Amrit Manthan 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 8th July 2013 Written Update

Amrit on phone telling someone that Yug will accept all his mistakes. Nimrit overhears and asks why would Yug accept to which Amrit replies because she asked him so. Nimrit asks what his demand was and Amrit stays mum. Nimrit asks her how she can
go with Yug who was such a disgusting person.Amrit says that all the parivaar will be happy if she goes with Yug. Nimrit asks how she can leave Tej as she loves him. Amrit says she has always made this parivaar suffer and she don’t want to make them unhappy because of her. Amrit says this is the only solution to save from Angad’s family. Nimrit says she will not allow her to do this and Amrit says that as an elder sister she has the right to sacrifice.
Indu and Angad comes to the palace. Tej is shocked to see both Indu with Angad together and asks him why she is with him.Amrit and Nimrit comes and Amrit tells that she is Angad’s mom and that he is Karan Chabra . Everyone is shocked to hear this.
Amrit further adds that they came to Amritgarh to destroy Nimrit’s happiness.Tej gets angry and grabs Angad’s collar and asks how he can do this. Amrit stops him from doing that saying there is a big Misunderstanding behind all this.Yug comes and confesses that he is the one who blackmailed and was the reason for Sony’s suicide. When Karan tries to attack
Yug he says that this is what both the sisters made him tell Karan . He says thay he did not do anything wrong and says that Nimrit should suffer for whatever she did. Karan says thay he trusts Yug and that Nimrit is very clever lady who did this to his sister.

Tej kicks Yug saying this is all his plan. Seeing all the fighting Indu aims the pistol at Nimrit and Yug aims his gun at Amrit. Yug ties Tej and Amrit and Amrit tells she was about to sacrifice everything to him including her feelings for Tej. Tej listens to this and is surprised.
Angad ties Nimrit’s in-laws and they try to tell him that Nimrit is a very soft person and can never harm others. They both tell him to take their lives instead of Nimrit and Karan looks on.
Indu ties Nimrit and goes away. Nimrit somehow unties herself and Karan who comes into the room same time sees this. They both see a gun which Indu has left and tries to take it. They both try to take and in the process the gun gets fired and Angad’s hand gets hurt. Nimrit seeing Angad hurt makes him sit and tries to dress his wound.
Angad looks on surprised. Indu comes over saying she heard bullet sound. Looks at Nimrit and aims gun at her forces her to sit and tries to tie her again. Angad recollects all her family members saying how good Nimrit is and cannot hurt even her enemies.
Yug comes and says that it is time to kill the sisters as they are dangerous. Karan says that he came here to torture and will wait.He says that he called the waiter who saw the person that night lifting his sisters money bag. Yug gets worried hearing this and asks
him the details.Karan says that the waiter will come and will recognize Nimrit.
Yug says that he will go and get the waiter and asks him where he can find. Karan says that he is at Shiv Mandir and Yug thinks to himself that he will make sure that the waiter won’t be able to make it.

Precap : Indu asks the waiter who lifted the money bag and he points at Nimrit and says this lady.Yug smiles secretly.

Update Credit to: Saina

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