P: “Everyday, huh?”

A: “Yes.”

P: “Will you now tell me what you wanna say, clearly?” *getting somewhat irritated*

A: “In my dreams you kiss me without me even asking for it and here I have to ask three four times before you finally kiss me.”

P: *blushed* “Look, it’s . . . it’s not like that.”

A: “Then, prove it.” *looped his arms around her neck*

P: “I will — no.”

A: “Why not?”

P: “I will prove it some other time.”

A: “Look, now you are doing the same thing. You want me to beg?”

P: “What are you even saying? Come on, don’t you wanna sleep now?” *removed his arms from her shoulders*

A: “So you won’t —” *leaving her*

P: *quickly kissed him on the cheek and moved away from him* “Come on, now. It’s getting late.”

A: “Did you just . . .” *touched his cheek*

Pragya picked up their non-empty mugs and put them on the side table where a jug filled with water was already placed while Abhi started gathering up her papers.

P: “I will pick those up.” *put the guitar back at its place*

A: “It’s okay. Let me do this.”

Abhi picked up all the papers and pens and went inside the dressing room to place them in the cupboard. When he came back, he found Pragya standing by the sofa.

A: “You don’t wanna sleep?”

P: “I want to say something?”

A: “Yes?”

P: “Look, tomorrow is a big day for you so, don’t take stress okay?”

A: “But . . .”

P: *held his hand* “I am always with you.”

A: “I know. But . . .”

P: “During your concert you remember that night. Why can’t you remember that night when we first confessed our love to each other? That was also the night of one of your concerts, wasn’t it?”

A: *kept looking at her*

P: “Remember the good things. Why stress yourself by remembering the bad events of the past?

A: “You are right. How can I even forget . . . ” *slightly embarrassed*

P: “Because you chose not to be happy.”

A: “But it’s difficult for me to get that out of my mind. I don’t know why.”

P: “I can’t do anything. It’s only you who can help yourself. All I can say is whenever this comes into your mind, just try to think about the happy moments of your life. It will surely help a little.” *squeezed his hand lightly*

A: “Okay, I will try. If I ever get tensed, during my concert days or some random day, I will try to do what you have told me. Hopefully, it will help.” *smiled a little*

P: “Good. Now cheer up.” *smiled brightly*

A: “But tomorrow . . .”

P: “Don’t worry about tomorrow. I am coming.”

A: “What? Are you serious? You told me you couldn’t . . . you aren’t joking, right?” *unable to believe what he just heard*

P: “Yes I am serious. I was joking before but you took it kinda seriously and sadly the conversation took another direction.”

A: “I am so happy.” *hugged her* “But I am also glad that that conversation happened. I am feeling relaxed after saying everything that was in my heart.”

P: “Good. Now shall we sleep? How many times are we going to ask this question?” *moved towards the bed*

A: *held her wrist making her stop*

P: *turning toward him* “What now?”

A: “I have said everything that was in my heart. When will you?”

P: “What?” *looking clueless”

A: “You know very well what I want to hear.”

P: *understood what he was talking about* “Umm…I…it’s…it’s getting late so…” *she turned back*

A: *pulled her closer* “I have all the time in the world.”

P: “You have concert tomorrow.”

A: “That’s not what I wanna hear.”

P: “I . . . I . . .” *not looking at him*

A: “Come on. Don’t shy like a new bride. A few minutes ago you were talking non-stop. What happened now? Hmm?” *he teased*

P: “I . . .”

A: “You kissed me but you can’t say those words?”

P: *stood without speaking anything, looking everywhere but at him*

A: “Say it or give me another kiss. Your choice. Come on.”

P: *realizing there is no escape from this* “I love you.” *quickly turned away from him blushing but he pulled her back*

A: “Don’t you wanna hear my reply?”

P: *not looking at him, smiling* “I know already.”

A: “Really? So tell me what is it?” *grinning widely*

P: “That you —” *realized what he was making her to say* *looked at him* “I don’t know.”

A: *smiling at her cuteness* *left her hand and moved his face closer to her ear, whispering* “I love you too, my cute Fuggi.” *kissed her on the cheek*

Pragya blushed once again and hugged him, burying her face in his chest for the second time. Abhi wrapped his arms around her feeling at peace after pouring his heart out to his wife and grateful to have her in his life.

* * * The End * * *

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