Amrit Manthan 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 9th April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Bani entering the palace with a sad face..Nimrit tells her come and see what your Daada has sent for you..lots of gifts and a letter also ..its with Tej chachu..Nimrit shows her the letter but Bani tells her you and chachu have bought these gifts..Nimrit.Tej are shocked hearing this..she continues My Daada is dead shocking more Nimrit..she asks her who has told her this and Bani replies bad aunty..we called Daada in his office and someone told us 7 years ago my Daada was dead..i told her its not true as my mama wont lie to me..Nimrit shattered esp when Bani puts her hand on her head and to take her promise ..Nimrit removes her hand and says yes i lied to you..7 years ago i dont know where your Dad has gone..Bani totally devastated tells her you lied to me..cheated me about my dad..i have no always say we must not lie ..she asked Tej..sunitaji..mahiji why they all lied to her..she continues i wont talk to you all .you lied to me saying so she fell down on the floor..Tej picks her up in his arms to take her to hospital..

Amrit happy that by now Bani must have done everything she told her and must be hating Nimrit..she continues how she will keep Bani story books for her etc..she can wait to talk to her and called her number..jojo replies the call..Amrit asks her where is Bani..jojo crying tells her Bani is in hospital and is not waking up..Amrit shocked to hear this and tells Yug its because of me that Bani is in hospital..Amrit rushes out saying she must see Bani..

Nimrit crying seeing Bani with oxygen mask and not waking up..Doctor comes in says its not clear wat’s the matter with her as she is not getting conscious..they are doing her test and once report comes all will be clear..Nimrit says its all because of me..i should have told her the truth..she is angry with her mama but once she wakes up i will ask for forgiveness and all will be fine like before.Tej tells Nimrit dont feel guilty and jojo replies yes Mama dont cry are never wrong..sunitaji tells Mahiji that its late and Bani not waking up..i fear something is wrong..he replies i think same.. Nimrit tells them nothing will happen to Bani..Tej says yes nothing will happen to her..Just then Doctor comes in and on Nimrit asking about Bani’s report he says there is a bad news..

Amrit is shown driving at full speed with yug by her side..he tells her to drive slowly or else they both will land up in hospital..Amrit dont want to hear anything just to meet Bani as its her fault..

Doctor announces the bad news to Nimrit..Tej.mahiji that Bani has leukemia..Nimrit completely shocked even Tej..he tells doctor how is that possible ..she is so young…mahiji tells the doctor wat’s this leukemia.he explained its like cancer. and if not treated in time can cause death…Nimrit shattered could not utter a word..Tej consoles her .the doctor tells them science has made progress now and the leukemia is on an early stage..if the treatment starts on right time she can be saved…Nimrit pleads the doctor that get the best doctors .treatment for Bani..dont think about the cost ..i will sell my property but save my says its not about money but Bone marrow..if we get one that matches Bani’s one then she can be saved..Tej tells him all the family members are here so get our test done and one of us will surely match Bani’s one..Doctor says fine i will ask to get your blood test and give the report a bit later..Nimrit numb completely and Tej tells her if our blood dont match with Bani then jojo too will give Bani her bone marrow..Nimrit in tears looks at Tej..

Yug interrogating a nurse after seeing Bani in ICU..she tells him she dont know wat’s her case about should ask the doctor treating her..Amrit restless in the car outside finally get in her disguise look of blind woman enters the hospital.Yug enquiring with Bani’s doctor about her case..he tells him she has leukemia ..Nimrit waiting for their report and Amrit bumps with her..she hides and Nimrit felt something familiar..Yug asking the doctor if there is no treatment for her..Amrit manages to come there once Nimrit left and waiting for Yug to come out..Doctor gets the family reports and says its strange none of her family members bone marrow matches with hers..i should tell this to the malik family..As the doctor left Amrit enters his cabin..Yug tells her about Bani case..Amrit restless and tells yug she must save Bani..she asks him that she is her maasi and Agam her of us should match Bani’s bone marrow.go and arrange for my blood test..She asks him to call vishal and get Agam medical file ..

Nimrit shattered asking there must be a mistake from your lab can our family bone marrow dont matches Bani’s replies it happens that family bone marrow dont match but a stranger’s one can match..Tej tells the doctor i will phone my army doctors ..they have connection with the ones who can be donor of bone marrow and can match Bani’s one..

End on screen split with Nimrit..Bani..Amrit ..

Precap..Tej walking in corridor bumps with Yug.he says sorry and Tej looks back saying Yug..he ran after him punching him when nurse comes in asking for Yug mehra..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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