Amrit Manthan 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 8th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nimrit holding Agam’s collar and with an angry look staring at her.
Doctor comes and said what , what’s happening ? Nimrit asked Doctor is Papa Ji alright ? can we meet him ? Dr said that Mahi Ji is better now . He points to Agam and said this Agam , he brought you dad at the perfect time but also arranged for his medicines if your papa had not reached at the right time so then the case would be critical . Dr leaves . Agam said i found papa , Nimrit and Tej stares at him . He said i mean i found your papa in Dhaba i was crossing a side from dhaba the lights were on and i could see everything clearly , i went inside and saw that you papa had felled down he was not too well so i took him here in the hospital . Tej says oh the why did you tell in the hospital that you are his son ? Agam said see there are some formalities in the hospital and i thought if i will tell in the hospital that i am his son so the work would be easy . or else it would be late in treatment . He said if both of your’s questions are finished so can i go and bring those injections ! Nimrit took the papers from him and said no need to do this we will bring those injections we are here to look after papa . Agam was leaving Nimrit stopped him and said Mr , Sehgal thank you . Agam leaves .

Morning occured Nimrit was asking Mahi that if something happens to you thrn what would we do ? Mahi said that dear you don’t worry i am well . Tej said Nimrit do you know what ? Mahi Ji was scared of Bani’s test and because of that he was hiding in the dhaba . Bani and Jojo comes . Mahi hugs both Bani and Jojo . Bani said that daadu are you ill only becuase of me . so Sunita says No dear your grand father eats some things because of that he got ill . Bani said i am feeling very bad .

Jojo says that we can;t see you ill like this . bani said that she had bought something for him he said oh bani tears the papers and mahi said oh what have you did ? Bani said mama says that do not give a tention test to any one . Jojo said that if you don’t want test so we will not force you . Bani said but please don’t be non well only because of us they holds their ears and said sorry daadu . mahi hugs both … Mahi said see if you will say like this then i will get tension . He said its not because of your test , i can speak fatafat english they laugh . Sunita said that Nimrit who had bought him till here ? Agam was talking with the nurse he said if you people need my help so please call me she said ok . she said but what advance you have given their family want to return it, agam said see i have already tolden you that i am his son . Agam turns , Sunita comes with emotional face She said to Agam that you had looked after my husband thank you so much . Agam says what are you doing ! please don’t fold your hands in front of me . i am your son , he said that i mean i am like your son , sunita says if my son would be there he will also do what you have did . Agam throughs his hand kerchief and took ashirwat , sunita says i will pick it for you . Agam said can i meet your husband . Sunita stares him

Nimrit was sitting and cutting apples bani said so great mama as angel uncle saved me as same a uncle saved daadu too . Nimrit said don’t know beta the uncle who saved you was so good but this man … agam comes . every one was shock to see him he turns to go , mahi stop him and said that nimrit told me that you had bought me here . he said that why cant you call tej he will bring me . agam said that i saw you was not too well , mahi said that i don;t want any help from a man who had troubled my family , Agam said this all i did as for to save a person . he said that oh my family is enough for me he said learn something from tej & nimrit . he lefted . bani & jojo followed him and jojo took chocolate out and said eat this then you will also be sweet .

after that both bani & jojo went inside the room … amrit and yug were tentioned about agam , agam comes & describe all his feelings , Vishal calls amrit & they had a talk .
amrit took white color dupata and wore it and then she sat in the car in which bani & jojo was sitting , both make amrit very angry .. after amrit got out from car jojo made a funny face to amrit


Precap :
amrit taking lift from a driver of a truck inside the truck was Nimrit’s dhaba food , yug go and put water in all the dishes .

Update Credit to: mehak

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